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I absolutely love transforming lives, taking a passion to a profit or simply turning a business that is failing around.  Children I must say I love the most as they are our future.  In 2021 I have developed one of the most incredible programmes for young minds.  The results and changes are amazing.

The Number #1 Coder in Transformations Coaching Programmes and Designs in business, home, life and kids.

Chris Brazel’s coding, coaching and training programmes are powerful with results.

Chris Brazel teaches the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.  The most powerful reader of energy codes and semiotics in marketing and business.

She is the innovator and creator of Your Mind Code, Access Codes and Wealth and Success Codes.

Access Coding and Mind Codes are the most powerful tools to work with when you want to create change or transform from the old to the new. 

Everything in your life starts with a seed of thought. 

She teaches you how to read your mind, take action and manifest, attract and move into perfect alignment the easy way.

Her success stories are awesome from a four-year child with an anxiety problem to a large company not making profits, staff issues and conflict and about to go under financially.

When you speak with Chris Brazel in just minutes you can see her powerful insights into energies and the energy connection of the mind, body and environments.

Give her a business logo, the address of the company along with a picture of the office spaces or shop layout – within minutes she will give you a 100% accurate account of what is happening or not happening with the company right through to the profits and losses.

Her work is powerful, accurate with awesome results.

You can work with Chris Brazel either in person or online.

You can book just one coaching session, or you can join her monthly coaching.  There is always freedom of choice.

You can join a group, or you can sign up for a total transformation programme.  The choice is yours.

When you work with Chris Brazel be ready for action and results.

Chris Brazel is a powerful Innovator who is always on the cutting edge of health, fitness and wellbeing.

From competing at state, national and world championship herself to training others to compete at high levels Chris Brazel knows how your mind works to help you train to be a winner.  From the local footy team to higher levels from the pony club horse to racehorses.  Once she codes the brain of the person or animal success is on the way. 

Daisy her racehorse is a great example of the Mind Power of Horse and You.

She initiated and developed one of the first wellbeing and lifestyle programmes in Universities in Australia.  This programme was later introduced to the Superannuation Department at the taxation office.  Then introduced into the corporate world.  A winning programme for both staff and CEO’s and directors.

Qualified in the fitness industry then qualified in Oriental Medicine, a master of numbers and Australia’s leading expert in Feng Shui, Colours and Numbers – designing and creating Soul Energy Feng Shui linking the energy flow of both eastern and western feng shui.

She has taken the power of numbers and created one of the most Powerful Access Coding and Mind Codes that you will ever learn about.  Her analysis of Your Mind Code is pinpoint accurate right through to knowing you, connecting the dots of events from success, love and health issues in your life.  It can be scary listening to how she can pinpoint right down to the date and month of when a health issue would occur and where in the body.

The most powerful connection of the Mind Codes Chris Brazel does not only teach you about Your Mind Code she teaches you how to take control of your mind and how to train your brain to break a patter, to break through obstacles and events to be on the perfect pathway to the new you.

Chris Brazel walks her talk.  You only have to meet her to know and see her energy.

She believes in giving hope where there is no hope.  Answers when answers cannot be found.  Solution action steps when everyone else has given up.

Her Transformation Courses and Coaching and awesome, amazing with results at the end of the course.

She has a great range of books, art, designs and a whole world of knowledge that awaits you to help you, give you hope and to know that where there is a will there is always a way.

In the Media

One of My Favourite Interviews with Channel 10 Circle

Teaching people about numbers, colours and life is so much fun.

Life does not need to be serious.  Put a little fun into your life today.  Come join one of my interviews or teaching groups.


Chris Brazel is also an amazing presenter and speaker. She can win over an audience in seconds with her passion about energy. Chris Brazel teaches you that you are a product of your environment, you create your environment subconsciously and your subconscious is a reflection of your moods attitude and feelings. What the mind, thinks, the body feels and the environment reflects. Everything everyday is energy. Get the energy right you get everything right.

Once you have met Chris Brazel you will remember her for life. She will arouse in you a passion for your home and your work environment. She is an action person.

Chris Brazel has appeared on numerous radio stations, TV Channels, magazines and in media articles. She also has her own Chris Brazel Channel. In 2017 she was invited to be on I am a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here UK. A show that reaches over 800,000 per episode. Her part was on the Feng shui and colours of the camp site for contestants. Another major TV show in Australia was My Restaurant Rules where she consulted on the Melbourne restaurant and appeared with Channel 7 for the show on colours and Feng Shui. In 2015 she was the Ambassador for Chux Cleaning products with their new range of coloured cleaning cloths.

Chris Brazel works with clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Belgrade, New York, San Francisco, London, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Doha. Is it time you spoke with Chris? Email

My Youtube Channel

Come check out my Youtube Channel and let me teach you all about energies, minds and environment.  You will love It’s All in The House videos.

Success Stories to Inspire You

Let these wonderful people inspire you and let you know that everything is possible if you choose it to be.  I would love to work with you and show you that where there is a will there is always a way.

Coloured Undies TM

Coloured Undies TM- Change the colour of your undies change your Life.

It started with the concept that when you select the colour of your undies you are making a conscious choice of what you want to manifest or attract into your life.  You step into personal power.  Nobody needs to know what colour you have it is a personal mind power that you are in control of.  In 2002 I wrote the Coloured Undies Mini book and CD this was a huge sell out and success.  From the CD I then developed The Coloured Undies 6 Step Programme which went even further to a Total Wellbeing and Lifestyle Programme over three months.

People have loved the Coloured Undies intention and programmes.  They have created changes and transformations they never thought was possible.  Because it is so easy they have never had to struggle to move through the emotions which can sometimes hold us down.

Check out the Coloured Undies CD or Purchase the Coloured Undies 6 Steps to a New You.  You have it available both as a book, podcast to walk you through the steps.  If you want to add your Brain Codes and how your mind works that will boost your success.

You may even like to train as a MBE Practitioner or Consultant.  Let me know if you do.  I would love to train you.

It is awesome when you can pass onto others what you love, teach and work in.  Helping people change their lives, giving them answers and solutions is so rewarding.  I have trained many over the years and would love to train more consultants and coaches.  Everyone works in a different way which makes it easy for them to move into the work they love from reflexologist, to personal trainers, real estate agents, business coaches and many more areas.  If this is something you would love to do then email me or give me a call and I can get your started.

Reaching Goals

Clients will tell her their goals and a destination they would like to reach either in life or business and she will work out a road map to get there. It all comes back to choice. Everyday you have so many choices that you can make in a positive way which will start to empower you. Choice through purpose and intention followed by action creates empowerment and success. The methods Chris Brazel works with and the principals she’s use show you how to step sideways out of the emotions and into the action. Best of all you get results and rewards.

Meet Daisy & Her Mates

They said she would never make it to the track.  She would never race.  She was dangerous.

It was awesome proving them wrong.  Once I met Daisy we bonded.  I worked out her Brain Codes and from there I knew exactly how to work with her and train her.

What did we achieve?  She raced and broke a class record which I believe they will have a hard time beating.

Daisy and I became best mates.  From training and racing her she moved me into creating a powerful “Horse and Mind Course.”   I now teach and train my Horse and Mind course in Australia and Hawaii.  Come join us one day.  You will have the best time ever.

Attention to Intention

Pay attention to your intention.

What does this mean?  Each day if you take little steps which connect to your intention you are keeping your energy in alignment to your goals.  This could be as simple as selecting the colour of your undies each day.  It could using your unblocking code and working with it each day. If your unblocking code is 1 then exercise will be your attention to intention energy alignment code.  That means that each day when you go for a walk or go to the gym you are unblocking your mind and making a conscious choice to move to your goals.

The undies are a great place to start as nobody really knows what you mind is focused on.

Life is a journey with many destinations. What I love about my work is no matter what the destination is, I know I have the energy, the knowledge, the expertise and skills to take you. Most clients start with one destination but continue on for many more. The moment you start to work with Your Access Code you step into perfect energy alignment you step into a whole new world where life becomes easy and everything flows to you in the most magical of ways.

Best Selling Author

My books are all based on real people, real stories with real successes.  They are easy to read, follow and best of all great for you to work with in your own time at your own pace.

Inspiring Books for Children

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