Be Clear about what You want and Why – Double 5 Energy Minimal Input with Maximum Returns

Welcome to a brand new week – how lucky are we starting off with double 5. Minimal input with maximum returns for wealth.  We have 23 Royal Star of the Lion with 41 driving code.

You set a very clear intention today to what you want to change and why and within what time frame – be sensible- I am sure you will get it.  Remember you do need to do one act of faith to show above that you are serious.

Now that does not necessarily mean your act of faith is going into a newsagent and buying a Lotto ticket  I mean you can but you are better to think of what you would buy once you have the winnings.

I so love flipping people’s lives from the negative to the positive. Life is simply like a car battery you know it needs charging from time to time – or you need to use the vehicle the battery is in otherwise the battery will die. The other great things about batteries and life when you charge it you need both the positive and the negative – when you do there is balance and you have the wealth of life.

One battery story I love to tell relates to not my car battery but to how I meet a great guy who then went on to help me with my design of my website.

I knew I needed change with my website, I needed something more professional. So I put out there for my new design – you see, you have to be clear about what you want in order to receive what you want. So my intention was out there.  I was ready for the change.

Next I thought – I also want a sports car. Next I thought a sport car is not practical but I want one anyway. Then the solution came – I can have my sports car I just need to trade my blue Rav 4 in for it and find my guy who drives a RAV 4 and I can have the best of both world.  I can have the sports car; he can have the RAV 4 so I get the best of both worlds.

About two hours after I had made the decision had it very clear in my head what I wanted. Wrote out my intention and put on the front door of the fridge-  I headed to a meeting with one of the top High Performance Coaches from the USA who needed help with his branding. We meet at a super little coffee shop in Sydney. He said he would be economical with our time so had asked a web designer to join us the for the meeting.

The web guy turned up.  He looked very interesting as well as his design work on websites brilliant. The meeting was awesome – I knew once I had completed the branding for my High Performance Coach I would ask the web design guy to look at my site.

We were about to leave the meeting – everyone had said good-bye when the web guy asked where the closest bus route was? I asked him “where he was heading he said – Manly” – I replied I can go that way on the way home and drop you off. He said “that will be great.”

We headed to the car and on the way to his apartment. I asked if he was having car problems. He said “yes I had a flat battery this morning.” I said  “you must be in for change at the moment.” He looked at me with a smile and said “yes. I have to make heaps of decisions at the moment.” I then asked what type of car do you drive – his reply – “Blue Rav 4.”

WOW in only three hours I found my website builder, a groovy guy who drives a blue ray 4 who parents where European Ballroom dances one of my most favourite past times.

I got to get a new website as well some amazing outings with this amazing guy.

The universe simply wants you to know what you want.

Be very clear about what you want and why.

Write it out on paper or take a picture

Put it somewhere you can see it.

Do an act of faith

I can assure you if you believe. You will always receive.

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