“The Coder”

World Renown for her Codings

Chris Brazel

Brain Codes

Over the past 23 years I have been fasinated by the brain and numbers. I started to see the energy connection of numbers to people to events, health and environment.  From this I developed the most unique brain coding system in the world.

Business Codes

Behind every business there is a brain.  When you start to connect the energy of the brain of the person leading the business to the logo, brand identity then to business cards, websites, marketing material it is amazing how you can see the link to either why a business is not making money or it is easy to see how to turn a business around.  

Colour Codes

Every colour has a special energy code.  Match that energy code to the brain, to the chakras of the body then to the person.  Over the last 23 years I have developed one of the most unique colour coding system that connects to an amazing colour therapy course where you will always get results.  You are cleaning, clearing and transforming from the inside and the outside.

Home & Property

This is a fasinating code.  Over a period of 10 years I studied the number of houses to how I would see the design of the house to the occupants who were drawn to that particular property.  There was always an energy connection.  From this I then developed House Sold the Easy way where I would literally turn houses that were not selling over in hours or just days.


Every animal has an energy code. Match that eneregy to the animals brain code and just like humans you can train an animal so much easier.  Read Daisy’s story it is awesome and where I moved with my brain codes of people to animals.  Then when I moved to Colour Therapy I saw how a particular animal would match the chakra, area in the home and a colour.  All my work is not just a hunch – I research, I get proven results then I release to the world.

Energy Codes

Every single thing around you every single day connects to an energy which connects to your brain and your mind in the way you think and feel.

Every part of your body has an energy code.  Match that with your brain code and you the magic of energy connections of the mind, body and environment.  Every thing you place in your home, office what you wear even your shoes will have an energy code.  To create an amazing easy and rich life – code it.  You will never miss a beat.

A Conversation

A conversation with Chris Brazel is mind blowing.  Within minutes she can tell you everything about yourself.  How you think, what you feel, what goes on in your head and in your life.  Sit and listen is magical and amazing.  Show her your business card or logo and she will give you a run down of what is happening in your business that often even your employees don’t know.  When it comes to kids she wins them over in seconds.  They are fasinated by how much she tells them about themselves.  The passion just pours out in amazing way.  Are you ready for a conversation with Chris Brazel?  Trust me it will change your life and way of thinking forever and a day.

Work with Me

Business and Property Consulting-Coaching

Whether I am working with a new business or one that needs change I always start with the brain codes of the owner or the CEO.  My business consulting and coaching include Real Estate agents, Builders, Designers, Kinesiologist, Therapist or Coaches working and using my systems.  My aim is to take you to the highest level where you are in business and making a profit.  

Training Coaches -Practitioner Courses

I have a number of courses that I can train you to move into your own business.  I love to take your passion, your knowledge and your gifts and match to one of my coaching systems or one of my therapies.  You have the choice of either MBE coaching or In Sync Coaching and therapies.



Kick off with a Book

I have a great selection of books for you to choose from.  There are 23 published with a number of best sellers.  I will be releasing in 2024 another group of 5 books in a series.

There is amazing children’s series ready for you now.

All my books are about real people with real stories and real results.  They will inspire you motivate you and give you action steps to change your life.

Retreats – Camps -Courses

Courses, retreats and camps along with challenges are run every month both in Australia and overseas.  In November each year we have a great retreat in Hawaii.  Courses are online or in person.  Weekends are held on the Gold Coast or inland in QLD.  Come to one and you will be hooked to come to more.

You can join my 2024 club where we meet every Monday online where I can teach and coach you in a group to keep you on track to your goals.

Each month I also run challenges to help you move to a higher level in life or in your business.  A great way to work with an amazing community where everyone works to help each and as a team.

Bounce 2 YOU Choose School Programmes

I have an amazing programme for young people from 6 years – 15years working with a coloured ball.  It is a different version of handball which is not only working with thans and the ball we combine with colour, movement with the different hands to different position with the ball.  To the ground, to the wall, to a beam, from one hand to another best of all the ball to music and beat.

Youth Entrepreneur School & Camps

Our courses are held during the school holidays along with weekends during the school year.  A brilliant way to teach child and parent how to communicate find solutions and a new way to have a loving confident relationship.  Totally understanding each other.

Young people learn how to be innovative use their imagination.  Learn how to set up a business for their ideas, how to manage and how to make profits.

A brilliant way for young people who do not feel they fit into the normal school or kids these course helps them to be their own unique self.

We have a super powerful year ahead.

Be Ready.  In 2024 you will have made the changes you need to make in your life or in your business so you will harvest and collect in 2024.  Or you will have refused to make the changes you know you need to make hence the year may not go the way you want it with lots of fear, loss of the material and out of control of your future.

Join the club, join one of bootcamps and lets make sure we have you in the control position harvesting and collecting

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