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Chris Brazel, World Leader in Access Coding

World Leader in Access Coding

Access Coding a new and powerful system that is pin point accurate to the flow of energy in your business, your home your life.

It shows you the connection of Your mind, Your body and Your environment.

It teaches YOU exactly who you are.  The power of Knowing YOU then you know how to create changes.

It shows you how to unlock and unblock problems in business home or life.

The best about Access Coding once you have your codes you know exactly how to train your brain, change your environment, move your body to manifest, attract and achieve the success in any area of business or life.

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2020 - The Year to go to the Top of The Ladder, Cross the Bridge of Emotions and Collect the Wealth within

This year set a plan, take one step at a time and bring out the best in you.

Sure the year is going to be a roller coaster but roller coasters can be fun.  Find a mate, who also wants to kick butt and reach goals and put a plan into place and see each other through the year to winning and conquering what you want, need and desire.

The Access Codes

Natural Code

Path Code

Force Code

Destiny Code

Time Code

Mapping Code

Unblocking Code

Lucky Code

Colour Codes

Food Codes

Animal Codes

When you work with me you are simply connecting and working with Real Conscious Choice Living with a Purpose.

The Mind, Body and Environment Energy Connection

What the mind thinks, the body feels and your environment reflects in every aspect.

When you Access Code you link and connect to YOU the person.  You get to know how your minds thinks, not how minds generally think but connect to your own personal mind.  Training the brain to think and process the way it works for you.  Not everyone's mind is the same - we all need to work in different ways.  Still meditation works for some while walking meditation will be far more powerful for others.  Your Access Code will give you the perfect way.

What ever you are thinking and feeling in your mind, the body picks up and then runs with it so you are either happy and healthy or you are sick with health problems.

The environment allows you to step sideways so you can see what the mind is thinking.  To change your mind you start with changing your environment.  Work all three energies and the power of attraction is amazing.

The Mind 

What you think is what you invite into your life.

Your Natural Code will indicate what you mind needs through your soul.

The colours of your Natural code will help you take action to pull your mind back on track.

What the mind thinks the mind creates.

With Access Coding I have many ways you can Train Your Brain to a new way of thinking and a new life.

The Body 

What ever the mind is thinking the body will feel.

Energy will start to be trapped in the body.  When energy becomes trapped in the body illness and health problems start to occur.

Your path code and force code and will help you find where the body will create illness when the energy is trapped.

Your Environment 

What the mind is thinking, the body is feeling and your environment will reflect.

For example if you feel lonely and single you will start to create and place lots of single items around the home, from pictures, to ornaments to symbolisation.

If you feel empty and lacking in abundance you will have lots of empty containers around the home.  Everything that you are thinking and feeling in life will be portrayed in your environment.  You can totally read your subconscious and your soul through the environment you are drawn to and the environment you create.

Bootcamps - Retreats

All through the year we host a vary of bootcamps and retreats to learn to Access Code.

We have retreats to work with the mind in conquering cancer, mental health, anxiety and general feeling of being unwell.

There are also weight loss bootcamps and empowering the mind to being successful in business and life.

You may like to join one of our single bootcamps to move from being single to finding your partner.


My courses range from learning your personal Access Codes to

Colour Codes,  Environment Coding, Marketing Coding in business.  How to code brand identities to learning the art of Auto Suggestion.

Courses are held in the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Brisbane, New York, Serbia, Belgrade, Hawaii, New Zealand, USA and UK.

Just one of the thousands of Success Stories of the people I have worked


My work has featured Internationally in magazines, Newspapers, TV shows, Radio Shows

UK I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

I was invited to work with the UK Celebrity Team - It was awesome.  It was such fun doing the live shows with Joe Swash.

I was booked for four episodes.  My time on the set and with the live shows was coding the environment that the celebrities would be living in. Looking at the individual person. How did I think they would react with each other.  How would they as a person react with the others in the camp.

National TV Serbia - Project on Autistic Children

My interview with Hannah Loss was on how environments affect the minds and the wellbeing of our young children. Especially those with special needs.  From the environment parents create right through to the clothes they wear which include colours and design affect the minds of those around them.  I spoke about how to code a child so you then know how best to work with that child.  Even though a child is diagnosed autistic - he is a unique person and there will be a code to work out a way to connect.

Hawaii 2019

Join me in Hawaii in 2019 - Train Your Brain in an amazing Way


Courses are either online or in person. They include a wide range of transformation programmes as well as self development and self help.

In person courses are held in the Hunter Valley, Hawaii, Belgrade - Serbia, New York, UK, Ireland, New Zealand.  New Online courses start each month. One of our most popular courses is The Butterfly Programme.  This programme sees transformation happen in the most amazing way.

Hawaii - New York - Belgrade

Come on an adventure with me.  Join my courses in any of the above countries.  You get to travel and learn at the same time.

Hawaii - Heals & Empowers 

Ostrog connecting to the Spiritual

Dancing in the Streets of New York


Break Through the Barriers Today with Me - We can do it as a Team

Wollombi Township -  Hunter Valley

Join me at our property at Arlingten Park, Wollombi, in the  Hunter Valley or at the Chris Brazel, ART of Living Well Studio in Wollombi in the Hunter Valley.

You can come for an hour, a day, a week.  You can work with me one on one or in a group or part of a course.  

Arlingten Park helps you connect, create and conquer your goals and dreams.  Once you arrive you come immediately to peace and you find your connection to the important things in life.  The moment you arrive you feel safe, relaxed, and secure.   You connect to the ancestry of the land, which helps you feel grounded.  Once grounded I will teach you the mind, body and environment energy connection along with your Access Coding.

Our courses empower you, your mind and gives you the knowledge that you need to make conscious choices for your future.

From our Animal Energy, the Power to Change and Create to our ART mindfulness, Bushing Walking, ART Therapy and Colour Conscious Living you find the answers you need.  Most of all you have the action steps to move forward, stepping into your power.  Connecting to and being in nature opens the heart to the soul which in turn connects YOU to YOU.

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My Self Help Books - Powerful, Engaging and full of Action Steps

Chris Brazel is constantly changing lives around the world.  She writes and teaches.  All her books are based on real life stories, case studies and results.  Very easy reading and best of all read one of her books, take one or more tips and use them you will see a difference in your life.  Things will start to change.

Brain Training - Fun & Easy Way to a New Life

When You cannot see the woods for the Trees this is the book for you.

Changing Your Life through the Energy of Animals

Let me show you how to change your life in a 2019.  One step one month at a time.

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A great book for children to help them work through change.

Empowering Women through Conscious choice Living, Actions Steps to gain Empowerment

Helping you get the sale of your property quickly, easily with best price

Change4U Pack - a great selection of books and CDs to create change

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Coloured Undies TM

Change the Colour of Your Undies, Change Your Life

CD or Book or 6 Step Programme


A great motivational book with action tips to help you get back on track.

That life is never over until the last breath

While you have a breath you have the ability to have an amazing life


Monthly Motivation and Inspiration

You can join the club for one month or the year.  Each month I will work with you with colours, energies, affirmations, meditations.  Feng Shui tips,You will learn about animals their energies and how to work with them to create change.  You have access to online courses and meditations.  We work together as a team to achieve your goals and dreams.  It is fun and super amazing the success stories that we have.

Each Month you receive:

  • The energy of the month
  • How to work with the energy is month in achieving goals
  • The room in the home to work on
  • Colours and their meaning
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Numbers empowerment tips
  • Meditations for mindfulness and empowerment
  • Online questions and answers
  • Online meditations
  • Animal Energy how to work with different animals and how they connect to the mind to create change
  • Aromas and how to work with them to create peace, harmony, health and tranquility
  • The Garden - the flower, plant or tree for the month and how to work with each flower or plant

You can purchase:

One month $36.00

Six months  - $95.00

Year 2019  $195.00

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Become an MBE Coach

MBE Coaching connects the mind, the body and your environment.  The foods we eat each day, the colours you wear, the words you speak, your home and work environment.  All representations of you and what you are thinking about life and what you are creating subconsciously in life.  When you start to create changes in the foods, colours, your clothes and shoes, words you speak and write, along with your environment you start to create change and transformation.  That is how easy it is.

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I have been trying to find a new job for ages and had paid particular attention to my career zone but clearly kept missing something. It wasn't till you shared an image of a plant in a vase/bowl that needed to be upsized that the penny dropped!

In my career zone I had a little glass vase containing a nice leafy plant grown by monks that was getting too big for its vase but I hadn't really noticed it.

The weekend that I upsized into a much bigger vase and changed the pebbles (among other changes which I have learnt from you) I was offered the job of my dreams within 2 days!!


“Firstly I have to say how much I enjoyed Christine's book.  I found it stimulating but also very positive.  For that reason, I loaned it to a friend on the weekend, who has had a lot of dramas in his life of late and would you believe in just a weekend it has turned his life around!!  He rang me today to tell me about it - I couldn't believe the change in his voice!!!!  I've started listening to the Coloured Undies CD but haven't got very far, but I expect it will be as enlightening as the book.”