2024 Online Bootcamp

Welcome to 2024 – this year is going to be awesome.  Be ready to win, harvest and collect from all the hard work you have put in over the past years.

This year you have to be working in the present moment.  Take action, take responsibility of your life and the direction you want to go.

Value your time, your energy and your expertise.  Follow these keys and the wins, achievements and recognition will be there for you to collect.

The Day – 14th Jan

We will kick off at 9.30am QLD time.

The bootcamp will be recorded in sections so you can go back over any of the informtion to make sure you have clarity about your codes and what you need to do in 2024 to win.

We start with – “What is this year all about.”
Know your personal time code – how to work it out?
Be clear on your goals and intentions.
Know the best Brain Body Breath Work for you to always bring you back into total energy alignment.
We will break for lunch around 12.30 for 1 hour.

Afternoon Session

You have the choice of 3 areas.

Your Vision Board  – how to create working with the Bagua Map

Your Unique Shoes – how to paint and design your walking shoes or fun shoes for 2024

Your Creative Way of linking to 2024 to win.


Please Select One

  • Vision Board
  • Unique Shoes
  • Creative Exercise for 2024

Vision Board

Can you please have all your picture ready to work with on your vision board.

You will need pictures that represent:

  • Abundance
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Fame
  • Helpful people
  • Belief
  • Health
  • Creativity

Please note the analysis of your pictures will only be at this bootcamp.

Your Unique Shoes

Please purchase your white shoes from K Mart

I have a picture below with the shoe and brand

Your will also need the coloured paint you wish to work with.

Purchase small tubs at Bunnings or Hardware store of house paint.  They are around $6.50 per pot.  Normal ART paint will not be strong enough.

Sealer or a Textile Medium-  You can get this from Spotlight or a craft shop.

I have used both.

Creative Exercise

This is a creative ART exercise where you take a circle and create an animal to match where you want to go in 2024.

The aim of this exercise is to take you from being stuck, going around in circles and not really achieving your goals to break the pattern and attracting what you want.

I have a picture below.  We will work with:

  • Bird:  Communitcation – Spreaking the word, speaking, teaching
  • Bee:  attracting your clients and working with a community
  • Cat:  Self esteem – taking your position in the world
  • Dog Being loyal and doing what is best for you.

What you need:

Plain white paper and textures 

You can create your final piece on a canvas if you wish to.

If you work the final art on a canvas you can use either paint or textures.

The Zoom Link for the Day



Let’s Make this an Awesome Year

Gold Coast


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Chris Brazel