Beat the Bug – Will you join me?

28th March, 2020 –  Time:  8.00am – 5.00pm


How Does it Work?

Step One

Make a conscious choice that you are going to use One Hour of Power or more to focus your mind intention and energy of beating this bug.

Step Two

Pick one hour or more and join me in walking or biking.  If you can’t get out then you can work at home.  We are staying with all the social rules.  

One hour of Power connecting to the of Law of Attraction and Power of Manifesting.  We are using the power of the mind and moving the body with an intention in nature or if need by at home.

Over the hour you will work with meditation or prayer.  Meditation is simply another form of prayer.

You can either work with the Ho’oponopono meditation which is extremely powerful or you can say the Rosary even more powerful, working with Our Lady who is known for her healing powers.

Before you walk you set your intention that this bug has been stopped and can not enter another body.  You then start your walk or bike.  

If you choose the Ho’oponopono  you will repeat the words for five minutes then have a break then start again.  Repeat this routine for the hour.

If you choose the Rosary you will simply worked through the 5 decades.

This is such a powerful way to work.  I know we can do this – we can stop this bug.

How cool would it be if next week there are no new cases?

We can and will be back on track in April and finish with the bug by May.

It will be then in June that we start to re-build.

My facebook page will be open all day – share and show how you care

What is the Ho’oponopono Meditation?

The Prayer

I love You

I am Sorry

Please forgive me

Thank You

It is a healing prayer that I studied from Hawaii.  It started with Dr Hew Len and how by simply working with this prayer he was able to close a psychiatric ward where there were dangerous criminals.  He simply sat with each inmate’s file each day and repeated this prayer.  Slowly over time the prisoners left and the prison was closed.

What Dr. Hew teaches us is that we are all responsible for what happens in the world.  We all play our part.  When we take responsibility of our actions, we forgive ourselves and others we are able to move on.

I have used this prayer with cancer patients, individuals, business facing difficulties through to many other problems with clients.  Each of my clients has found the answer and been able to move forward.

Or you can work with the Rosary – the choice belongs to you

Our Lady of the Rosary

When you prayer to Our Lady your prayers will always be answered.

A beautiful prayer that I have used since my early days in a catholic school.

My wonderful Mum who is now 88yrs will be joining us on Saturday.  She has lead the Armidale Legion of Mary for many years.

This is a time in the world where we need to change our ways.  It is time to link back to the spirit within and form a belief.

Our Lady is known for her miracles and this is one I know she can give us if we simply ask and prayer.

Meditating at Home

Hour of Power – Beat the Bug


Chris Brazel Wollombi

Rieta Mistry Brisbane

Jan Cameron Tamworth

Andja – Belgrade Serbia

Jeanne Leppard – Glouster

Jodie Hallam – Kilaben Bay – Toronto


Michelle Hugginson, Newcastle

Leanne Flanagan – North Lakes

Anne Bayliss – Armidale

Tina Galardi – Sydney

Joanna Manolakos – Adelaide


Fran Maloney – Seven Hills

Tess Robinson – Ryde

Our ladies group in Belgrade – 8 ladies

Daphne Brazel – Newling Gardens, Armidale

Theresa – Newling Gardens Armidale

Cathy Hallandal – Carnegie – Melbourne


Jason K – Newcastle with all his wife and three kids – total of 5

Kaye Hacket – Perth

Kym Strode – Manly

Anna Pillich – Kulnurra

12 Noon

Anna Harmon – Inverell

Paul Harmon – Inverell

Kaye Hackett – Perth

Kym Hastings – Coffs Harbour


Karrie House – Toowoomba

Kym Strode – Manly

Clare Monkley – Newcastle

Joan Williams – New Zealand


Silvana Berti – Horingsea Park

Sandra Dragas – Horingsea Park

Dragon Dragas – Western Suburbs


Nathan Cooper – Wollombi


Renata Cruz – Sydney

Narelle Milligan – Adelaide

Nathan Cooper – Wollombi

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