2024 Online January Bootcamp

Join me for a fun awesome day coding, connecting and creating a plan for 2024.

2024 will be a super year to win, harvest and collect.

Be ready so you don’t miss out.

2024 we have the year of the Dragon so you have double the energy of manfiesting.


Date:  Sunday – 14th January


Join me for a great Online Day to code, connect and create the ultimate action plan for you in 2024.

We will kick off at 9.30 QLD time.

Step One

  • Energies for the year
  • Maximise your full potential through the dragon’s energy
  • How to work out your personal energy codes
  • How to work out your best colours to fall back on
  • How to know the best Brain Body Work to ensure you are on track

Step Two


  • Work in the present moment and be creative.
  • The power of presence and creativity.
  • Create Your Vision Board
  • How to work with the Bagua Map to ensure you have the right pictures to match your codes and what you want to achieve.
  • Creative Exercise.

Create Your Unique Shoes

  • Design your walking shoes so when you go out in the world you know your place, where you want to go and who you are.
  • A fun and creative exercise which opens the sacral chakra of choice which opens the flow of prosperty and flow.



Be the winner you want to be.


Nathan of 1 Tomato went from chef at country cafe to now owning, teaching and running his amazing teaching and catering business.


Anna and Paul never miss a January Bootcamp – they always achieve their goals


Meaghan last year set a goal for a new car.  That was easy it came in November.

How Cool are these Shoes?

This is such a fun and exciting creative exercise.

You can choose the design that matches you, your codes and what you want to walk to in 2024.

Mila and Koa had the best time ever designing their shoes you can too.

When Mila wears her shoes people just smile and want to know where she got them from.

What colours are you going to design for your shoes to your goals?

2024 Win-Harvest-Collect

When you join the Online Bootcamp you also receive membership to the 2024  InSync Club and the 2024 Win -Harvest- Collect Easy Ways to Train Your Brain





  • Online One Day Bootcamp
  • 2024 Membership with 46 Monday Meetings
  • Podcasts and Youtube seminars and tips
  • 2024 Win-Harvest – Collect Workbook with tips on the Easy Way to Train Your Brain.

Unlocking The Brain

Work with me each month and let me help you train your brain the easy way.  When you are in the flow, when you are In Sync life is so easy.  Anything you want, need or desire simply comes to you through right choices and decisions.

2024 is a karmic year be in the flow – remember what you give out is exactly what you will get back.

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