Bootcamps & Courses

Every month you have a selection of bootcamps and courses to choose from.  The bootcamps and course are either held online or in person.  If there is a particular bootcamp you would like to organise or create for your group, just let me know and I can organise for you.


Bootcamps are held on a regular basis.

You have the choice of weekend bootcamps, special bootcamps or school holiday bootcamps.

We also design special bootcamps for teams both small and large.

Bootcamps are held in Brisbane, Moffatdale and Gold Coast.

We also travel to other areas depending on request.

Soul Energy Feng Shui

Study Soul Energy Feng Shui and see how easy it is to create and manfiest the life you want.

Soul Energy Feng Shui is a unique course designed and developed by Chris Brazel over 19 years ago.  You learn the energy connection of the mind, body and your environment.  You learn everything there is to know about the mind and how it creates your enviornment which in turn creaates your life.

You can study for personal use or you can train as a Practitioner.

The Power of Numbers

Numbers and working with codes are a true heart and soul passion.

I started to work with numbers 20 years ago.  I read everything I could – what I found was that even though they were experts I knew they were missing links.

So I started to develop my own systems. At first people would and laugh – now they chase me for my coding as it is pin point accurate.

My courses are thorough.  You can study for personal use or you can study to be a practitoner.  This is an excellent course for fitness coaches, business coaches, health coaches anyone who works with another.  When you know the Brain Code of the person you are working with you will always succeed with them.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is a wonderful way to work with people.

You can join my colour therapy courses under The ART of Living well either for personal use in a group or you can train to become an MBE Practitioner.  Linking the mind, body and the enviornment to create changes in people’s lives.

New The ART of Living Well Colour Therapy programmes start every 3 months.

Sign up for the next programme.  You will totally transform over 6 easy fun simple steps.

Horse Therapy

Horses are amazing animals to work  with.  the energy of the horse stops any stagnation in your life.

They know exactly what you are thinking and feeling about life.

The best thing is they read your mind.  I then connect to the messages they can feel through you they will relay through their body movements.

It is fasinating to see how it works.

From bullying at school, to being stuck in a career a developer didn’t want to be in to simply gaining confidence, hope and answers in life.  The horse can help you quickly and easily.

You can join any of my Horse Courses as an individual, group, family or train to be a practitioner.

If you prefer to work one on one simply book at session.

Private sessions are held in Brisbane and Moffatdale.

Work with the horse and allow the healing take place.


MINDFIT courses and bootcamps are held on a monthly basis.

You can join in with the group or you can book your own one on one MINDFIT session.

MINDFIT works the. mind and the body to work through obstacles that may be blocking you.  We work on unblocking and finding the answers and solutions you need.

MINDFIT course are held in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Moffatdale.


You have the choice of joining one of my online meditations each week or you can download a special meditation for to work with when you need it in your own time.

Weekly meditations are free for members. You can join as a member at any time.

You are also welcome to simply participate in a one off meditation.

Each meditation is different.


Moffatdale is an amazing soul connecting centre only 2.5 hours from Brisbane.

The moment you arrive you will find your mind and your body come to peace.

We run bootcamps on a monthly basis. Special bootcamps are held for children and parents in the school holidays.

We also run corporate bootcamps designed especially for your group.

CB Champions

Chris Brazel Champions is a club for children to learn about their mind and themselves.  They learn that everyone is unique and individual.  They learn how to bring out their best in them simply being who they are.  They are taught disciplines and routines to work through issues when they pop up.

They become a champion the moment they join.  Simply because they have decided to be the best they can in the world today.

They can come to a bootcamp or work online with their parents.  They can work one on one with a parent to work through issues.  They learn about themselves and their enviornment so they take charge of their life and we can all build a better world for the future.

The Chris Brazel Shop

If you are not ready for a course or bootcamp, book your Brain Code on how your minds works today.  If you are worried about a friend or relative you may like to purchase a gift voucher to help them move into perfect energy alignment.

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