2024 Membership

Book Gavin Matthews The Journey of Life

2024 – Win – Harvest – Collect

Become a member of my club.

What do you get?

Membership for 2024  January – December

Monday Online with Chris Brazel every Monday online at 7.30pm by zoom.

You will have access to 46 Online Sessions.

What will we be doing:

The energy of the week and the energy of the month

  • Tips for move into alignment
  • Cleansing Mind Meditations
  • New Meditations each month
  • Brain Body Tips and exercises
  • Questions and Answers to where you may be blocked or need help.
  • Access to Walk with Me talks and free to join in on the walks
  • Free walks if you want to come in person
  • Free paddle boarding sessions
  •  2024 Win Harvest and Collect Book of Tips 
  • Meditation to download and work with each month
  • Monday sessions will be recorded so you can participate live or at a time that works for you.

Become a member of a club where you feel supported

People think outside the square

A club of people who look for answers and solutions.

As a member of the club you have discounts on various products, courses and services

Private Facebook group to chat and feel part of a team

Access to a library of teachings to keep you on track.


Chris Brazel