You too can be an achiever.  Work with me and let your ideas become reality.

Move from struggle and sacrifice and into victory and abundance in every way.

Get in touch today and let me show you how.

Every year I attend the January Bootcamp.

Every year I achieve my goals.  Even the year I wanted to make $10 million.  I did it.  Chris Brazel’s recipes work



I was diagnosed with cancer and given 4 months to live.

I made a decision.  Nobody or no illness was going to take my life away.  Here I am today 5 years on.  Now I get to help others and show them how I won and still winning today.

I have been working with Chris Brazel for many years.  She had taken me from addictions to love.  Now a great life and even a new business.  She never gives up on you.

Don’t REtire and stop using your talents and gifts

use your talents and gifts

When You Continue to Use Your Mind You Keep Your Mind Alive

I believe you live longer when you are in joy

Creativity is the magic of winning with the mind and life

I was retired until I had a conversation with Chris Brazel.  I now have a thriving website business.

I was retired now I have a wonderful ART business which I absolutely enjoy.  It is called ART with Pat.  I get to share my love of art with others adults and kids.

I took 12 months off then decided I was bored- Now I have an amazing Clear Sailing Real Estate Consulting business.

chris brazel


In 1997 I was given a redundancy package from the University of New England where I had help create one of the first wellbeing and lifestyle programmes in universities in Australia.  Also where I worked with Gerry Worsell and set up one of the first major national sports camps where over 500 kids would come in each January.  A super use of facilities where we made money instead of having buildings empty.

A redundancy is simply a gift from the universe to say here is the money now take it and make great use of it with all your talents and gifts which were given to you at birth.

Chris Brazel

easy changes to now winning

Make the Decision

Commit to the Decision

Focus on the end goal

Never give up

Like golf you win - when the ball is in the hole. You finish what you started out to do.

Chris Brazel

Together We Can do it

The great thing with working with Chris Brazel she has started and created so many different businesses both for herself and her clients.  From writing books to be best sellers and selling in different countries to teaching art, selling her originals, then taking the original to prints then to sales.  From learning about Colours, Numbers and Feng Shui to take these lessons to progammes, courses in Australia and Internationally all making money as she goes.


All businesses start with an idea a concept.  It then either stays as an idea or you move it into a business or an invention.  Totally up to you.

The Plan and Structure

Once you have an idea it is then time to plan out the idea and kick off the actions steps to a structure.  Where you can tick off jobs as you go.

Logo - Brand Identity

This is so important.  The vibes you put out with the logo and branding is the vibes of the tribe you will attract.

Know your passion and what you are great at

Know your strengths then allow others to work with their passion and strengths to bring your ideas to success

Never Give up

Never give up on a dream or passion.  There will always be an answer or a solution.  YOu simply need to look for it.

Money in the Bank

I believe in business you need to make money.  There is no point in being in business unless you are making a profit.

What People Are Saying About Me?

Chris Brazel always gives you hope, then she moves to solutions and finishes with the action steps you need to take to win.

Karris House

“We love the way she gets you to speak up and own what you want to own in your life.  She taught us both to speak up now we both have thriving businesses”

Chris Brazel