The Year 2021 – The Most Amazing Year Awaits you

2021 a year where there will be change, adapt, change, adapt.  Being also the year of the Ox you have every opportunity to create the most amazing wealthy life in every aspect you could wish for.

The key will be the changes you makes.  The routine and disciplines you start and create at the start of the year.  

The codes for 2021 will be first a five coding which is all about investments with minimal input and maximum returns.  

2021 will be a truth year – doing what is best for you and changing what no longer nourishes you.  The energy code of the Ox is how to take you on the shortest route to the massive abundance that you are entitled to.

Come join me – I am going to maximise this year and would love to take you on the same journey.

2021 Access Coding to the Wealth of the Year

You have the choice of Joining me either

Newcastle, Wollombi or Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Newcastle & Wollombi


Weekend 6th & 7th July

Join me for an awesome weekend learning the power and ART of working with Colour, Creativity, the mind and your environment to opening the doors to your wealth centre.

This weekend is aimed at teaching you all about the power and energy of colour, colour combinations and how colour and creativity can flip your mind to a positive energy within minutes.  A great way to train the brain to create a happy healthy life.  This is a great course for the individual or for the practitioner.

Day One:

All about Colour

  • Individual colours and their energies
  • Power of each colour
  • Five Elements and colours
  • Colour and numbers
  • Colours in the home
  • Colour in environments
  • Patterns and Colours how they affect your brain
  • Codes that connect to your mind and colours that work best for you

Day Two

Cleansing, Clearing and Removing Obstacles & Barriers

  • Early morning Finchley – Cleansing and Clearing Ritual
  • Connect your mind to the maps – final releasing and letting go of barriers and obstacles
  • Mind Body movements and exercise to train the brain to conquer over obstacles, health issues, mental health problems or Achieving Goals


The power of ART and Creativity working with Colour, design and imagination to open the Sacral Chakra of choice and wealth.


  • Sunrise Design on a canvas – are you ready for a new beginning
  • The Butterfly Creative Journey that you can continue when you get home or
  • Print Making – think print making think print the wealth you want
  • Creating with Imagination – taking the old and creating the new.

Extras if you choose:

You can Add an extra Day on the Monday and work with the horses, the mind and step one of the Colour Total Transformation Programme.

This is a great training programme for the individual who has been stuck or practitioners who wish to work with colour and systems in a powerful way.  A great programme for practitioners to work with their clients.

The 6 Step – 12 Week Total Transformation Programme

Takes you on a journey of cleansing, clearing, gaining clarity then conquering and collecting on your goals.

We start on the Monday with Step One then you continue at home and online.

This 6 step 12 week programme has changed so many lives it is amazing.

Dates:   6th and 7th July

Time:    9.30am start on Saturday 6th and 4.30pm finish Sunday 7th

Extra:    You can stay for the Monday and join our Colour Total Transformation Programme or arrive on the Friday for some one on one time

This programme shows you how to work step by step with colour, the mind and your environment.

Cost:      $698.00 which includes 2 Day course, work book, gift, morning and afternoon tea

Extra:    You can book a personal or business mentoring session on the Friday or you can stay the Monday and join the Total Transformation 6 Step – 12 week Programme.


There is accommodation available in Wollombi and surrounds.

We will have available a house which has room for 4 people sharing –  Cost is $130 for  Friday & Saturday nights

Cleansing & Clearing

This is a powerful way to cleanse and clear the mind and the body of the past and any negative attachments or energies.

Creativity Opens the Wealth Centre

Creativity, Art, Printing or Writing are brilliant ways to open the sacral chakra and the mind to infinite possibilities and doors to wealth



Colour is one of the easiest ways to create change in your life.  Colour will pick you up when you are feeling down.  Working with colour allows you to start to make choices with purpose.  When you start to make conscious choices with action steps you immediately create a paradigm shift within yourself.  You start to take back your power.  You start to be the person in charge of your life and your destination.

Besides the Coloured Undies ™ another great way to re-gain your power through colour is moving the body to move the mind and the energy you are attracting to yourself.  When you exercise in colour you are tripling your mind power.  You can choose from coloured shoes, tights, shirts and cap.  Every piece of clothing has a certain energy connection.  Best thing you can have fun as you go.  You will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Colours in exercising power the mind and the body at the same time




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