16 Energy – The Tower – Stand Tall, believe have faith and make the changes You know need to be Make

Energy 16/34 I used to avoid 16 energies but now I totally understand them I love working with them.  16 connects to abuse of knowledge, abuse of passion or abuse of love.  It takes belief in yourself to walk forward with faith. Knowledge you and believe in you – you know when you have belief in yourself you will back yourself.  Never allow another to abuse your knowledge, passion or love.

True power of belief.  I know two young girls who at 16 years of age did amazing things.

The first young girl   Jessica Watson who at the age of 16 decided to sail around the world single-handed. Now that is not only belief that is also courage.  She made it, which was wonderful – she was then able to take that event and turn it into a new world for herself.  She took her knowledge; her passion and she went on an adventure.  Could you even imagine being out there at sea at that age by yourself tackling nature and the fierceness of the ocean and the winds?   The most interesting is her Destiny Code was to make a name for herself – this she did at the age of 16.  Her natural code was that of solution driven – so using her natural code, having faith and belief in herself she would know within that no matter what would come up she would have the solution.  When you work with your natural code to your destiny code you always get there.

The second 16 year old who I take my hat off to is my niece who at 16 fell pregnant. Now she could have taken the easy way out, but no – she realized that she had made a mistake and stepped up to face the world.  Now I might add that 16 year had a beautiful baby girl who is now eight years of age.  My  young  niece then knew that going to Uni and finishing off school was not on her path.

So she decided to become a hairdresser.  I might say a brilliant one at that.  But then again she found herself in a situation that even though she was brilliant at what she was doing often the women she cut hair for and designed for would try and question her work on what she had done for them.  It is sad to see how women need to try and be little de power other women.

Once again my niece not accepting some one judge her ability and her knowledge – she moved to men’s hairdressing.  This young girl now has one of the most thriving businesses in hairdressing.  So powerful in what she offers she will never have to worry about money ever again.  She is in total alignment right through to having her own home, the dad of her child in her life.  Best of money in the bank.

Today see if you are allowing others to judge you, decide what is best for you, abusing your knowledge, abusing your passion.  They have no right.  The also have no right in judging you.

Once you move into believing in yourself followed by acts of faith you start to step into your power – you immediately step into your wealth.  I might also add that the 16 year niece was also born on the 16th.  But her driving code was a nine – don’t mess with me.

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