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Access Coding

Access Coding is the most amazing way to work.  Everyone has an access code to wealth, health, love, happiness and success.  Once you know your access code it is simply working with that code to open the vault to what ever wealth you want and desire in your life or business.  Your access code connects to you the person, it totally connects to your subconscious and your soul.  The successes are amazing once you start to connect to your own personal code.  You start to know who you are and what your purpose is here in life.

Life, choices and decisions become easy.  Each and every day you have choices to make when you work with your personal access code these choices become easy because you are working towards rewards, wealth and recognition.

You are working with conscious choices with a purpose.  You start to gain strength within and power to be able to make the right choices for you and your future.

How Cool Would it be to open the door to your vault of wealth when ever you wanted to?

Know YOU the person

When you know who you are.  You can make conscious choices about what affects you positively and what will pull you down.

You have 12 codes all together.  Each code has a particular purpose for you in life.  Eg. when you feel blocked, confused then work with your unblocking code.  The moment you connect and link to the action steps of your unblocking code you will find the answers and be able to start to take action instead of drowning in mind confusion.

  • Natural
  • Tribal Code
  • Force Code
  • Destiny
  • Unblocking
  • Lucky Code
  • Colour Code
  • Environment Code
  • Year
  • Month
  • Action
  • Birth Emotion

When do you use your codes?

Working with your access codes you step into energy alignment.  When you are in perfect alignment doors open and what you want, need or desire starts to come to you.  No chasing just in the energy of being.

Access Codes can help you open the door the whatever it is that you want to manifest, attract or release in your life, home or business.

I meet amazing people in amazing places with great opportunities simply by working with my codes

Hannah Los, Belgrade, Serbia
Interview on Environment & Autistic Children

Guest on UK I’am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Chatting on radio with  the NXFM

team in Newcastle.

Coding takes you to your goals easily and quickly.  You step out of the emotions and into the action

One Access Code word then within 12 week

Total change of career. Change of career for partner

House Sold.  New Home purchased

Total life and financial transformation

Bellingen Eyes

Coded at 9.00am to be sold

2 Interested Buyers 5.oopm same day.

Deposit within 3 days and sold.

No agent no commission.  All profit.

Coded for agent, sale price, sale date.

When listed on immediately taken up for a free exposure in Brisbane News

1st Enquiry for the property was sold to that person at the top prize.  Well over expected price.

Meet Those who have used their Access Code and Mentoring to reach their goals

Leigh is a great example of success with her Access Code

Meet Jan who for years had been trying to sell her property

Mark went from being made redundant to now a successful businessman

Meet Tina who was bankrupt once we had her access code back on track

Donna trying for year to sell her property – success came once we worked together

Mandy was stuck with her business once we worked together the business came alive

Learn to code for yourself or your clients

Access Code Courses

Access Coding Courses are held in the Hunter Valley and Brisbane.

The way I teach this course you will be amazed how accurate you can be for your clients.

Great for personal trainers, coaches, business mentors and real estate agents

Email chris or call Chris Brazel on 041 2701 408 if you would like to know more.


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