Life is a Journey.

You can choose the easy way or the hard way.

Totally up to you.

For me – I like to go the fun way with lots of adventures, turns and best of all the serendipity times which are magical.

I love being in the right place at the right time.  I love it when I number crunch someone and their eyes open and I know I have nailed, them, the problem and best of all the fact I can give them the action steps to create the turning point they need in their life.

When you work with Chris Brazel we combine the mind, the body and your environment.  We get to the core of the problem, then we work on the solution.  Your life will never be the same again.

Are you ready to create the turning point in Your life?

One reading will give you the answers of what the mind is thinking.

How we unblock the mind, train the brain and create the new.

Are you ready to be number crunched, colour coded and energy boosted.

So, What is this Access Coding all about?

Gives you the answers – to the past to the present and now.  Best of all How to Create the Future.  How to give yourself freedom.

A powerful tool that shows the mind, body and energy connection of why, what and how something is happening in your life, business, health or even family.

Access Coding gives you the power to live an amazing life.  It gives you the tools to work with to create change in your life and to create the future that you desire.

It shows you the perfect way to train your brain to manifest and attract what you want.

It gives you answers to win with health problems, why you may have attracted the health problem in the first place and how best to create a positive mind set to get back into total health and fitness.

Access Coding and semiotics gives you the answers to why your business may not be flowing or attracting the clients your want.  It is brilliant in guiding you to kick start your business in the perfect energy flow to ensure success.

Now is the perfect time to understand you the person.  What comes naturally how to maximise your natural talents.  How to be in the perfect place at the perfect time – serendipity the fun and easy way where you create the adventure.

It’s Easy to Become a Winner.  You start with You, Train the Brain,  Create the Change

Did you know how easy it is to create change?

I absolutely love taking people to the top.  Helping them step over an obstacle when they feel stuck.

Find clarity in their mind when they feel lost in the woods.

Life is meant to be easy.  Let me show you how easy life can be.

Let me show you how to create the change and have a super happy, healthy, wealthy life.

We start with who you are, we then look at what you are creating and best of all I give you an action plan to achieve your goals.


I work with individuals, groups, small to large businesses, families and one of my favourites the kids.

You can work with me one on one for come and join one of my courses retreats or you can come and join my International WOW Club. It is awesome, fun and best of all you get to meet others on the same conscious choice living as you.

Access Coding Life

Know You to be You

Access Coding gives you the answers to what is happening in your life.

Answers for the past and the ultimate way to create the best future ever

Access Coding Business

Go behind the Energy Code of Your business

How to code, create and brand your business for success.

What you think and believe about your business will come through in the semiotics and branding of your business

Access Coding Health

A Healthy Life starts with You

Your personal codes will help to show you how best to win with your health.

EG:  A natural seven code person needs water.  This is water in their diet, but also water exercises or being around water.  They can doubt themselves so they need knowledge and a strong belief system so when things go wrong they know what to do.

Access Coding Kids

Know Your Child

When you know your child through their codes you know how their mind thinks

and best of all how to help them through life.  Our Children are precious

we need to work with them not against them.

Access Coding Relationships

Understanding the people in your life

There are times when relationships don’t run smoothly

Knowing and understanding your partner helps you find the

answers and pathways to a great relationship.

Access Coding Real Estate

Access Coding the sale of your home is awesome

I believe when the owner is ready to sell, the buyer is on the door step

Access Coding a sale ensures the sale at the highest prices, shortest time and with ease.


An Access Coding of 4/8

This month is about breaking away from a pattern that has been occurring in your life or business.  Time to open the doors to your passion, your heart and your wealth.

Join for the month or Join for the Year

Join Now for April

When you work with me you become the driver and creator of your life.  You learn how easy it is to manifest what you want.  The law of attraction becomes fun.   Mind power leads to body movement and action steps in your home, personal and office environment.

The Mind, Body and Environment Energy Connection

The Mind 

What you think is what you get.  Know your natural code & you will know how to empower the mind.

The Body 

What ever the mind is thinking the body will feel.

Energy will start to be trapped in the body.  When energy becomes trapped in the body illness and health problems start to occur.

Your Environment 

What the mind is thinking, the body is feeling and your environment will reflect.

Change your environment around & you turn your life around

Just one of the thousands of Success Stories of the people I have worked


My work has featured Internationally in magazines, Newspapers, TV shows, Radio Shows

UK I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

I was invited to work with the UK Celebrity Team – It was awesome.  It was such fun doing the live shows with Joe Swash.

I was booked for four episodes.  My time on the set and with the live shows was coding the environment that the celebrities would be living in. Looking at the individual person. How did I think they would react with each other.  How would they as a person react with the others in the camp.

National TV Serbia – Project on Autistic Children

My interview with Hannah Loss was on how environments affect the minds and the wellbeing of our young children. Especially those with special needs.  From the environment parents create right through to the clothes they wear which include colours and design affect the minds of those around them.  I spoke about how to code a child so you then know how best to work with that child.  Even though a child is diagnosed autistic – he is a unique person and there will be a code to work out a way to connect.

Hawaii 2019

Join me in Hawaii in 2021 - Train Your Brain in an amazing Way


Courses are either online or in person. They include a wide range of transformation programmes as well as self development and self help.

In person courses are held in the Hunter Valley, Hawaii, Belgrade - Serbia, New York, UK, Ireland, New Zealand.  New Online courses start each month. One of our most popular courses is The Butterfly Programme.  This programme sees transformation happen in the most amazing way.

Hawaii - New York - Belgrade

Come on an adventure with me.  Join my courses in any of the above countries.  You get to travel and learn at the same time.

Hawaii - Heals & Empowers 

Ostrog connecting to the Spiritual

Dancing in the Streets of New York


Break Through the Barriers Today with Me - We can do it as a Team

Mentoring You to Re-Train Your Brain

You can book for 3, 6 or more sessions.

I love working with my clients to help them re-train their brain and to help them reach their goals.

We totally work at re-training your brain to allow yourself access to your goals and to receive your goals

Be ready for ball work.

Wollombi Township -  Hunter Valley

Join me at our property at Arlingten Park, Wollombi, in the  Hunter Valley or at the Chris Brazel, ART of Living Well Studio in Wollombi in the Hunter Valley.

You can come for an hour, a day, a week.  You can work with me one on one or in a group or part of a course.  

Arlingten Park helps you connect, create and conquer your goals and dreams.  Once you arrive you come immediately to peace and you find your connection to the important things in life.  The moment you arrive you feel safe, relaxed, and secure.   You connect to the ancestry of the land, which helps you feel grounded.  Once grounded I will teach you the mind, body and environment energy connection along with your Access Coding.

Our courses empower you, your mind and gives you the knowledge that you need to make conscious choices for your future.

From our Animal Energy, the Power to Change and Create to our ART mindfulness, Bushing Walking, ART Therapy and Colour Conscious Living you find the answers you need.  Most of all you have the action steps to move forward, stepping into your power.  Connecting to and being in nature opens the heart to the soul which in turn connects YOU to YOU.

Learn More
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