Chris Brazel International Trainer and Best selling Author of several books.  Chris Brazel knows numbers like no one else in the world.  The ultimate Brain Trainer you will ever meet. She will code your Brain in 5 minutes and give a total run down of what has been happening in your life.  She will tell you how you think – her analysis will be 100% accurate as her clients say at the time.

She predicts events way before they happen. Give her a number and she will give you the life story of the person.  Show her a logo and company or business name, within minutes she will tell you everything about the company or business, how it is performing right through how the staff perform.

Chris Brazel teaches, writes and designs.  Her expertise is the energy connection of the Environment to the Mind and the body.  What the mind thinks the body feels and your environment reflects.  When you move and change your environment you immediately move your mind and your life.

Chris Brazel is well known for her fun way to acvhieving what you want in life.  She is colourful, energetic and magnetic.  From the moment you meet her your life will never be the same again.

Numbers, Colours & Environments are Part of Your Life Every Single Day

Fun Interview on Colour

This was such a fun interview with The circle on Channel 10.

Colour and numbers are part of our life every single day.  Work with them and see how easy it is to create change.  How easy it is to manifest and attract what you want.

What have you got to lose to try it?

What have you got to gain?  Everything


Are You Ready To Transform an Idea into a Business?

Passion & Knowledge into Wealth 

Everyone has a diamond within.

Everyone has knowledge, wisdom, time, energy, goals and dreams.

As a very wise Aboriginal Elder once said to me one day when I was presenting a project idea for young boys.  “Chris, you simply takes dreams and give them structure in order for the dreams to come true.”

I think he sumed up my work so clearly.

I love to sit at a table and chat over an idea – the next minute we have a brand, logo, brand essence and the journey to success has started.

If it is not a new client working with a new passion it is sitting with a client and working how the transformation that can take place with the business they have started but not making the success or the m oney they want.


Training Coaches to create Winners

Meet tw0 of My Coaches teaching programmes I designed for them

Rieta Mistry of Keys to Bliss has an beautiful spiritual energy.  Her softness but firm approach helps you work through the hard decisions you need to make.  

Anna Harmon of Soul Spaces with Anna Harmon is spot on, direct to the blockages where she helps you move and change.  Anna has been working with me for over 15 years.  She is a person who practises what she preaches.  

Anna Harmon teaches and coaches The ART of Living Well course.  

Both ladies have trained and worked with my in the MBE Practitioner Programmes.

If you are a coach and either not attracting the clients you want or want to be unqiue in your coaching work.  Come train with me and let me show you how to train your clients Brain to change mind patterns that keep blocking them and help them open doors to success.


Meet Rieta Mistry and Jo Worthy whom I have coached.  I have also designed a special coaching programme for Rieta who now coaches others with the unique programme I developed for her and her clients.

Meet Anna Harmon of Soul Spaces with Anna Harmon.

Anna is a great coach when you have a mind or health problem.  You want to find answers to why you have the health problem not just take a pill.

Unique Children’s Programmes

Bounce 2 Champion Coaching 

Confident, Creative, Colourful Children Being their unique self in the world today.

Children are our future.

To be a child in this ever changing world today is not  easy.

When I work, consult or coach children I always start with their unique Brain Code so I know exactly how their little mind works.

We then work on their room and home environment.  I work directly with the child while the parent is also involved.

We work all together as a team.  One session is never enough it is about what I teach the child in the session that the parent can follow through with a home.

It is all about team effort.

MINDFIT – Mind Codes

Everyone has Brain Code –  When you know your Brain Code you know how your mind works.  It is simply know your numbers and you will know where your power sits in your mind.  What you will attract subconsciouly without even knowing.  You will know why you do the things you do.  You know how to heal yourself.  You know how to move the mind to success.  You know how to manifest.

Knowing your numbers you know how your mind works is one of the most powerful tools you can have.


 Know Your Mind and You Know You

When You Know You – You can be You

Know Your Desinty and Purpose in the World today.

Bootcamps – Courses

Every month I run bootcamps and courses either online or in person.

for You have a large selection to choose from.

Whether it be for personal use, business or family the bootcamps and courses are always fun and you always get results.

I also design special bootcamps for children, school camps, small business groups and corporate team work.

Come Train with Me

I love my work.  You have the greatest opportunity to work with people in the world today to create a better world.

I am always delighted to be able to pass on my knowledge, wisdom, systems and programmes.  You can join in a group or you can enrol for one on one personal training.  

You also have the opportunity to work with me to design a special course for you individually to be unique in your field.

Monthly MINDFIT Magazine

On the 5th of each month I release a MINDFIT Journal that teaches how to be in perfect energy alignment to your goals.

You receive:

  • The Brain codes for the month
  • How to work out your Brain Code
  • The numbers energy codes for the month – what is going to happen
  • Energy of the month
  • Colours of the month
  • Area in the home to work with
  • You learn the energy of different animals
  • Affirmations to write
  • Meditations to work with
  • Online Meeting 

You can join for one month or subscribe for the year.  You can cancel at any time.

The Village

I love my Village.  It is amazing. Come in and explore.  You can come and visit for a day, a week or settle in for the year.  We have community events, weekly events.  You get to meet other like minded people who know that the world is a new place of being.  That we have to think and act in a different way to what we have been doing over the past centuary.  Life is changing, the world is changing.  We can either go with the flow and have a great time and be in perfect energy alignment or we can be stubborn and create obstacles and blocks in our life and in our minds.  What are you going to do?

I do hope your answer is – “I am joining The Village.”


The Village

Brain Spaces

What is a brain space.  Everything in your environment is a reflection of what is happening in your mind.  What you are thinking and feeling about life.

When you change anything in your environment with a conscious purpose you will totally make a change in the energy flow of your life.



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You can choose the amount

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Give Yourself the knowledge to Know You 



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Chris Brazel