To Train Your Brain – You Must Know Your Brain

Personal Brain Training

Let me teach you, your brain codes.  You will then understand how your mind works.  We can then put a plan in place to achieve your goals.

Business Brain Training

Let me show you the Energy codes of your business.  Your brain codes in connection to your business.  How your mind works in business.  We then work out a plan to success.

Goal Setting

When you have a goal, when you have a purpose you will push through to the end.


Know your numbers and you will know exactly how your mind thinks, you will know how to create the changes you want.

Challenge Yourself

It is easy to go through the same thing every day.  I love to give my clients a challenge.  The challenge can be big or small.  A challenge helps you push through.

Your Assets

Everyone has an asset.  When you take your asset or assets and decide to share with others you have the opportunity to create huge wealth.

What Is Brain Training?

Brain Training teaches you all about YOU the person.  How your mind works. How to train your brain to create and manifest what you want in life.

How to train your brain to achieve your goals.

Everyone has access to what they want, need or desire in life it is only ourself that blocks that access.

Brain training gives you the keys to unlock your brain to open doors and opportunites in life.


Who Is Brain Training For?

Anyone and everyone.

You can learn to take back control of your life.

You can learn to brain train to coach and help others in your business.

You can learn to train your brain for health. When you mind is confused, lost and drifting to the emotions – brain training gives you hope, answers and solutions to get back up and to take your place in the world again in a powerful way.

Brain training teaches you about you, when you know you, it is then you can step into the power of you.

Everyone is unique.  When you know your numberts, uniqueness and assets you can then claim and collect your wealth entitlement that was give to you at birth.

How Can I Train My Brain?

You can kick off with a Know Your Numbers Consultaton

You can join one of my weekend retreats or courses

You can join one of my walking challenges. A brilliant way to train your brain to achieve your goals.

You can join my online Monthy Monday Brain Training session.  You can join for just one month or for the year.  

You can join one of my Brain Training Walking sessions

You can join in on my Live Walk with Me Interviews where you connect with people who have already changed their life or business.

Brain Training Packages

2022 Finchley Challenge

A great way to train your brain in commiting, following through, being focused and crossing the finishing line.

It is when you complete a challenge you collect the prize.








Monthly Online Brain Training

  • We meet every Monday online at 7.30pm.
  • You have Mind body Action steps each month
  • A new meditation to work with
  • New Breathing techniques to conquer the mind and body – great for depression or anxiety
  • You have access to a Facebook private chat group
  • You can join in any Walk with Me sessions.
  • You have access to the Walk with Me interviews and tips.
  • You receive the 12 month 2022 Be the Creator of Your Life 




6 Step Brain Training Package

I have a special six step Brain Training pack age for you to work with.

You have the choice or either in person or online.

We kick of with your brain codes

Next we move to your goals

We then work through an action plan to ensure you reach your goals.

A great way to break away from the past

Super way to break through to the new.



About Me

International Coach and Author with several Best Seller.

Number #1 Brain Trainer  in Transformations, Coaching Programmes and Designs in business, home, life and kids.

Chris Brazel’s brain training, coding and coaching systems are unique and powerful with results.

Chris Brazel teaches the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.  The most powerful reader of energy codes and semiotics in marketing and business.

She is the innovator and creator of Your Mind Code, Access Codes and Wealth and Success Codes.

Access Coding and Mind Codes are the most powerful tools to work with when you want to create change or transform from the old to the new. 

Everything in your life starts with a seed of thought. 

She teaches you how to read your mind, take action and manifest, attract and move into perfect alignment the easy way.


Amazing when you are meant to meet somone you will.  I knew I needed to meet and work with Chris Brazel – I just kept putting it off.  Then one morning I went to Coles – a shop I very seldom go to but there at the trollies Chris Brazel walked in and my life has never been the same since.  I know have a new business which is Neat Websites and I absolutely love my life.

Jim Knott

One consultation with Chris Brazel and it is amazing the doors that open.  We kicked off with just a personal consultation to get on track with life.  After working with Chris Brazel I now have my own business, my husband has a new business opportunity.  My son feels powerful with his school work.

Leigh Fahey

Come Join My World You Will Feel Amazing

Chris Brazel