Make this your best year ever.

With the unblocking code of 22 it is a year where you asked to build big.  Think big.  Break away from patterns that you have had all you live. 

This is your year to take charge and rebuild your world to what you want.

It is Time to Move and Grove to the New

I have a super year ahead for you.

Full of fun, adventure, and success.

Success comes when you follow through.  What are you going to follow through with this year?

Being a six energy, it will be all about re-building.  We are going to get back on track with life and business.

The “2022 Be The Creator of Your Life” is ready for you.

The whole year with heaps and heaps of tips.  I have it set out monthly so you can just take one step at a time.

There are lots of workshops you can join if you choose to.  There will also be a daily blog.  Super excited.

It was amazing moving a few people into cash millionaire status no pretending here.  People finding love, people reaching amazing goals.  

You can achieve anything you want it is totally up to you.

Come and join me and see how easy it is to get into the grove of alignment.

ork best for you.



Bring Out Your Best in 2022?

Come join me and lets work together as a team and make 2022 your best year ever.  It all starts with a decision, then a choice with an action steps.  The key words for 2022 are commitment with a discipline and working as a team to support each other in achieving goals.

Work with Me


2022 + Mini workshops


What is on My Channel this Week

Let’s Make it Easy


It is such an awesome feeling taking someone from a passion of a product no matter what that product is to their business actually making money and giving them a great life.

People do not realise that what ever you think and feel about the success of your business starts in your mind.  Whether you make money or not will come back to a belief you have in your mind

How can you work with me.

We can kick off with your business name and logo

You can move into making sure all enviornments wther that be office, or shop have the same energy flow for sales.

you also have the choice of coaching to success.

My clients range from a side business making a profit of a few thousand to large companies turning over millions.  It is not the size of the business it is the people and the adventure that I love.  It is just as exciting helping a young 12 make their first profit to a CEO who has turned over $50 million in the last 3 years.


Home = You

Everything about your home is a total representation of you and your life.

What is happening or what is not happening.

When you make changes in your home you make changes in your life.

You step out of the emotions of the mind and into the reality what you are creating.  The power comes when you can see and do.

When you look around your home and you see what you are creating – you have the power to say – Do I want this type of life or do I want to change it?  That simple.

You make the change and bingo life starts to change.

Kids and Families

Kids are our future.  We need to be able to teach and train them how to live in the world today.

My heart dropped when I hear of another child being labelled with a mental illness or a problem child.  

We need to teach parents and children about each other.  How our minds work.  Why a child and an adult may not get along.

Everyone is unique – our minds all work differently.

I know how to bring out the best in a child. I know how to bring a family together.  I just want and love the opportunity to get rid of this whole idea of mental illnes and appointments being made very week to talk about a problem and never solving the problem.

Parents, kids and teachers all want solutions.  So lets go there instead of reinding the mind back every week of the month.

Numerology – Know Your Numbers 

A Powerful way to know you – how to reach your full potential  

Learn to be just you.  Know that you are unique as you are..  

When you are you and in perfect energy alignment life is easy.  

Life is rich.  You are wealthy in every aspect of your life.

Fun Interview on Colour

Colour is one of the easiest and simplest way to train your brain to create change in your life.

This was such a fun interview with the circle on Channel 10.

Colour and numbers are part of our life every single day.  Work with them and see how easy it is to create change.  How easy it is to manifest and attract what you want.

What have you got to lose to try it? “Absolutely.”

What have you got to gain?  


 Take a passion and turn it into a Business

Passion to Profit – Be Your Own Boss – Create the Unique You.

Everyone has a diamond within.

Everyone has the ability to achieve wealth in their life.  It is only us as an individual that blocks our wealth and success using our brains, minds, talents and gifts that are given to us at birth.

Take a talent, take a gift match it to your brain codes then work on training your brain that you are entitled to success.  What do you get.  Success.

d off with 

Meet Neil who went from working in the Tile Industry for 24 years to 2 Brain Training Session with Chris Brazel and one bootcamp.  What did Neil achieve?  A whole way of living and working.  His Easy As Renos took off immediately.  Great success and open doors to wealth.


Nathan Cooper was really not using his brain to his potential.  He was working as a chef in a country cafe .  Frustrated knowing he has so much more to work on achieving.  He kicked off with a Brain Coding session where Chris Brazel developed his brand 1 Tomato.  He then moved into training his brain through working on his bike.  One of his path codes connected to exercise and focus.  The bike is brilliant at keeping a person on track with a focus.  He is booked out months in advance.  He has his own cooking school.  He has been invited to teach internationally.  Every month he keeps opening new doors.


Training Coaches to create Winners

Meet tw0 of My Coaches teaching programmes I designed for them

Rieta Mistry of Keys to Bliss has an beautiful spiritual energy.  Her softness but firm approach helps you work through the hard decisions you need to make.  

Anna Harmon of Soul Spaces with Anna Harmon is spot on, direct to the blockages where she helps you move and change.  Anna has been working with me for over 15 years.  She is a person who practises what she preaches.  

Anna Harmon teaches and coaches The ART of Living Well course.  

Both ladies have trained and worked with my in the MBE Practitioner Programmes.

If you are a coach and either not attracting the clients you want or want to be unqiue in your coaching work.  Come train with me and let me show you how to train your clients Brain to change mind patterns that keep blocking them and help them open doors to success.


Meet Rieta Mistry and Jo Worthy whom I have coached.  I have also designed a special coaching programme for Rieta who now coaches others with the unique programme I developed for her and her clients.

Meet Anna Harmon of Soul Spaces with Anna Harmon.

Anna is a great coach when you have a mind or health problem.  You want to find answers to why you have the health problem not just take a pill.

Helping Young People to Live in the World Today

Bounce 2 Young People

Confident, Creative, Colourful Children Being their unique self in the world today.

Children are our future.

To be a child in this ever changing world today is not  easy.

When I work, consult or coach children I always start with their unique Brain Code so I know exactly how their little mind works.

We then work on their room and home environment.  I work directly with the child while the parent is also involved.

We work all together as a team.  One session is never enough it is about what I teach the child in the session that the parent can follow through with a home.

It is all about team effort.

MINDFIT – Mind Codes

Everyone has Brain Code –  When you know your Brain Code you know how your mind works.  It is simply know your numbers and you will know where your power sits in your mind.  What you will attract subconsciouly without even knowing.  You will know why you do the things you do.  You know how to heal yourself.  You know how to move the mind to success.  You know how to manifest.

Knowing your numbers you know how your mind works is one of the most powerful tools you can have.


 Know Your Mind and You Know You

When You Know You – You can be You

Know Your Desinty and Purpose in the World today.

Bootcamps – Courses

Every month I run bootcamps and courses either online or in person.

for You have a large selection to choose from.

Whether it be for personal use, business or family the bootcamps and courses are always fun and you always get results.

I also design special bootcamps for children, school camps, small business groups and corporate team work.

Come Train with Me

I love my work.  You have the greatest opportunity to work with people in the world today to create a better world.

I am always delighted to be able to pass on my knowledge, wisdom, systems and programmes.  You can join in a group or you can enrol for one on one personal training.  

You also have the opportunity to work with me to design a special course for you individually to be unique in your field.

Brain Spaces

What is a brain space.  Everything in your environment is a reflection of what is happening in your mind.  What you are thinking and feeling about life.

When you change anything in your environment with a conscious purpose you will totally make a change in the energy flow of your life.



The Village

I love my Village.  It is amazing. Come in and explore.  You can come and visit for a day, a week or settle in for the year.  We have community events, weekly events.  You get to meet other like minded people who know that the world is a new place of being.  That we have to think and act in a different way to what we have been doing over the past centuary.  Life is changing, the world is changing.  We can either go with the flow and have a great time and be in perfect energy alignment or we can be stubborn and create obstacles and blocks in our life and in our minds.  What are you going to do?

I do hope your answer is – “I am joining The Village.”


The Village

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