Learn creative and poweful ways to train your brain and be the unique and powerful person you can be.

Be your unique YOU.

MINDFIT Youth Bootcamps January 2023


January 2023 we have MINDFIT Youth Bootcamps in:

Moffatdale:     5th, 6th & 7th –    8yrs – 11yrs

Moffatdale:     8th, 9th & 10th – Entrepreneur – Learn to innovate, design and create

Gold Coast:     17th 18th & 19th   MINDFIT Ball Programme

Gold Coast:     23rd, 24th & 25th – Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2023


Our Youth are Our Future

MINDFIT teaches the youth along with parents creative ways to train their brain to be their unique self.

How to live in todays world when everything is constantly changing.

MINDFIT teaches children and parents about their unique brain codes so they stop trying to be someone they are not.

It teaches them how to train their brain in powerful and creative ways to be confident, focused, resilient and most of all live a normal life.

MINDFIT teaches the youth as well as parents the importance of the home environment and how it affects the mind of the occupants.

The Focus

Simple Decisions to Win in Life 

If we start with simple decisions and choices in life it does not take long to be MINDFIT

With the power, strength, confidence and knowledge to make bigger decisions.



We are so lucky to have varous rural programmes  sponsored to enable children to attend our bootcamps – check if your child qualifies.


Moffatdale – 5th, 6th & 7th January

Age:    8 – 11 years

Camp with a parent or arrive each day at 8.30am – Finish 4.30pm

The Programme

5th January

  • Learn all about YOU
  • Your Brain Codes
  • Colours and the mind
  • The Mind and the Body
  • Your Environment

6th January

  • Learn MINDFIT walking, Buddha Walking, Reversing, Over Obstacles
  • Introduction to MINDFIT Ball and You Programmes
  • How to move on when something goes wrong
  • Colours and how they connect with your mind

9th January

  • We kick off with breath exercises, meditation, power of presence
  • Ball and you programme to music
  • ART and Creative exercise
  • How to work with a dot and a stroke to create

Costs:    $695.00

Includes:    Course, workbooks, gift, MINDFIT Power Beads

Please note that each child will receive their full brain code book.  Normally valued at $230.00. An asset for both child and parent to understand each other – how they mind works and how to work as a team.

  • Morning and afternoon tea.
  • Particpants bring their own lunch.
  • If camping one parent per 2 children.



Entrepreneur Youth Bootcamps

Kicks off in January 2023 –  

Moffatdale –  8th, 9th & 10th

Gold Coast – 23rd, 24th & 25th


Moffatdale and Gold Coast

The choice of where you would like to participate

Ages:  10yrs – 14 yrs

We kick off at the MINDFIT Entrepreneur Bootcamp from 8th, 9th & 10th January

The programme then continues for those young people who wish to take their ideas to frution and create their own business.

To continue through the year is totally up to the individual and the parent.

One of our most inspiring and motivating young leaders is Mila Park who has written and performed as well as received awards for her original song writing.

Every child has an asset and a talent – the MINDFT Entrepreneur Bootcamps are designed to help each child be their unique self.


Step One:  Who are you through your brain codes

Step Two:  What are your passions and what would you like to design, invent or achieve

Step Three:   Kick off and get started.  Learn how to take your idea, your passion to reality.

Ideas and Passion to Reality and Profit

The participants will learn full business skills

  • The concept
  • Will it work
  • Who is the client
  • How to produce
  • Where to sell
  • How to package
  • How to market
  • How to build a website
  • How to push through when things are not workng
  • How to create the profit 
  • The celebration


  • The power of this programme is that it takes place over a year.
  • We meet online and in person depending on where the young person lives each fortnight to discuss and follow up on your progress.
  • You learn how to take an idea to reality.
  • We meet each school holidays for a refresh, inspiration, motivation and steps to move forward.
  • At the end of the year on Saturday 7th October we host a show, tell and celebration of the creations and process for the year.
  • The celebrations will be held at Moffatdale and the Gold Coast

This course is sponsored – please check to see if your child qualifies

Cost:  $600 if your child qualifies for sponsorship

If your child does not qualify for sponsorship cost is $3600 paid over the 12 months.


MINDFIT Ball and You Programme

Place:   Gold Coast

Dates:  17th, 18th & 19th January

Ages:   10yrs – 14 yrs.

A Great 3 day fun way for young people to learn how to train their brain the creative way.

They learn various ball exercise to train their brain

They learn their unique brain codes

The importance of their bedroom and their home environment to their mind

The power of colour and the energy of colour and the mind

Workng with the ball and music

Hand ball games that can qualify them for the 2023 MINDFIT Handball Campionships held in October 2023

Cost:     $270.00

Includes:   Bootcamp, gift, morning and afternoon tea

Each child can receive their own personal brain codes if the parent chooses cost is $95.00 normally $195.00 but for those attending the MINDFIT Ball and You there is a discount.


Places are limited.


Parent and Child

Marian Valley – the valley to come to peace 

Dates:   21st & 22nd January

  • Learn about each other and your personal brain codes
  • Understand why you think and work the way you do.
  • Why you both think differently
  • How to work with the MINDFIT Ball and You
  • Creative Programmes
  • Meditatons and Breath exercise to help each other
  • Walkng exercises
  • How to work with MINDFIT Power beads.
  • How to work with your home environment to create peace and harmony.

Cost:  $320.00

  • Includes:  Course, gift and MINDFIT Power Beads for parent and child.
  • This is a camp out in nature to bond, create and learn
  • Morning and afternoon tea provided
  • Bring your own meals.


Creative Brain Training

Everything in life starts with a thought and a feeling.

Learn how to create a positive and powerful mind and you will win in life.

MINDFIT – Brain Codes and Creative Brain Training takes you out of the norm and gives you easy action steps to take.

Talking is talking.  Action takes you places.

MINDFT Power Beads

How to work with the mind, feet and the beads to create peace, focus and confidence.

Minds and Environments

Learn the areas in the home to work with in 2023

The Power of the mind and your feet.

Learn how to connect to your affirmation the perfect way

Its a Simple Decision – 2023 

  • You will learn about conscious choices each day
  • You will learn about colour and the meaning and energy of colour
  • You will learn about affirmations and the importance of getting them right
  • You will learn about the power of working with “I am”
  • You will learn to co-create
  • You will learn how to use walking as a powerful mind tool when releasing, manifesting and attracting what you want in life.
  • You will learn mind connections each week to your environment.
  • I know you will be a winner at the end of the 27 days

      “Labyrinth Programme”

  • Are you ready to be a winner in your life?
Chris Brazel