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Hand Writing

When you take thoughts and words to paper you move from an emotion to an action.  Once the words reach the paper your subconsicous steps forward and you are able to see what you are truly thinking and feeling about life.  Best of all you can take action.

This Course is So Interesting for the Facts are Right in Front of You

The way you write certain words and letters is amazing when you look back on what you have just connected an emotion with to paper.

I love to see the type of paper the person has used.  The pen they are writing with then of course the way they have written the letters on the paper.

We Kick off as a Kid with our Writing

When we first kick off writing and drawing we are simply trying to be able to get our hands and brain to work together to form letters and words and pictures.

From an early age we start to implement through our writing what our brain thinks and feels about life.

We then move through time to learning with confidence to write our words and letters in a formatted way.

Once we know we can write – our brain knows we are capable of writing it is then the emotions come into play.  We either move to the emotions of what is going on or has gone on in our life or as we write we give confidence to what we want to invite, create and manifest in our life or business.

The Word Money

One of the first words I get clients to write when they want to move into manifesting money and wealth into their life is the words them selves – “money” – “manifesting”

How the person writes these words as a single word will immediately tell me where their mind is.

I then match the word to their natural brain codes and their path brain code.

Their natural brain code will tell me what they naturally feel about life and money with manfiesting what they want or need.  Their path code will tell me what has happened that is blocking them to the money and manfiesting what they want or need.

There is no confusion for the words are right in front of them so they can see clearly the words they have written.

When you take confusion and doubt away from the mind you can then move into action with confidence.

Words in Affirmations

The mind onto paper to manifesting

Words onto paper is extremely powerful.  You have taken a thought and put to paper to go out to the world.

The actual words you write, when you write the words and the way you write will all link to your mind and your belief in the success of your affirmations.

When you take your words to paper then you walk your words with water you have gone one step further to achieving your goals.

I always remember one lady who is now sitting in an amazing place with wealth.

Her words she used to write were “I am a debt free millionaire”.  These words come to actually being in financial strugge and sacrifice in relation to family and children.  Which was in fact true.

I changed her words to “I am a property developer making millions”.  What did we get in return.

She actually moved into property development – as she sold the properties she moved into be debt free and money in the bank – all that she needed.

What did the new affirmation come to – making money through investment with minimal input and maxium returns.  The subconscious was linking to the way she would manfiest.  This affirmation linked to her path brain code so she was In Sync to what she wanted.  The previous affirmation linked to what was happening in her life.

The mind and the subconscious do not lie – so when you connect to the true of what your subconscious is saying and creating you can take action and connect to what you actually want.

Cost:   $230.00

The course is online over 2 Sessions – Each Wednesday

Time:   7.30pm by Zoom

Dates:   Thursdays starting from 14th September


The letters to watch for when writing affirmations.

The sentences to work with to check what the subconscious is saying

The brain codes that link to certain letters which can block you manifesting to what you are wanting to create.

How to link in your affirmations to the moon energy especially if you have a moon energy brain code.

Best time to work with your affirmations according to your brain code.

What side of the book do you write on.  How do you write on the paper

What is the type of pen you use to write your affirmations?

Words, Walking and Water – How to create a powerful way to connect to manfiesting through the brain and your feet.

The area in the home to work on according to your brain code.




Be Inspired by Others

Listen to others who made a decision and mades easy changes to create a great life.

It changed my life
My Whole Family Changed
You Never think the same way again
I never miss a January Bootcamp
I did the Coloured Undies TM Walk
We did it as a team
I totally turned my business around
From a chef to a business owner was brilliant
Numbers Training
Unreal when you know how it works

Events  &  Bootcamps 

Come and join in one of our amazing bootcamps.  

You will love our Survivor Weekends of ball bouncing, camping out, creative imagination and marshmellows by the fire.

The Club

Reset your mind every Monday online.  Go live with Chris Brazel and learn everything you can about energy.  Learn how to work with the colour of the month.  How to work with your home environment to make changes.  Check into the challenges to help you stay on track to your goals for the year.

What the Month will bring

  • The energy of the month
  • Colours to work with
  • Oils to work with
  • Animal to work with
  • Crystals to work with


  • Learn new ways to meditate
  • Learn mind and the breath
  • Visualisation
  • Paper & Water Meditations
  • New Meditations each month

Challenges if you Choose

  • Walking Challenge
  • Juice Move and Groove Challenge
  • Ribbon ChallengeCupboard Challenge
  • Colour Challenges

The Kids Club

I work with young people every Tuesday at 6.30pm to teach them how to work with their mind.  How to train their brain to be happy, resilent, focused, cretive, innovative.  We meet by zoom – our young people select an animal they want to represent them.  All identities are kept private. We have information, creativity and best of all little challenges to help them build confidence and team building.

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