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Know your numbers and you take control of your life.

Numbers – Codes

Numbers don’t lie.  They give you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Time Codes give you the information to where you are up to in life.  Sure people can relate to the age they are.  It is a number which their mind can connect to.  Time codes take you a step further and give you the information to what and how you are feeling about life and what you feel you need to do.  Ignore your time codes and you will find doors close, health problems occur and your life becomes a struggle instead of easy where you get to thrive.

How to Work Out you Time Code

Take the day you were born then add the month you were born and if you are working out your time code for 2023 you add the number 7.

Example a person born on the 19th May, 2000.  You take 19 and bring to a single digit which is 1+9 = 10.  Then bring the 10 to a single digit which is 1+0 = 1.

You then add 1 + 5 (May) + 7 (2023) = 13/4. 

In 2023 you are in a 13/4 year.  You will know that the year will be a roller coaster.  A year to break away from patterns that have been occuring in your life.  A year to put structure and a plan into place to gain stability in your life.

Working with Your Time Code puts you in Sync

The ultimate is to know the double digit energy to work with.

In this free introduction to Time Codes you have a snipit of information on time codes from 1 – 9.

You personal time code always goes from 1 – 9.  One being the beginning and 9 the end of the cycle ready to start life over again.

From the yearly time code you can then work on a monthly time code and a daily time code.

You can also get to know your best days according to your Brain Codes.

If you would like to know more you can buy one of my books, join one of my courses or work with me personally.

I believe all personal, life or business coaches need to know your Brain Codes and Time Codes to ensure you are working in alignment and going with the flow not moving against the flow.

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