6 Degree Access to what you want.  You can do it – I have fun with it all the time.  Try it and see.

Everyone has access to what they really want – and they are the core words “really want” from the heart.

Just after I wrote my first book 54 Days to Fall in Love I got up one morning and decided – that book needs to meet Oprah.   Not Oprah needs my book but my book needs to meet Oprah.  If I had put that Oprah’s needs my book then I would be stepping into her space and making a declaration on another’s persons headspace.  Not on.

So how in just a few hours did I access the pathway for 54 Days to meet Oprah.  Well first my access to getting to meet the right people in the right time is through sport, exercise or art.  The colours for me are red and white or yellow and white.

I wrote out my declaration that morning.  I then got dressed in my red and white and headed off to go kayaking with one of my best friends Paulo.  Once you write out your declaration you then work on your access key action steps.  You never know how soon you get what you want.

As we caught up he asked me “what I was manifesting this week”?  I then told him that I had decided that 54 Days was going to make it’s way to Oprah.  He then asked “why”?  I replied because I believe it is a super book and deserves to make it to the top and be an influencer for people.  He then replied – and before I tell you – I had absolutely no idea about his connections as we had only been friends for a short period.

“I can pass it on for you”.  My ex partner is a top designer for Karen Neuburger which is a personal friend of Oprah. I am sure She can give your book to Karen who I am sure will pass it on.  I am travelling to San Francisco next week, I can take it with me.

Well I was floored that was the quickest I had every manifested.  It was awesome.  At the same time of gift wrapping my 54 Days book for Oprah I wrapped one for Karen.

My best surprise Karen Newburg sent me back a signed copy of her book “Girlfriends”.  Which later inspired me to write Girls, Raise the Bar – It’s Your Time To Shine.

Now the best news is that 54 Days to Fall in Love made it to being a best seller.  It is still selling today.  See it sitting proudly in my shop.

You have access today to what you want.  Open your access and collect.  There is absolutely no point in going without and when you can have.

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