You Too can achieve

To win and to achieve starts first with an acceptance that something needs to change, something in your life or business is not working.

Next is the decision to commitment and start to take the first action step.

When you make the decision, you commit to an action step the domino effect follows and before you know you have achieved your goals and won in life or in your business.  Actions always speak louder then words.


join us its fun

Our group in Hawaii in 2017

You don’t know until you have a go

I teach people who work with me to simply have a go.  One step at a time.  First we kick off their brain codes so we know exactly what to look for and what action steps we need to take.  You will always be a winner when you join my team.

The Kids Love It

I absolutely love teaching, inspiring and training young people.  The youth are our future. It is so important to teach them about their brain codes, how to be powerful in the world today.  How to be resilient, confident and most of all use their imagination to be a problem solver..

Working with Nature 

Taking groups out in nature either walking, climbing stairs, paddle boarding or the adventure of hills.  When you ground and connect you will always find answers.

Teaching people about the tress, animals, signs is awesome – teaching them how to read what nature, animals and the birds are telling them is magical and powerful at the same time.

Guys love it too

The guys love the way I work.  It is practical, logical and all makes sense.  Most of all they see how easy life and business can be when you are energy coded and connected.  Evrything falls into place without an effort.

Train with me

Come and train with me and start off your own business.  I absolutely love training people in the way I look at life and the way I turn individual, businesses and young people around. 

We need more people working in this unique way.  If you know you have something to offer the world let me know how you can make it happen.

You can train in many ways.  In sync Breathing – the power of the Brain Body Breath or In Sync Colour Coaching – a 6 Step Programme.  Soul Energy Life Coaching.  House Sold the Easy Way.  Downsizing the Easy Way.  There is a system that I know will work great for you.  

Best of all I work with you on your branding, brand identity to make sure it matches your Brain Codes.  We then build the website and you have a mentor for the year as well as a club to keep you on track and winning.

In Sync Equine Healing

Check Out my new in sync equine healing

The most amazing way to work with a horse.

The energy of the horse is that of movement and power.  10 minutes with the right horse and you will feel the block move out of your way.

The know exactly what is happening in your mind.

The ultimate energy of the horse is their ability to know where you are blocked and how to unblock you.

Working with the brain codes of the person and the brain codes of the horse you will feel the power and connection within minutes.

Chris Brazel