Alternative Ways

To Helping Each Other Live Life

Life is so precious but how often are we giving our life away?

To save a life, to turn a life around, to lend a helping hand when the chips are down or be a friend and listen but more importantly to be a friend who can take you from depths of drowning to feeling alive and well again can be the most magical time of your life.

This is what has happened to me over the years.  I have been so lucky to be able to give conscious action steps to people to take control of the mind and get back to being in charge of their life.

It started with the odd person who was just not copping with life.  Or a business that was about to fail and go under have a turning point and be back on it’s feet and financially stable.  A family that could no longer cope with the pressures of life turn their whole family life around and create a happy healthy family and home.  Children lost in depression, fear and anxiety back on track with the help of an action plan that they could work with their mum or their dad.

I could give you lots of stories of people or businesses that I have turned around – they are in my latest book as well as on Youtube and website but the most important story and person that I have been able to help is my sister Sue.    From total moments of despair to now on top of the world and even more important she is now helping others win back their minds and their lives.

It is because of her and the plea from my daughter Bianca that I wrote Where Do you Go When the Lights are On and Nobody is home – to WOW Yes I Did it, Train Your Brain.  Bianca saw the people that I had moved from depths of despair to within days and weeks back in control and on a new pathway to life. She kept saying to me “Mum you need to help more”.   So hence now the book and the courses to help as many as I can win in life.

Everything in life starts with a thought and an emotion.  The emotions keep building until you loose control of the emotions and the mind and you start to go into a state of drowning.  You can talk to counsellors you can talk to as many people as you choose.  You can pops pills to ease the mind chatter to get some form of relief but at the end of the day there is only one person who can take back their mind, control the emotions, sit in the drivers seat and in personal power and that is you.  

The mind continues with patterns the patterns need to change hence to change or to stop something you need to take action.  When you start to make conscious choices with actual action steps that is when you start to take back your life and you start to win in life.

I would love to share my work with you and as many as I can.   If we can simply save one life a day how cool would that be? 

This course is all action based

with proven and successful results

Knowing Me and Knowing You

You cannot heal yourself or heal another until you know you the person or you know the other person.

What will work for one person may not work for another.

By knowing you the person and knowing the other person you can connect to the common denominator and find a solution

To help you know you I teach you through the power of numbers – my research over 19 years I have worked out personal profiling which will give you the mind connection that works best for you or the person you are working with.

To give you an example a person born on the seventh, 16th or 25th of any month needs to be grounded – they will work well with water if you work the right way.  They cannot have abstracts around them as this just confuses their mind.  They need a belief in a system.  They need knowledge.

The Course

  • Knowing Me and Knowing You – how to personal profile to exactly who you are and what will work for you
  • Colours – how colours affect the mind and how to work with and use colours to create conscious powerful choices to train the brain and to create change
  • Environment – the connection of the home environment to what is happening in the mind and what you are attracting in your life.  Action steps to create change in your home environment and work environment to create change in the mind.  Everything that you are thinking and feeling in life will be reflected in your environment.  I have an example below of one child’s bedroom and how it reflected the little boy and his anxiety problem.
  • Mind Meditations to create calmness when it is running so fast you feel it is going to explode
  • Move the Body and You Move and control the mind.Every part of your body has a brain connection. When you work with and move the body you are training your brain. One of my favourite brain trainers is working with a ball.  You immediately step into cause and effect.  What you give out is what you get back.  Buddha walking – learn walking techniques to calm the mind and to create a new focus for the mind
  • Creativity –  Art and drawing is a powerful way to conquer the mind chatter and create change in your life.

Mareeba Leagues Club

Date:   21st April

Time:   9.30am – 4.30pm

Venue:   Mareeba Leagues Club

What do you receive?:   Day course plus morning tea along with – WOW Yes!  I Did It – Train Your Brain – Where Do You Go When the Lights are On and Nobody is Home (retail $49.95)

Cost:     $195.00

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Meet Robbie and hear his story

If Robbie can totally change his life around so can you.

It all starts with a conscious choice of choosing to live a life that you deserve to life.

Stop blaming, living in the past, being a victim.

You can be the warrior and the driver of your life to the destiny you want to drive to

Let Robbie Inspire You Now

Helping Create Change for a Mum and Her Little Boy

The Little Boy

His mother was beside herself.  He would cling onto all day long.  Cry constantly – never let her out of his sight.  Even having a shower was a major problem.  It was starting to affect the whole family.

I first checked his numbers and sure enough he had a six, seven and nine.  So I knew before I even visited he would have emotions tired up with a fear of something that had previously happened.  He would be visual so his bedroom would be totally affecting his mind space.  I had the urge to take a couple of crystals that I thought he may like to hold as a calmer when he was worried.

When I looked at his bedroom it was easy to see the problems.

Blue – there was so much blue in the room – quilts, sheets and walls.  When there is too much blue in a bedroom the person will feel as if they are drowning

Artwork – the artwork the little boy would wake up to was 1 a clown being horned by a bull and the other one was an Indian chief on a horse with a spear standing in a river.  To frightening pictures which made you feel you were going to be attacked.  When I explained the artwork to the mum, she was horrified that she had not realised.  We took the pictures down immediately

Fish – right next to his bedside table a fighter fish – fish in the bedroom will again affect the emotions

Chair – now this was the main mind changer.  The chair that was turned around and facing into the wall was the chair that his mum used to breast feed him in.  By the chair being turned into the wall it was giving him the impression that the precious time of him and his mum was no longer.  I turned the chair around immediately.  As I chatted with him mum the little boy had gone into another room and brought back with him a fun quilt with a happy face car on it.  He started to try and put the quilt over the chair.  It was amazing to see this little boy start to come alive.

Plants – to try and ground his mind I then took him outside and we worked in the garden.  I explained to him how we would create a herb garden.  He was totally into the digging.  Then the watering of the plants.  As he dug his mum and I would move further away from him.  We would pop our heads around to ask how he was going.  His mum would tell him I am just going inside to chat with Chris.  It didn’t take long and we were able to go right inside the house.

Last but not least –  as he was digging he heard a bang and within seconds fled into the house scared.  I then explained to him that we would go exploring.  When someone does not know what has happened their mind can go in all sorts of ways.  This little boy needed to know what the bang was so I asked him if he would like to find out what made the noise –  he nodded yes.  So I headed to the back of the shed and sure enough there was a man there loading wood into his ute.  The little boy saw what was being done so there was no need to be scared.  Kids with a seven energy as their path number always need knowledge.

The mum and dad were amazed how gradually he started to get confidence, the crying stopped and his mum able to take showers in peace.

Best of all the little boy would invite his dad into his room with his little sister – ask them to sit in the chair and he would make up stories.

Meet Leigh

Chris Brazel has transformed so many lives and homes over the past 21 years.  What she teaches is results driven.  Chris Brazel can flip a mind to a new way of thinking in a very short time.  She has been by the side of a person suffering a panic attack, an anxiety attack.  She has been by the side of a person who can’t get off the ground because they feel that their time is of little worth and they don’t want to live.

Each time Chris Brazel has changed their way of thinking, put them on track to see a better life.  She has shown them how to win in life.  She has taught loved ones how to help the person not coping – to start coping and day by day win in life.

She knows what it is like to have a loved one with serious mental illness.

What Chris Brazel decided was it was time to find action steps that the person suffering as well as the family member or friend can actually do something physically about their problem.  Talking keeps the person in the emotion.  Action no matter how small creates the mind empowerment that they are actually doing something about their life and their future.

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