Birth Emotions – Are you carrying an energy from your parents?

Today we have double seven – 25/34 – today is about belief, knowledge, trust, faith and the negative is being drained emotionally and financially.  If you are being drained then in some way you have chosen to be drained.  Just as you have chosen the drainage consciously or subconsciously you can then deny the drainage and move into the flow.

Today is checking in with your name and your identity.  Could you be carrying a birth emotion from your parents?

Have you ever wanted to change your name?  Have you often felt your name is not you and you have shortened it or modified it to feel better?  Your name is one of the first energies that I check with people who are struggling to see if they are carrying a birth emotion.

My interest in birth emotions started with me personally.  Right from when I could remember I disliked Christine immensely I always used Chris.  When I used Chris I felt in power, in alignment and I was always lucky in getting what I wanted.  The only time I changed to Christine was a very short period but in that same short period I can honestly say that my business was draining and I would have lost many thousands of dollars but I did write a great book.  The moment I went back to Chris the power was back and any moneys that were drained were return in three fold.

Nat King Cole is a great example of his birth name not matching him personally.

Given the name Nathaniel Adams Coles – 66/12/3 –, which means you, get through anything that is thrown to you.  You can also see how things can be done more efficiently and effectively. You are extremely lucky and it is about the voice.

Being born in 1919 his driving code was two.  If you go through his life when a change needed to be made or a success come his way, right through to his death on 15thFebruary,1965 the codes fell  into place.

.He was one person who knew where he was going and what he wanted to achieve.  Driving the car in the drivers seat.

When he turned professional with his music he changed his name he dropped the s of coles and used the professional name of Nat King Cole.

His timing was perfect to be in the right place at the right time to be at your best.

He changed his name coding, which was more about the voice the voice as his powerhouse.  He simply moved from the hands of repeating a pattern or set of notes on a piano to singing a song and using his voice.

His voice was magical – the softness and the tone.

So interesting when he made a comeback with Route 66 in 1946. First it was in his driving code year of two- the pathway he was always meant to be on.

Second the numbers of the song 66 were the name code that was originally given to him when he was born – which means you always overcome what ever is in your life

The whole title of the song Route 66 comes to a 36, which is success, often-triple success and making a name for yourself.  The 36 code was his lucky code of nine.  He was in perfect energy alignment.

He died 15thFebruary,1965 which would have been a year for Nat to make changes in his life.

First he was in a change coding year.  Next the month was February which was his driving code.  The destiny code was a seven which is when a door will close as time is up

With Nat any major change always happen in his driving code. He was in a certain knowing when things needed to end or change.

He died of lung cancer.  Interesting enough the name he was christened is the code for lungs and his lucky code links to cancer.

Being born with a 17 code of honour and your name being remembered is exactly what has happened.  Even today we think, listen and love the music and voice of Nat King Cole.

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