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The Mind Body Environment Connection.

Train Your Brain to be Healthy

People are constantly creating a better healthy mind and body.  You can too.  First you must make the decision to be healthy.  Make the decision to win against a disease.  The moment you make that decision, then you take action, follow through with action steps on a daily basis.  You can enter the most amazing heatlh arena on earth.

I always kick off with any client or when I am training a coach “Brain Codes”.  A persons brain code tells me exactly how that person thinks and works with life.

ADHD – Our Topic for the Month of November

Wednesday –  1st November

Online – by Zoom

ADHD and the people I have worked with both children, teenagers and adults.

  • The Brain Code that I have found comes up when someone is diagnosed with ADHD
  • Where that code sits is the most important factor
  • Ways I have worked with individuals

The session is an information session with tips that may help you make changes in your life or help a family member or friend.

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, ADHD has been of interest to me so I have researched my systems of the energy connection of the mind, body and environment to try and help people get the best out of life.

Cost:  $19.00 – Paper back which will be posted – Postage: $5.00 = Total $24.00

With entry to this information session you will also receive my latest children’s book which connects to one young lad who I have worked with.  I have taken the tips that I gave him and his mum and put into a small book which is easy to read and easy to understand.

The book will be posted once you have joined the seminar.


Be Inspired by Others



It changed my life
My Whole Family Changed
You Never think the same way again
I never miss a January Bootcamp
I did the Coloured Undies TM Walk
We did it as a team
I totally turned my business around
From a chef to a business owner was brilliant
Numbers Training
Unreal when you know how it works

Events – Bootcamps – Courses

Come and join in one of our amazing bootcamps.  You can even book a school group.  The bootcamps, courses and events are fun, powerful, always full of laughter and excitment.

The Club

Reset your mind every Monday online.  Go live with Chris Brazel and learn everything you can about energy.  Learn how to work with the colour of the month.  How to work with your home environment to make changes.  Check into the challenges to help you stay on track to your goals for the year.

What the Month will bring

  • The energy of the month
  • Colours to work with
  • Oils to work with
  • Animal to work with
  • Crystals to work with


  • Learn new ways to meditate
  • Learn mind and the breath
  • Visualisation
  • Paper & Water Meditations
  • New Meditations each month

Challenges if you Choose

  • Walking Challenge
  • Juice Move and Groove Challenge
  • Ribbon ChallengeCupboard Challenge
  • Colour Challenges

The Kids Club

I work with young people every Tuesday at 6.30pm to teach them how to work with their mind.  How to train their brain to be happy, resilent, focused, cretive, innovative.  We meet by zoom – our young people select an animal they want to represent them.  All identities are kept private. We have information, creativity and best of all little challenges to help them build confidence and team building.

If You are Ready I am Ready

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You have nothing to lose and everything to win in life and in your business.


Chris Brazel