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Yes I Can I Know I Can – Join an amazing club of people lead by Chris Brazel, International MINDFIT INNOVATOR and ENERGY ALIGNMENT EXPERT who coaches you month by month through the year to achieve your goals, dreams and desires the easy way. Chris Brazel teaches you how to Code, Colour, Create, Conquer the mind to open doors you never thought possible. Chris Brazel teaches you how to read your subconscious and know what the mind is thinking. Better still she will teach you how easy it is to Train Your Brain to create the changes and Transformation in your life and in your business. Change and Transformation takes place when you take action.


If you thought 2020 was a year of change you have seen nothing yet. 2021 is totally about Change Adapt, Change Adapt. You either make the changes or the changes will be made for you. Are you ready for the change that you know has been needed for a long time?

What you give out is exactly what you get back. Think of playing ball and you will get the picture

23 Day Butterfly Programme- Online

The Club

What Do You Get?

2021 WOW Coaching Book –

  • Access Codes  of each month- online and download which can be printed
  • The Energy of the Month
  • What Brain Spaces to work with
  • MINDFIT Colours for the month – how to work with colour to create positive mind changes
  • MINDFIT Body Exercise – How to work with the energy connection of the mind, body and your environment
  • The Animal, Crystals and Oils to work with for both mind and body to create positve minds 
  • Join the facebook private chat group and ask questions especially about the animal you have chosen each month. This is one great benefit as it is amazing when people think they have chosen a great animal what their sub-conscious is really saying about the animal and the energy they are working with.
  • Podcasts for the month to work with in your own time to keep motivated and inspired
  • Youtube meditations to work with
  • Zoom meetings


Each month join Chris Brazel and the Club in various Challenges to keep the mind, body and your enviornment thinking and working creativity to achieve your goals.  All Challenges are optional you can join in or watch from the side line.

Challenges vary from MINDFIT TIME to working with nourishment, creativity, exercise or simply gratitude and kindness to others.


Working with men of all ages is awesome.  I find they are ready to get to the core of the problem, come up with a solution and take action.  There is no messing around with excuses only focus on results.  Guys have the choice of one on one, group sessions, online or bootcamps.  Check out guys who have turned their lives around.

Top Achievers 2020

Renata Cruze

Top Achiever 2020 Overall

Fiona Davidson

Finance Achiever 2020

Neil Bailley

New Kid on the Block


Kim Williams

Longest Serving Member

Who constantly know how to change when change is needed

Create Your Perfect Brain Space

Are you hiding without being able to speak your truth?  BRAIN SPACES teaches you how to express exactly what you are thinking and feeling about life.  Best of all it teaches you how to create the vision you want for the future so your mind and your body with a little help from above.  Soon what you want starts to come to you quickly and easily.  What the mind thinks, the body action that you take that connect to your environment

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Men Do 2 (PDF)

Men Do 2

Animal Energy The Power to Change and Create

Girls Raise the Bar

Its Your Time to Shine

Where Do You Go

When Lights are on and Nobody is Home