Access Coding 2019 Hunter Valley Course

Join me for an awesome weekend to learn how to Access Code personally and in the business world for 2019

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Access Coding 2019 – Your Best Year Ever

Everyone has access to what they want, desire and dream of.  Access Coding teaches you how to access your wants, needs and desires.

By knowing and working with your personal Access Code then connecting your personal Access Codes to the universal energies you can easily pull yourself into alignment.  Once in alignment life is easy, what you want, need or desire is already there waiting for you to collect.

Access Coding teaches you Conscious Choice Living – the energy connection of the mind, body and your environment.  How to connect to the spirit and soul of you which in turn opens the heart and allows the riches and wealth of life to flow.

Nobody needs to struggle, nobody needs to constantly live with financial worries or sacrifices – you can right at this very moment have access to an amazing wealth let me show you how to access that wealth and live your ultimate life.


What Will You Learn?

This course is over two days including Saturday evening working on your Manifestation Board

Personal Coding

  • Natural Code
  • Driving Code
  • Destiny Code
  • Lucky Code
  • Secret door Code – what is behind the core of you
  • Year Code – what will you experience

The Code and Energy of 2019

Combining your Personal Codes and the Universal Codes of 2019

Mind Body Meditations

  • Salt Circle Meditation
  • Finchley – connecting to the energy of the earth to see the symbols and signs
  • The Butterfly Meditation – learning that there is no competition and the value of time

Manifestation/ Vision Board 2019

  • Learning how to create and read a Manifestation/Vision Board.
  • Not all pictures take you to your goals


Dates for My Next Amazing Course

Date:  12th & 13th

Venue:   Arlingten Park – Wollombi.  NSW

Times:   9.30am start on 12th January finishing 4.30pm on Sunday 13th January

Costs:       $695.00 which includes course and membership for 2019 to the WOW Yes! I Did It Community.

This course will totally show you how to easily access what you want.  How to work with numbers, colours and the environment of your home and work space.

Costs  includes: 2 Day course, morning and afternoon tea.  Membership to WOW for 2019.

Please note that meals are not included or accommodation.

Accommodation is available with Glamour Tents who will come and set up for you ready to use.  If you wish to book a spot with the Glamour Tents we need to book asap – cost $230.00 for both nights.  This will accommodate up to four people.  Showers and toilet are close by.

Accommodation is also available in Wollombi or surrounds.  Cessnock is only 28 minutes away so you can easily stay there.

Let me know if you need any help with finding what works best for you.  Of course if you have your own tent you are also welcome to use.

Friday –  You are welcome to arrive Friday evening for a meal at the local pup at 6.30pm and get together.  You can also book a private one on one session earlier in the day if you want to focus on a particular area you want to work on either over the weekend or 2o19.  An hour one on one is $145.00 additional.

It is totally optional to you to arrive on Friday or Saturday.

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Additional Mindset Training – the Mind, Body & Environment


Mind – Body Exercises & Meditations

Finchley Mapping Site

We will be visiting Finchley for the sunrise on 13th.  An early start to the day but the rewards are amazing.

Finchley Mapping site connects you spiritually to the land.  A trip up the mountain.  Once you arrive you park the car then we walk into the site.  The walk in and back out is extremely powerful for connecting to your soul and what you truly want to invite into your life.

Walking the mapping site itself is powerful.  I will often take people into the site when at first they cannot see the drawings but once they release, let go and allow answers to come the drawings start to appear.

This experience is felt through the feet right through to the heart and mind.  The break throughs that people experience once they leave always blows me away.

Salt Circle Mediation Clearing and Cleansing

The latest of my mind body meditations for clearing, connecting and cleansing.  With this meditation you will learn how to read symbolisation, see the salt change to form symbols to give you answers.  When Jason did his salt circle once he stepped out he saw the salt form his logo which is also his Driving Code form the shape of a Lion’s head.  How does this happen?  The magic of energy alignment of you with connection to a higher vibration.  When Fiona did her salt circle there were first the shape of poison arrows, this then went to teeth which indicated change.  Next it formed an aboriginal elder head.  It will be exciting to see what your salt circle clears, connects and creates for you.

The Butterfly Mediation

This meditation teaches you that there is no competition in life – it is about knowing who you are, sharing and allowing.

It also teaches you the value of time.  To use wisely, to value and to find where your time is being abused or misused.  In 2019 to create the ultimate year ever you need to be totally aware of your time and how you are using your time.


What is Great About This Course

We start with two days setting intentions and goals.  This is then followed with your WOW Yes! I did it Membership for 2019 so you can keep focused and on track.

You also get to be around other like minded people who work in a similar way.  Real people achieving real goals.  A community of people living a conscious choice way of life.

Please note that this course does not include any licenses to use Access Coding or the meditations taught for professional use.  If you would however like to work with and use the IP in Access Coding or the meditations please just let me know and we can organise.  I love for my work to be shared as much as I can around the world.


WOW Yes! I did it

Check out our great successes

Join others who are living a conscious choice life with gives them the ultimate life of health, wealth and success. 

If They can do it – So can you.  Be the Master of Your Destiny.  

Learn to thrive in every aspect of your life.  You can have everything once you choose to have everything.

Meet Fran – She has achieved so much in 2018 – Congratulations

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because I know you can.

Where there is a will there is always a way.  The sky is the limit once you put your mind to it.

This year has been such a good year for me. My dog has a clean bill of health and off all medications from supposedly liver disease for 2 years. I have decluttered and decorated my home. I have a great job and some wonderful staff I work with. I have paid off almost $20k off my credit cards with a couple of thousand left to go and feel financially better off and feel great starting the year sort of debt free for the first few months. I have passed another year of uni and go into my final year next year, can’t wait! I have achieved a lot this year personally, socially, financially and physically but these are the main things that have meant the most to me. I’m so grateful I was able to achieve so much this year with being involved in this group and being guided by Chris and her tips each month.
I wish you all a great Xmas and a healthy happy 2019 !
Looking forward to joining you all next year to achieve more wonderful things xxx

Our Paddle Boarding Sessions certainly created winners this year.

Just a few of our members successes – there are so many more which is awesome

Kym has a new creative design business

That is already pumping.

Zoe has come along in leaps and bounds

Meet her new friend after a paddle board session and a drawing

Lisa has always wanted to jet set around the world – check out her facebook she is having an amazing time now in Europe. Super time in Hawaii- whose knows where she will be in 2019.

Janene change the spelling of her name and then started to open new doors of wealth

Paul and Anna are continually flying high – great steps forward with their dream home.

Even Anna and Paul got to test out the paddle boarding theory for achieving.

Tess couldn’t make it to Hawaii so she followed with the Access Coding in Oz – what happened well she will be opening her new homeware shop in Jan.  How about that?  Well done Tess.  It is never too late to follow a dream

Cathy and her success

From Breast Cancer to selling her business

to selling her home and creating a life that she loved.

Margaret, Tina and Mary

From housewives to:

Margaret, International Best Seller with her books

Top Ten of Amazon, New York Best Seller

Tina – Achieved the most amazing change in purchasing her new


Now following her passion and helping people change their lives with her new business

Mary – selling her home, moving towns and creating an amazing place for her family

Robbie –  When the mind controls you – life is not great

Listen to Robbie and his story of taking control of his mind,

finding a new love of his life, creating a new move in his career

and living a wonderful life in the most amazing way.

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