54 Days to Fall in Love

“The Recipe”

Give it a go – You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To have love all you have to do is open the door.

Let go the blocks and allow love into your life in which ever way or form you would like.


Are You Ready?

Let me give you the recipe as I have given so many over the past 27 years helping individuals, couple and young people to allow love into their lives.

You can invite:

  • Love of a partner
  • Love of self
  • Love of family
  • Love and passion of your work
  • Love of a new home
  • Love of an animal

Love comes in many ways and forms.

Follow my receipe and which ever way you wish to have love in your life I know working together we can make it happen.


What Happens?

We kick off on 14th February – Valentines Day
  • We kick off with an Online Zoom session on pure intention to invite love into your life.
  • How to set your pure intention to love?
  • I will then teach you how to check on you environment to see what your environment is saying about you and love.
  • We will check to make sure you are in the perfect time alignment for love.
  • 2024 is the perfect year to invite your soul mate into your life.
  • Make the decision, commit, follow through with your commitment and I know the universe will make sure that love lands on your door step.
  • After the zoom session on 14th February you will then follow “The Recipe” over the next 54 days.
  • You will have access to a private facebook page to chat and ask questions.
  • You will also have access to a update zoom session each fortnight to make sure you are on track and to ask any questions if you need to.
  • You will receive your Love Pack in the Mail which includes –  54 Days to Fall in Love along with your Soul Mate Card or Freshness Card (depending on what goal you are working towards), crystals and In Sync Love Oil.  The value of the 54 Day Love Pack is  $69.00). There is a postage charge for the pack which will show up when you order the 54 Days to Fall in Love Course.


Commitment is the Key

Once you have made the decision.

You make the commitment with easy conscious choices on a daily basis

You will find that love finds you.

There is no mystery to love.  For love itself holds the key.

The moment you step into the energy of love of self and you commit to love yourself first love of anything and everything else including a partner comes into your life.


Once Love comes into your life it can stay forever and a day.  You come to peace.

Your Environment

Learn about your environment and how it reflects what you are thinking and feeling about love.

Your evnironment tells no lies.  For you are the one who created your environment so your environment is a product of what you are thinking and feeling about love and life.

Make changes with the energy of love as your pure intention and love will find it ways to you.

There is no need to rush there is simply a need to make a decision, commit to that decision then follow through and never give up on love.


 Cost is $195.00

What Do you Receive?

  • Online Zoom 2 hour session to kick off your journey to love
  • 54 Day Recipe to “Love”.  How to take 54 days with daily easy commitment and action steps to invite love into your life
  • A gift of an Oil to work with for the mind and body.  Our InSync Oil is amazing.
  • Tips on how to create the perfect bedroom to allow love into your life
  • Tips to check around your home environment to ensure love lives there
  • Facebook group if you choose to chat about your journey
  • If you live on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast we have regular meet ups along with walking, paddle boarding and art where you can join in.  When you join a meet up personally either in walking, paddle boarding or art there may be a small extra charge to cover expenses.

Bonus and  Optional

I have a bonus offer which gives you membership to my club for the year where you will receive the 2024 Journal, facebook group to be part of a community along with Monday evening meetings which you can be part of in person or work with the recordings.

Extra Cost for the bonus is $45.00

Total for 54 Days Course along with bonus membership for 2024 $240.00

Love Comes In Many Ways

The first important love to have in your life is love of self.  Sure you can have another person love you and share your life – that is great.  It is totally love of self which opens the doors to miracles and magic.

I have found often over the years with my work the moment a person has no love of self they start to make wrong decisions.  They have no value of themself.  They start to attract weight problems, money problems, health problems along with struggle and sacrifice.

54 Days to Fall in Love the Recipe is your journey to fall in love in many ways starting with love of self.

What Love Do You Want to Invite

Into Your Life?

Love for Me is Teaching on a Paddle Board

Chris Brazel