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Chris Brazel


When someone says to you that you can’t.  I say ‘YES’ you can.  Where there is a will there is always a way

Tell me your destination and between the two of us we will work out a road map to get there.  It all comes back to choice.  Everyday you have so many choices that you can make in a positive way which will start to empower you.  Choice through purpose and intention followed by action creates empowerment and success.  The methods I work with and the principals I use show you how to step sideways out of the emotions and into the action.  Best of all you get results and rewards.

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WOW Yes! I Did It

2018 Online Coaching Journal

How to take one month at a time, one step at a time and reach your goals

2018  WOW Yes! I Did It- Online Coaching Journal

The most amazing Coaching Journal where you achieve the extra ordinary.

We work month by month with inspiration, motivation, education, and sharing

Let me show you how easy it can be to reach your goals and dreams over the year.

The journal is all about action with purpose.  You learn about colours, numbers, Feng Shui,  Meditations, Mindfulness,

Conscious Choices, living in the now.  Affirmations are powerful especially when you connect to the energy behind the affirmation.

2017 saw super amazing results for group.  We had so many turning points in lives and businesses it was awesome.  We had a super finish to the year with our celebration in Hawaii.   In 2018 we will be back in Hawaii to celebrate the successes of 2018.

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Where Do You Go When The Lights are on But Nobody is Home

Check out my latest book – a Flip book – accept and acknowledge what is happening in life – then let me show you how you can flip your mind and train your brain to change your life.



My latest book and courses


I see the potential in you then show you how to transform – in business, home and life

There is no mountain that you cannot climb.  Where there is a will there is always a way.  It all starts with a chat, let me know what is happening, what is the problem, let me then show you the possibilities, the solutions, the answers, then we work together as a team to get the results you want.  Become the driver of your life not the passenger.

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 Coloured Undies ™

Join me and the team in creating a better world.

If each and everyone of us chooses to be happy,

then the energy will spread.  It is that easy and that simple.


This would have to be the easiest, fastest ways to create change in your life.  HOW and WHY.  Well you are the one who chooses your undies each day.  Nobody makes that choice but you.  Nobody needs to know what you have chosen, unless that is if you decide to tell them.  It is an action step of you making a conscious choice about the energy you intend to invite into your life.  You will be amazed the freedom you start to feel immediately.  The feeling of freedom then leads to empowerment – you have started the domino effect to a NEW YOU.  Coloured Undies TM is also a brilliant way to help a friend who is suffering and lost in life.  One thing I really love about the undies is that it feels like a fun way to create change and really what have you got to lose?

So what colours do you choose?  Where do from here?  How can I help?


I planted Marigolds & Got Daisy

This is one story you will love.  A story of miracles and magic all in one.  A true story that started from the heart.


Today is Today

Let's create real plans for real dreams and destination

Living in the present moment

When you sit and work in the present moment you can take action.

It's Too Late for Yesterday

Time we took a little action

Life is about being in the present moment

When you stay in the energy of yesterday you miss out on the wonder of today.

It's Too Early For Tomorrow

Lots can change before tomorrow comes

Lots can change before tomorrow comes

So many of use spend our lives in the future we miss out on the present.
Great books, Cds, Artwork, coloured accessories to help you start taking action about your life today.

The first step in change and transformation starts with you making a choice

When you start to live the life you want, then change automatically takes place 

Choices & Destinations

Life is a journey of choices and destinations. Every day you have choices in so many ways. When you start to make choices with purpose, intention and power. You start to create the life style that you desire. To enter into a whole new world of health, wealth and success.

Let Robbie Inspire You


Become a MBE Coach

MBE Coaching connects the mind, the body and your environment.  The foods we eat each day, the colours you wear, the words you speak, your home and work environment.  All representations of you and what you are thinking about life and what you are creating subconsciously in life.  When you start to create changes in the foods, colours, your clothes and shoes, words you speak and write, along with your environment you start to create change and transformation.  That is how easy it is.

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We Did It, We Did It

I love working with people who want to make dreams comes true.  We work together as a team, put a plan into action and commit.  Best of all we get results.

Meet Phillipa.  An amazing lady who wanted to own her own  beauty college.  When I met Phillipa she worked from one room in her home.  She absolutely loved the business of beauty.  Her dream was to own and run  a beauty college.  So the journey began.  I might add she brought her husband along for the journey who wanted to own a Lotus sports car.

If Phillipa and Glen can conquer and create so can you.  It all starts with YOU making the choice, committing to your choice and taking action.  My job is to help you stay committed and give you the action steps that will help you reach your goals and dreams.  That is the part that I love.

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The Purple Cow

In todays market you need to think outside the square.  It is not just about the product, it is about YOU, the product and your connection to the outside world. The success of your business comes from your belief in your idea and the product you are selling.  When you believe, your customers will believe.  The success of your business starts with you in the morning and finishes at the end of the day when you go to bed.  One of my great business ideas was Coloured Undies ™ – No I was not selling undies I was selling attitude and choice.  Coloured Undies ™ has helped so many people in so many ways from getting back to health, climbing the corporate ladder, finding a job, fixing finances even finding love.  Is it time you checked the colour of your undies.

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I have been trying to find a new job for ages and had paid particular attention to my career zone but clearly kept missing something. It wasn’t till you shared an image of a plant in a vase/bowl that needed to be upsized that the penny dropped!

In my career zone I had a little glass vase containing a nice leafy plant grown by monks that was getting too big for its vase but I hadn’t really noticed it.

The weekend that I upsized into a much bigger vase and changed the pebbles (among other changes which I have learnt from you) I was offered the job of my dreams within 2 days!!


“Firstly I have to say how much I enjoyed Christine’s book.  I found it stimulating but also very positive.  For that reason, I loaned it to a friend on the weekend, who has had a lot of dramas in his life of late and would you believe in just a weekend it has turned his life around!!  He rang me today to tell me about it – I couldn’t believe the change in his voice!!!!  I’ve started listening to the Coloured Undies CD but haven’t got very far, but I expect it will be as enlightening as the book.”




Train Your Brain – The Easy Way

Brisbane – 17th & 18th February

Great to gain control of the mind, confidence in yourself and direction in life.

Stopping the blues, beating anxiety and being the real you.

A two day course of just or or one which is great for families to do together.

I will start by teaching YOU to know YOU.  Once you get to know all about you – what makes you positive and what can send the mind on a spiral downhill – you start to take control and you start to re-gain your power.

The course will be fun at the same time – learning how a simple colourful ball can bring you to the present moment as teach you cause and effect in an efficient and fun way.  Laughter during the course is a bonus.  How often we forget how to laugh.

Aussie Chinese New Year

24th February 2018

Join me in Wollombi for a fabulous Aussie Chinese New Year.  You get to find out what 2018 has in store for you.  Create the journey you want to travel.  Learn how easy it is to play the WOW Ball Games which empowers you to be in the present, laugh and best of all play and have fun.  You can come for the day and evening, you can come for the evening, you can even stay and join me for a powerful Walk and Talk morning with breakfast on Sunday 25th.

Belgrade – Serbia – Europe

7 Day Course Train Your Brain – The Easy Way

23rd June – 30th June

Travel with me and join an amazing group of women in Belgrade, Serbia learning the art of manifesting, living well, thinking outside the square to living a better life.  Women who are gaining self confidence, conquering what they thought they could not conquer.  Changing what they can step by step each day.  Gaining empowerment and moving mountains.  You will love this journey as we also travel to Ostrog Monstary where you will definitely see a transformation within yourself.