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Being In Sync

The most powerful information you need to know is “Who you are in this World.”   You then take up that position, own it and drive it.

I believe anything is possible the when you choose it to be possible.

The brain is a powerful asset each person has.

Own it – train it – use it.

When you move the body with words, water and walking you can train your brain to anything.

Depending on your brain code you will know the ultimate way to train your brain.

Remember not one size fits all – train to the uniqueness of your and your very own brain codes.

You will go further and quicker when In Sync.  Everything comes to you and you no longer have to chase.

My brain code to be in the right place at the right time meeting and working with the right people connects to exercise.  So whenever I want to be IN Sync I head out for a walk, bike ride, paddle board or steps.  It doesn’t doesn’t take long and I have all the answers and solutions I need for my next project.

Author – Presenter

Chris Brazel has written, published, presented, taught and consulted in Australia, UK, Belgrade, New York, New Zealand, Hawaii, UK, Singapore.

She has several best selling with 54 Days to Fall In Love the first book to be a best seller. Up to date I have written and published 19 books.  Self development books for the individual whether you be a young person, CEO of a large company, a mum or an individual wanting to transform your life.

Chris Brazel loved presenting on TV shows such as UK I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  Australia – My Restaurant Rules.  Serbia – National TV with Hannah Loss on Autistic Children.  Numerous radio shows and magazines.  Lots of interviews on Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10 Australia.

Chris Brazel has always been on the cutting edge of health and fitness.  She can read a brain within 5 minutes to 100% accuracy.  Often scary to hear her tell the person or the CEO what is going on in their life or business without them saying a word.

Growing Up

Growing up Chris Brazel was always ahead of the game.  At school she used to get bullied so instead of going to the playground at lunchtime and after school she got permission to do a correspondence course with Newtons Business College, Sydney.  Today it would not be possible.  Somehow back in those days she was able to pull off with the help of my mum.

Chris Brazel had her first business diploma before she left high school.  She could see no point in going to a place to be bullied by other people’s opinions or definitations of her.  Even at that age she wanted to use her  brain to the peak performance.

At school she was made feel hopeless at both sport and art – little did they know how talented she was.  At the age of 21 she moved into both areas – she ended up competing in local, state and national and world levels in Squash.  She has ran and been placed in running marathons, triathlons, kayaking marathons, major golf events and ultra marathons in walking.

She has trained state, national and internationl athletics to compete and win.

She moved into race horse training and showed with one horse her absolute delights how to take a horses brain code and win.  This she did within 12 weeks of training a horse they said would kill you and never make it to the track little let win and break a class record.

Chris Brazel  grow up and started earning income at the age of 12.  By the age of 16 she was buying material and designing her own clothes.  She didn’t like what was in the shops. She wanted to be original.

She grew up with horses with her dad being a race horse trainer.  She had her first pony at the age of 12 – doing amazing tricks.  She then strapped for her dad with the race horses.  Horses and Chris Brazel just connected.  She loves their healing power, their strength and their ability to read aa person within seconds of meeting them.

Her love of animals has lead to her amazing book Animal Energy with all the codes to train your brain through animals.

Teaching and Training People is My Passion

Chris Brazel the Innovator and Creator

Chris Brazel has been able to innovate and develop the most unique coaching and mentoring systems in the world.  Systems where you always get results.  You cannot move forward in life by just talking.  In Sync Programmes and MBE teaches you how to take action.  How to step out of the emotions and into the doing.  You step into your personal power in ways you never thought you could.

Chris Brazel teaches you how to get to the core.  It is not just about talking and consoling.  An individual needs to take responsibility of their mind, their brain and their life for their future.  Hence after accepting a situation – he or she needs to step into agreement and into alignment –  This is done through action.

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