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World Leading Change Creator

Chris Brazel

Welcome to my World

Why do I do what I do?

That is such an easy question to answer –  I love creating change for people.  I love showing you how unique you are – everyone has a purpose here on earth otherwise they would not be here.

I love being the detective working out why you are where you are?  Why you are you are resisting what you want in life.  Then the best part comes I help you get on track and create the change you want, need or desire.

Even better still we work together as a team as a team we always get results.

Everyone has access to what they want they simply stop that access.  I work out your code to who you are then we get on with the job.  I am totally action based.  You can think, you can talk but until you start to take action you stay in the stagnation of the problem.  When you take action you immediately move to higher ground.

YOU have to know YOU – what makes you tick?  What creates change for you?  Why do you do the things you do?

Sometimes YOU the person needs to know about the OTHER PERSON in your life – how can you help them?  How can you improve your relationship?  How can you work better as a team?   When you know more about the OTHER PERSON then you can communicate in the perfect way to change what is not working.

HOW do I work?  That is easy I work with the mind, the body and your environment.  Being Australia’s leading Number Cruncher, Colours and Feng Shui expert I have a great set of tools that will definitely create the change that you want need or desire.

I get you to step sideways out of the emotions and into the action of doing.  When you consciously move the body or anything in your environment you immediately create the domino effect of change within the mind.  You start to train your brain to think, behave and expect different things in life to come your way.

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Are you ready to create change in your life?
Guest on UK I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
Real Estate Radio Show with Kevin Turner

Creating Change through Numbers, Colours and Soul Energy Feng Shui

When you work with me you get number crunched, colour coded and feng shui to the max.  Hence the reason why I am extremely successful in changing peoples lives.  It is all about fact, figures and action step.

When I started to work with numbers, colours and Feng shui it was really not out there.  This is going back 23 years.  I was fascinated by the energy connection of everything.  I totally mastered all three and saw how they came together.  It was after mastering all three that I then developed Access Coding using all three principals and see the pin point accuracy in reading a person mind’s, their subconscious and where they were in life.  The best part was being able to give them an action plan to conquer and win in life and business.

Soul Energy Feng Shui
Colours & Colour Combinations
Numbers Empowerment & Success

How Can we Work Together?

Access Coding

Access Coding always starts with numbers.

Working with numbers or some call it numerology you are connecting to the science of numbers. Mathematical equations.  Every thing that surrounds you each day is based on numbers.  We simply do not use them to access our life to the full extent.

Are you feeling lost or blocked at the moment.

Let me Access Code you and get you back on track to life, wealth, health and success.  Access Coding can be for your personal life, your home to sell or your business brand identity or simply to make money from your business.

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Success Stories to Inspire You

Leigh was lost after Access Coding I helped her start her business Leigh and Co Designs.  Today she runs an amazing business.  Her creativity and her passion now making money.

Scott completed our Total Transformation Programme.  Totally changing his life and his business.  A 12 week 6 step Total Transformation Programme that is easy fun with great results.

Susan was stuck and needed to sell her home.  Once I coded the house the sale took place within 10 days.  Susan then moved to Wagga with her husband and son and started a whole new life.


Courses – Workshops – Retreats

Numbers – Empowerment & Succes

Soul Energy Feng Shui

Colour Therapy – The power and the Energy of Colours

Manifesting and Creating a change of mind set through creativity.

The Butterfly Programme

The Four Leaf Clover

23 Day Happy Project

Training the mind to create change in your life.  Working with the ball to learn cause and effect.  You also learn the power of giving and receiving. Focus is another key element to the WOW Ball Games.

Horse Talk – Working with and connecting to the horse.  When you work with the horse you will feel an amazing shift of energy within.  The horse already knows where you are blocked before you even touch or walk with them.

Connecting to the Mind through Nature.  Working in and with Nature to remove blockages, gain clarity to access your true and full potential. Finding the true pathway to your goals.  Are you ready to find the answers you are seeking.

Attention to Your Intention.  The ART of creating a manifestation board that connects to your goals, unblocks your subconscious and find the easy and correct pathway for you to follow.  This course is followed by a 23 days action plan.

Hawaii – New York – Belgrade

Come on an adventure with me.  Join my courses in any of the above countries.  You get to travel and learn at the same time.

Hawaii – Heals & Empowers 

Ostrog connecting to the Spiritual

Dancing in the Streets of New York

Working with the Youth of Today to build Confidence and Self Esteem

Friends Forever More

Helping Teenagers Create Great Room
Young People Connecting with the Horse
Teaching Children to be Creative & use Imagination

Arlingten Park, Hunter Valley

An amazing property in the Hunter Valley where you can come for an hour, a day, a week.  You can work with me one on one or in a group or part of a course.  Arlingten Park helps you connect, create and conquer your goals and dreams.  You come immediately to peace and you find your connection to the important things in life.  The moment you arrive you can feel the ancestry of the land, the aboriginal people and the stories of the past.

You have the choice of clearing the mind and finding your blockages with one on one.  Creative, Art or Horse Courses to connect you to your heart and soul. Mindfulness with bush walks and time in caves.  Connecting to nature is an amazing way to find the true you.

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International Best Selling Author

Chris Brazel is constantly changing lives around the world.  She writes and teaches.  All her books are based on real life stories, case studies and results.  Very easy reading and best of all read one of her books, take one or more tips and use them you will see a difference in your life.  Things will start to change.

Brain Training – Fun & Easy Way to a New Life

When You cannot see the woods for the Trees this is the book for you.

Changing Your Life through the Energy of Animals

Let me show you how to change your life in a 2019.  One step one month at a time.

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A great book for children to help them work through change.

Empowering Women through Conscious choice Living, Actions Steps to gain Empowerment

Helping you get the sale of your property quickly, easily with best price

Change4U Pack – a great selection of books and CDs to create change

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Coloured Undies TM Change the Colour of Your Undies, Change Your Life.

The journey started when I wrote a small book and recorded a CD for inspiration.  This followed by the Coloured Undies Club, then it grew to the Coloured Undies Transformation Programme.  The most amazing wonderful fun journey of writing and see an explosion of interest.  Best of all the Coloured Undies Programme is the most powerful transformation programme over 12 weeks you will ever work it.  The results are mind blowing.  There is no way that some form of transformation will not take place.

Can you afford not to get to know more about Coloured Undies TM today.

You can start with the CD, you can purchase the book.  You can join one of my programmes.  New Programmes start every 12 weeks.  Be ready to have fun, excitement, adventure and best of all a New You.

From the Coloured Undies TM Coloured Undies Transformation Programme grew our Colour Therapy Practitioner Courses.

Email or Call today to start Your Journey to being Brand New

International Artist

Check out Chris Brazel ‘s catalogue of prints and art work for the home or office.  You have over 100 designs to choose from

Chris Brazel has original artwork in Belgrade, Hong Kong, Australia & USA.

Each original artwork is photographed and then available as prints in many sizes.  She has prints in many countries.

Her clientele are in many countries – a fun Aussie wanting to share knowledge, wisdom, creativity and a word of hope that everything will be ok.

Monthly Motivation and Inspiration

You can join the club for one month or the year.  Each month I will work with you with colours, energies, affirmations, meditations.  Feng Shui tips,You will learn about animals their energies and how to work with them to create change.  You have access to online courses and meditations.  We work together as a team to achieve your goals and dreams.  It is fun and super amazing the success stories that we have.

Each Month you receive:

  • The energy of the month
  • How to work with the energy is month in achieving goals
  • The room in the home to work on
  • Colours and their meaning
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Numbers empowerment tips
  • Meditations for mindfulness and empowerment
  • Online questions and answers
  • Online meditations
  • Animal Energy how to work with different animals and how they connect to the mind to create change
  • Aromas and how to work with them to create peace, harmony, health and tranquility
  • The Garden – the flower, plant or tree for the month and how to work with each flower or plant

You can purchase one month $36.00 or the year 2018 May – December – 8 months $105.00

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Success Stories

Meet Leigh

If she can do it so can you

The first place to start is to accept what is happening

Next – know it is ok to ask for help

Third – speak to a trusted person or someone you know can help

Too often idle chatter gets you no-where – if you are going to speak – speak with a purpose

Then take action.  Action gives results.


I planted Marigolds & Got Daisy

This is one story you will love.  A story of miracles and magic all in one.  A true story that started from the heart.


Today is Today

Let's create real plans for real dreams and destination

Living in the present moment

When you sit and work in the present moment you can take action.

It's Too Late for Yesterday

Time we took a little action

Life is about being in the present moment

When you stay in the energy of yesterday you miss out on the wonder of today.

It's Too Early For Tomorrow

Lots can change before tomorrow comes

Lots can change before tomorrow comes

So many of use spend our lives in the future we miss out on the present.

Time to Get Positive – Visit My Shop

I have a great selection of books for you both for adults and children

Awesome range of art for the home or office

We also have a range of scrubs, oils, soaps, crystals, accessories both for the home or you personally.

Everything we have has meaning and purpose.

Choices & Destinations

Life is a journey of choices and destinations. Every day you have choices in so many ways. When you start to make choices with purpose, intention and power. You start to create the life style that you desire. To enter into a whole new world of health, wealth and success.

Let Robbie Inspire You


Become an MBE Coach

MBE Coaching connects the mind, the body and your environment.  The foods we eat each day, the colours you wear, the words you speak, your home and work environment.  All representations of you and what you are thinking about life and what you are creating subconsciously in life.  When you start to create changes in the foods, colours, your clothes and shoes, words you speak and write, along with your environment you start to create change and transformation.  That is how easy it is.

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We Did It, We Did It

I love working with people who want to make dreams comes true.  We work together as a team, put a plan into action and commit.  Best of all we get results.

Meet Phillipa.  An amazing lady who wanted to own her own  beauty college.  When I met Phillipa she worked from one room in her home.  She absolutely loved the business of beauty.  Her dream was to own and run  a beauty college.  So the journey began.  I might add she brought her husband along for the journey who wanted to own a Lotus sports car.

If Phillipa and Glen can conquer and create so can you.  It all starts with YOU making the choice, committing to your choice and taking action.  My job is to help you stay committed and give you the action steps that will help you reach your goals and dreams.  That is the part that I love.

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The Purple Cow

In todays market you need to think outside the square.  It is not just about the product, it is about YOU, the product and your connection to the outside world. The success of your business comes from your belief in your idea and the product you are selling.  When you believe, your customers will believe.  The success of your business starts with you in the morning and finishes at the end of the day when you go to bed.  One of my great business ideas was Coloured Undies ™ – No I was not selling undies I was selling attitude and choice.  Coloured Undies ™ has helped so many people in so many ways from getting back to health, climbing the corporate ladder, finding a job, fixing finances even finding love.  Is it time you checked the colour of your undies.

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I have been trying to find a new job for ages and had paid particular attention to my career zone but clearly kept missing something. It wasn’t till you shared an image of a plant in a vase/bowl that needed to be upsized that the penny dropped!

In my career zone I had a little glass vase containing a nice leafy plant grown by monks that was getting too big for its vase but I hadn’t really noticed it.

The weekend that I upsized into a much bigger vase and changed the pebbles (among other changes which I have learnt from you) I was offered the job of my dreams within 2 days!!


“Firstly I have to say how much I enjoyed Christine’s book.  I found it stimulating but also very positive.  For that reason, I loaned it to a friend on the weekend, who has had a lot of dramas in his life of late and would you believe in just a weekend it has turned his life around!!  He rang me today to tell me about it – I couldn’t believe the change in his voice!!!!  I’ve started listening to the Coloured Undies CD but haven’t got very far, but I expect it will be as enlightening as the book.”




Your Access Code

Everyone has access to everything they want in life

They simply resist what they are entitled to.  Your Access Code Workshop teaches you how to work out your personal access code.  How to work with the mind, body and your environment to open the door to health, wealth, abundance, love and happiness.

You will learn Your natural code, path code, destiny code, lucky code, unblocking code, code word –

abundance codes, health codes, relationship codes

Colour codes, tribal codes

How to connect to core goals and how to put action plans into place

There is a course held each month in one of the following areas.

Courses are held in Sydney, Brisbane, Hawaii, Belgrade, Hunter Valley, London

Click here for dates:

Hawaii 8th – 15th November, 2018

Join me for an amazing time in Hawaii where you will learn all about Access Codes

What is Your Access Code

Mind training, how to connect to goals and how to create action plans.  The meaning and codes of colours and colour combinations

Your tribal codes and how to connect to the right people at the right time.

We work each morning with water – paddle boarding, swimming, water and the mind exercises, reading the mind, reading the day

You will climb Diamond Head and learn taking one step at a time to achieving goals

Horse riding or quad bike riding the choice is yours.

A selection of meditations for calming the mind, stopping mind chatter as well as meditations to empower the mind

Great shopping learning about colours and how to dress to your codes to attract success, love, happiness.

This course is about gaining knowledge to access a full life of plenty.  You learn outdoors and in real life not just sit in a class room and read a book or bunch of notes.  One great thing about Hawaii is the healing you receive from the amazing healing waters and working with the Ho’oponopono mind work.

Belgrade – Serbia – Europe

7 Day Course Train Your Brain – The Easy Way

September, 2018

Travel with me and join an amazing group of women in Belgrade, Serbia learning the art of manifesting, living well, thinking outside the square to living a better life.  Women who are gaining self confidence, conquering what they thought they could not conquer.  Changing what they can step by step each day.  Gaining empowerment and moving mountains.  You will love this journey as we also travel to Ostrog Monstary where you will definitely see a transformation within yourself.