This week I started an amazing journey with my family in purchasing a home in the country to share.  Really exciting.

So I thought I can take you on a journey of creating the ultimate WOW home for you.  The most interesting thing was that we missed out, and in not a nice way on one home that we thought would be perfect. But never be disappointed as when you miss out, it is for a reason.  We nearly put an offer in on another home – but when we all looked at it there was something missing. For one it was the coffee shop close by, for another it was the distance to travel each day.  We kept thinking, will we or won’t we.  Then I remembered my green and white golf bag.  You never give up on what you really want.  Years ago I wanted a green and white golf bag.  Every shop I went into said it was impossible.  I could have green and black or green and orange but no green and white.  I did get close, the same as the house, that maybe I have to settle for second best.  I got my green and white golf bag it was sitting in a shop waiting for me.  So with the house it was that everything had to be ticked off the list.  Close to coffee for Sandy and atmosphere.  Close to Sydney for Bianca.  A cubby house and farm for the Mila and Koa.  Then for me I had a huge list.  On acreage not five acres but more.  I needed to see traffic and a road.  I love big rooms and space.  Up high, two levels, floorboard, garden. Meditation areas where I can teach.  Room for the horses to stretch out. Short distance to Newcastle and Sydney.  Well we had our list, we did not compromise and that is exactly what we got.

Check out the new country home.  Over my blog over the next 365 days I want to show you how to create a WOW life through a WOW Home.  Living and thriving in today’s world.

Tomorrow it is all about the number of your home and how it is so important as well as feng shui tips when purchasing.

Check out what it looks like now – nothing to what it will look like in the future.