Bounce 2

Ball and You

Bounce a Ball

Add a colour or two

Add Your bedroom and before you know you are brand new

The Club you Will Love 

We work as a team.  Everyone joins in.  Best of all we  have fun.


Bounce 2 – Ball and You.  Is a fun, proven and amazing way to train the brain to be MINDFIT.  The super amazing programme with a difference.  We take action with conscious choice with a purpose.  Kids helping kids.  Kids actually teaming up with their parents working as a team.  Kids don’t need video games in our club they have fun.  The become confident, empowered and resilient young people about to handle the world today.


Come and Join us and have some fun.  

It’s colourful, easy, and you work as a team.

Learn Conscious Choices with a Purpose

At Bounce 2 – Ball and You we teach the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.  What the mind thinks the body will feel and your environment reflects.  We teach young people and parents to take action.  Action empowers.  We certainly listen to the story once but we move out of the story and into solutions.  Story telling keeps people and young people in victim mode.  Action creates people who feel empowered and have a knowing of what to do to get their mind right.  They know what to do when things go worng so they can make them right again.  We teach young people and parents and guardians to be the warrior of their life.

The Programmes

July 1st

6 Steps to the New

Colour Conquer Create

Coloured Undies Tm  Experiement

27 Day Fun Programme for the family


School Camps


6 Step Total Transformation

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