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Be the Driver of Your Life

Chris Brazel the MINDFIT powerhouse for Business, Home, Life and Kids.  Every single thing that happens in your life first starts with a seed of thought.  Everything starts from the mind.

From kids to CEOS from Health to Wealth.  From redundancy to a new career or taking your passion into a business, Chris Brazel is the Guru of Gurus in showing you how to train your brain to success and to win in life or business.

Chris Brazel believes that when a doors closes or you hit rock bottom it is only a test to see if you want to stay in the mud or get up and get going again.

One absolute passion is in helping kids understand who they are and how they can train their mind in this modern world.  She has moved so many children from drugs and counsellers to confident, happy health kids it is amazing.

When it comes to health her successes in helping her clients understand why they are feeling anxious or depressed and show them how to move off the drugs and into control of their life and their future.

Chris Brazel thinks outside the square.  She will listen to you once then it is on with action steps to make sure you succeed.

The power of her work is the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.  Her mind maps are so accurate clients are blown away when she tells you exactly what you have been thinking and feeling – best of all how to map out a new direction in life.



Chris Brazel International Trainer and Best selling Author of several books.  Chris Brazel teaches and writes about the energy connection of the Environment to the Mind and the body.  What the mind thinks the body feels and your environment reflects.  When you move and change your environment you immediately move your mind and your life.

Chris Brazel is well known for her fun way to acvhieving what you want in life.  She is colourful, energetic and magnetic.  From the moment you meet her your life will never be the same again.

Over the past 19 years Chris Brazel has developed the most unique Access Coding and Brain Training Mindfit exercises and courses in the world.  She can code you within minutes and tell you everything about your life, what you are thinking, health problems, how you go with finances.  She knows you inside out.  Most people say it is so fricky when you stand there and she virtually tells you what you are thinking, feeling.  What you are going through – the most amzing thing it is so accurate and better still she shows you how to create the change.


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Work with Chris Brazel

My work is unique, powerful and best of all every day I get to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  My passion is being about to help someone find their true purpose in life.  How to take a passion and turn it into profit and wealth.


I work with individuals, groups, small to large businesses, families and one of my favourites the kids.

You can work with me one on one for come and join one of my courses retreats or you can come and join my International WOW Club. It is awesome, fun and best of all you get to meet others on the same conscious choice living as you.


Your Business

Business Energy Codes & Semiotics

How to code, create and brand your business for success.
What you think and believe about your business will come through in the semiotics and branding of your business

Your Home

Your Home = You & Your Thoughts

You are a product of your environment You create it subconsciously. .It reflects your moods, attitude and feelings about life.

Your Life

Know You to be You

Access Coding gives you the answers to what is happening in your life.
Answers for the past and the ultimate way to create the best future ever

Courses & Training

ART & Designs

Self Help Books


Know Your Mind Codes and You step into Power

A quick number crunch will let me know your Mind Codes.  Your mind codes will tell me everything I need to know about you – how your mind works.

If we are working on your business we still start with your personal Mind Codes then we move to the Access Codes of your business.

If we are working on one of your children we work on their Mind Codes we we get right into their brain space to help you sort them out.

No matter what is happening in your life it all starts with you.  When you want change it starts with a thought of a need that change needs to take want in life.

Once I have completed your Mind Codes we then move to an action plan.  How to move you into perfect energy alignment.

Brain Spaces are great to work with as you move out of the emotions into seeing from seeing you can accept and we can put an action plan into place.

Be ready for colours after the numbers.  There is a secret language of colour that allows you to stand in total power of changes you know you need to make but may not want to talk about.


Courses & Bootcamps

You can work with me online or in person.  

Bootcamps and Training Courses are held every six weeks in NSW and QLD.  

I have a large range of online courses to create change in your life or business.

My courses all include Access Coding, Brain Training on how to achieve the goals that you desire.

If you would like to do what I do then give me a call and I can show you how you can use my systems and methods to create the business of your dreams.


Heals and Empowers


Connecting to the Spiritual

New York

Dancing in the Streets 

May’s Edition out soon.  Order Your Copy Now


What do you get?

Access Codes for the month

Colours to work with

Area in the home to pull you out of the emotions and into the doing with action steps

Meditation for the month

Mind Body Exercise

Crystals to work with

Oils to work with

Affirmations to work with


Join me at WOW MINDFIT – an International Club where people are attracting, manfiesting and aligning to their goals the easy way.  Better still they are achieving their goals.  A club of winners and achievers.

2021 – If you thought 2020 was a year of change – you have not seen anything yet.

2021 is going to be a massive year of change, adapt, change adapt.  So be ready.

People are not going to put up with make believe anylonger.  They will want the truth.  They will want to be creative and come up with new ways to serve and save Mother Earth.

Being also the year of the OX,  2021 is your year to stop all struggle and sacrifice in your life.  This is the year to go up the ladder and connect to the wealth of the earth and the true wealth of you.

You either change and create new ways or you will be forced into the change.

I know which way I am going.  Do you?

Join me for one of my Mindfit courses, online, in person or a bootcamp and start to step into the best of you.


Be a Coach & DoWhat I Do 

The School of Energy

The School of Energy the #1 place to study Numerology, Soul Energy Feng Shui, Colours, Colour Therapy and Access Coding.

You can join any of my courses for personal growth or step into the Professional World and create an amazing business that you can build to create a better life for others.

Train in my Total Transformation Programmes where you can combine you love of energy, massage, fitness and coaching with my Transformation Systems and create an amazing business either in person or online.


Work with Chris Brazel

Are you ready to create the changes you know you want in your life or business?

Let me Mind Code you and your business and show you how easy change can be.

We will work with the energy connection of You and your goals and put into place the first domino to kick off the journey into perfect energy alignment to success.

I am ready to help you reach full potential.  Life is time.  It is importnat to make the most of both life and time.