Success Comes when You Make a Decision

Real Success comes when you make a decision.  You draw a line in the sand you are moving out of and into a new energy, a new business, a new home, a new partnership a new life.

Once the decision is made it is then up to you to commit to that decison.  Follow through with action steps.

You don’t need to know the “HOW” you just need to be clear about what you want, why you want it and commit to follow through.

Do what you can do and allow the universe to take care of the rest.

It will come it you are determined enough.  It will come if you really want it.

The Media  and Chris Brazel 


Fun Interview with The Circle and Channel 10



Teaching people about numbers, colours and life is so much fun.

Life does not need to be serious.  Put a little fun into your life today.  Come join one of my interviews or teaching groups.

UK I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here

I had the best time ever on this show.

It was awesome getting up to work with the presenters.  Joes Swash and I connected and really had fun with the show

Best Selling Author

From Brain Traing to Love to Animals to Children

To write and share my knowledge, wisdom and experience is an honour.

When people purchase and write back to say how wonderful they felt after the reading the book.  Or how the book has helped their children through difficult times is awesome.

I have over 10 books published.

A new one to be released in July.

10 new Children books on the way.

Watch out world for Chris Brazel and her wisdom and sharing.

54 Days still sell today.  I self published when self publishing was thought didn’t work.  I had a best seller within 6 moths.

It certainly pays off to self publish.  So many these days are realizing the same.


“I started working with Chris Brazel three years ago.  My life, my business and my family are totally on track by following her direction and coaching.

Karrie House

“Chris Brazel is awesome.”  I would still be a chef working in a kitchen on wages.  Now I own a catering business and run a cooking school.  Thanks to Access Coding and Chris Brazel.”

Nathan Cooper

1 Tomato

“At the start of each year we both have a workshop with Chris Brazel on our goals.  At the end of the year we collect our goals.  We never miss a goal.  She is brilliant in Access Coding you to your goals.”

Paul and Anna Harmon

You May have Seen or Heard My Work

UK 2016 – I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Serbian National TV with Hannah Los on Austic Children

Qantas inflight Entertainment

 Mind, Body and Home Show
4BC Real Estate Show with Kevin Turner
My Restaurant Rules
ABC Radio Sunday Morning on 91.7FM Woolworths Fresh Magazine
Focus Magazine
Cosmopolitan Magazine
New Woman Magazine
Options Magazine
Take 5 Magazine
Dolly Magazine
The Herald
Brisbane News
Channel 9 – Extra
Channel 9 – 11a


NXFM Morning Crew
Triple M
4BH Lifestyle Show
2AD Radio, Armidale
Life Quest Expo, Newcastle
Every Woman Expo
AMA Expo, Brisbane
The Vitality Show
Indulgence Expo, Sunshine Coast
Wildly Wealthy Women’s Conference, Hamilton Island

2005 DOHTAQ Symposium – Sponsored by Colgate Australian

Women’s Labour Party Conference  Queensland

Dorrigo State School
International Dermal Institute Guest Speaker

Online Coaching Resources

2022 Be the Creator of Your Life

A month by month energy codes to keep you on track to your goals.  Easy access to colours of the month, area in the home to work with.  Animal to work with, exercise and mindfit challenge.

Podcast & Youtube Channel

I have great podcasts to inspire, motivate and educate you.

Some are free and some you purchase.  The choice is yours.

There is also a super Youtube Channel to watch, be inspired, motivated and educated.

Juice Move & Groove

The perfect monthly online coaching that is affordable, easy, inspiring, motivating and best of all everyone gets results and has a great time in the process.

Check out My YouTube Channel

Everything you think and feel about life you will  see a representation of  in the house.  Make changes in your home and you make changes in your life.  

Chris Brazel