2020 Access Code and Map out Your Year to Achieve Your Goals

Join me for an awesome weekend to learn how to Access Code personally and in the business world for 2019

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Access Coding 2020 – This Time Next Year

2020 –  This Time Next Year.

How amazing would it feel to know that you could be exactly where you want to be.  Have what you want to have by simply mapping out and Access Coding the year.

That is how easy it could be.  Our January courses have proved so successful with participants each year achieving their goals.  Often going beyond what they thought possible.

Everyone has access to what they want – if the individual who stops their own access.  By stepping out of the emotions and into action that you can face your fears, unblock the obstacles and open new doors and new opportunities to endless possibilities.

By knowing and working with your personal Access Code then connecting your personal Access Codes to the universal energies you can easily pull yourself into alignment.  Once in alignment life is easy, what you want, need or desire is already there waiting for you to collect.

Access Coding teaches you Conscious Choice Living – the energy connection of the mind, body and your environment.  How to connect to the spirit and soul of you which in turn opens the heart and allows the riches and wealth of life to flow.

Nobody needs to struggle, nobody needs to constantly live with financial worries or sacrifices – you can right at this very moment have access to an amazing wealth let me show you how to access that wealth and live your ultimate life.


What Will You Learn?

This course is over two days including Saturday evening working on your Manifestation Board

2020 – What is the year all about

  • How to Code the year and code each month.
  • Your Personal Coding for the year
  • Your Personal Coding for each month
  • How to Map out the year using your unblocking code, lucky code and path code.
  • Mind Body Meditations
  • Cleansing your inner chakra energy centres
  • Cleaning your personal energy and room energy with bells
  • Finchley – connecting to the energy of the earth to see the symbols and signs
  • Working with your own clap stick
  • Working with the image of the face, ears, eyes and mouth

Manifestation/ Vision Board 2020

  • Learning how to create and read a Manifestation/Vision Board.
  • Not all pictures take you to your goals


  • This year make your own clap stick to work with sound and energy


Dates for My Next Amazing Course

Date:  11th & 12th January, 2020

Venue:   Min Jarra Min – Wollombi.  NSW

Times:   9.30am start on 11th January finishing 4.30pm on Sunday 12th January

Costs:       $690.00 which includes course and membership for 2020 to the WOW Yes! I Did It Community.

This course will totally show you how to easily access what you want.  How to make conscious choices each day with a purpose to be in total alignment and a magnet for attracting what you want.

Costs  includes: 2 Day course, morning and afternoon tea.  Membership to WOW for 2020.

Please note that meals are not included or accommodation.

Accommodation is available in a house that I have rented for the weekend.  Details are below.  You can also drive to the course each day or stay in Cessnock which is 28 km away.  It will be fun staying in one large house where everyone gets to share.

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Additional Mindset Training – the Mind, Body & Environment


Mind – Body Exercises & Meditations

Finchley Mapping Site

We will be visiting Finchley for the sunrise on 12th.  An early start to the day but the rewards are amazing.

You will be able to work with your clap sticks that you created on Saturday evening.

Finchley Mapping site connects you spiritually to the land.  A trip up the mountain.  Once you arrive you park the car then we walk into the site.  The walk in and back out is extremely powerful for connecting to your soul and what you truly want to invite into your life.

Walking the mapping site itself is powerful.  I will often take people into the site when at first they cannot see the drawings but once they release, let go and allow answers to come the drawings start to appear.

This experience is felt through the feet right through to the heart and mind.  The break throughs that people experience once they leave always blows me away.

Creating Your Own Clap Sticks

Creating the sound for the year ahead.

Creativity is one of the most powerful ways to open the sacral chakra.  The chakra for prosperity and of choice.

You will start with raw branches and crave your sticks to the sound you want.  You will then paint to invite your own personal energies and symbols for 2020.

Cleansing and Clearing Chakra Energy Centres

Cleansing and Clearing Chakra Energy Centres of the Body

Cleansing and clearing chakra energy centres of the body helps you stay in alignment and remove any blockages as they show up.

When a chakra energy centre is blocked this in turn stops the flow of what you want to attract into your life.

Your Mind and Aroma – Your Connecting Oil for 2020

Your Perfect Oil Aroma and Mind Connection

I will help you select the perfect oil and mind connection for your goals over the weekend.

Sound and aroma are two powerful ways to keep the mind focused when obstacles start to appear in your way.

Once we have Access Coded Your Year and created a Map we will then work on the sound beat from your clap sticks and the aroma to work with and fall back on.


What is Great About This Course?

We start with two days setting intentions and goals.  This is then followed with your WOW Yes! I did it Membership for 2020

so you can keep focused and on track.

You also get to be around other like minded people who work in a similar way.  Real people achieving real goals.  

A community of people living a conscious choice way of life.

Saturday Night with Nathan Cooper 1 Tomato

Nathan Cooper 1 Tomato

A special plant based meal prepared by Nathan.  Nathan’s goal is to be the OZ Guy leading Plant Based eating for a healthy life.

Nathan will chat with you about his journey of health and wellbeing.  The journey of being different with just one ear.  Then also how to work with food and mental health and wellbeing.

He will speak with you on how cooking and working with the energy of food has totally changed his life.  Food is energy.  When you work with the right mindset with your food you naturally create a great life.

From a fear of attracting cancer which has been in his family to moving to a plant based diet, then exercising had totally given him a new look on life with an amazing mind full of confidence.  Besides becoming health the weight he was carrying both mentally and physically body has changed.

 Accommodation is Optional

Accommodation:   10th & 11th January with shared room $230.00

This year I have booked a house where everyone can stay in the same centre.  Nathan will cook the Saturday evening meal.

You can bring or make your own breakfast.  For those arriving on the Friday we will meet at the local tavern or you can bring your own meal and cook at the house.  Lunch will be available at the General store each day.  Accommodation is optional.  If you prefer to travel to and from the course that is ok.

Saturday Evening Meal:     $25.00

There is a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 which covers one night for the accommodation if you wish to stay in the house with others.

Please note that there are limited places.  Your place is confirmed once you have paid full amount or deposit.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because I know you can.

Where there is a will there is always a way.  The sky is the limit once you put your mind to it.

Come and join me.

Let’s have an awesome time.

Best of all lets kick butt to your goals.

This Time Next Year you will be standing as a winner.