Butterfly Programme

23 Days to Creating Change

and a Turning Point in your Life.

This is an amazing creative programme that has changed many lives and opened new doors for lots of my students and clients.

It is a creative programme that takes you away from the “HOW” and opens the mind to infinite possibilites.

It allows the creative process to solutions take place.

The key to the programme is the reading of energies each person uses within their butterfly.  The colour combinations they use will give answers to what they are thinking and feeling about life.

Meet Brenda who changed her life

Brenda created her butterfly in Brisbane along with a beautiful young lady who felt she was never going to find the right man, get married or settled down.  The young girl had never been in a relationship even thought she was nearing her forties.

What came of this one day course.  Brenda reached her goals and the young lady is now in a steady relationship.

Working with the butterfly you open the mind to infinite possibilities.


Brenda designed her butterfly five times before she broke through to the new pathway to her goals.

The first colour combination showed she was

being a puppet on a string

2nd colour combinaiton showed she had grievances

from the past to let go of

3rd Colour combination showed

she self sabotaged.

4th she  started to get on track with the

5th colour combinaiton being great.

The Course

It is fun, colourful, easy and best of all you get change and results

Online Course followed by working with colour and the mind

We start online and design your butterfly.

Every part of the body of the butterfly will connect to a mindset you have about life.

Step One – Pure Intention to what you want.  

Step Two – Design your butterfly

Step Three – The analysis of the design and the colour combinations

Step Four – You then work with the energy and design of your butterfly over 23 Days

The Cost

Online Course – $230.00


The Course – How to set a pure intention?

Analysis of your Butterfly design

23 Day affirmation and colour book to work with

Your unblocking Code

23 Day Butterfly Programme- Online

Tips to Get you Started Right Now

Let’s start to look at what you can do right this minute to be on the perfect path in the perfect way.  When you are in perfect energy alignment what you want, need or desire simply comes to you.  It is that easy.  Check out our members success stories and listen to what they have to say.




What Does Your Wallet Say about You?

Make sure all the sections are in the same direction.

See below as a sample.


Wallets are a visual representation of you and your connection to money.

What does your wallet say about you?


Have a brand of wallet that matches you and your tribal energies

The Colour is important – I always have a wallet the colour of my path code

Make sure that inside the wallet all the sections are heading in the same direction.  See opposite.  When sections go in different directions this indicates that your mind feels money and life go in all directions.

Place a lucky envelope inside with a $100 or $50 if a $100 is not possible

You can also place a small piece of citrine – citrine is the crystal for attracting money and abundance into your life.


Your home is such an important BRAIN SPACE and one of the best spaces to connect to MINDFIT  Power.  Each room will connect to a specific energy in your mind.  Your Access Codes will tell you which room in the home connects to which area in your life.  When you can make conscious choices about the exact area in your life you want to change – you immediately start to create change and you immediately start to attract, manifest and align to new positive energies.  Once you start to connect it does not take long for your goals, dreams and desires to come to fruition.

The Bedroom

Connects to your identity

How you see yourself in the world

  • The colours
  • Bed position
  • Quilt
  • Art work on the walls
  • Cupboards

All play a role with your MIND


Lounge Room

Connects to you and the outside world

What does your lounge/living room say about you

The Kitchen

The area in the home where you manifest.

When you can cook and entertain others you have this amazing feeling of abundance.

When ever you need to attract more into your life or business head to the kitchen

Give it a clean from top to bottom.  Move items around.  Soon your mind will think differently.  It will start to be creative with solutions.

Front Door

The area in your home and BRAIN SPACE where the chi or energy enters your home and your life.

The ART to Living Well

This is a brilliant 6 step transformation programme where you work through the BRAIN SPACES of your home to totally transform your life or business.  Over the 6 steps you will learn the power of colour, combing the BRAIN SPACES in your home to what is happening in your life.  An easy fun programme for the whole family.  Join with a friend and see the transformations take place.  Online – a new course starts every 6 weeks.

The whole course takes 12 weeks.  Each person receives their full Access Codes and have a one on one session with Chris Brazel to ensure that you create and achieve the success and transformation you want and desire.

At the endof each course you have free membership to WOW MINDFIT Club to ensure that you stay on track.  You get to share life with like minded people who take action and work towards a great life and better world.

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