Access Coding and Semiotics Puts your Business into perfect alignment for Success

I work with small businesses to large corporations

Access Coding start with the business name, the brand identity, the semiotics of the logo.  The Colour Coding of your brand.  Mind Advertising in your marketing material.  When you Access Code everything should align.  You will be amazed at the codes and the linking of numbers, dates, colours and symbols in your brand.  What you think and believe about the success of your business will show in your brand identity.

Positive Work Spaces

The spaces that you work in, your team works in and your clients see whether it is an office space or retail environment all reflect the success of your business.

The colours on the wall, the pictures, plants, placement of furniture all reflect an energy.  You work space can be powerful and inviting or it can off a negative energy.

When I work with companies and work environment I am Access Coding the colours to connect to the product to your clients to you and your team.  The colours in your office also need to connect to your brand identity.

Your Brand

Your Brand walks before you.  The name, the colours, the logo, the design of your card will all tell a story to your clients and customers.

Access Coding for Brand Identity is paramount to the success of your business.

 Small Selection of Brands

I am so lucky working with my Access Coding, Colour Coding and Semiotics that it allows me to work with small businesses through to large corporations.

There is no-one else in my field who can Access Code the brand identity to the extent of the subconscious like I do.

I virtually get to get into your head space and know what you are subconsciously thinking about the success of your brand

 Claire’s Transformation

Working in your business every day you may not realise what you are creating in your work environment.

We always start off positive with great energy and ideas but as each day goes by, depending on what is happening in your business – you can start to change a positive light workspace into an energy of heaviness.

It is so important to cleanse your workspace on a regular basis especially if you have lots of clients through the door such as a hair salon.

Change through Necessity

Sometimes  a change in your brand identity or in your career just needs to happen.

You may be made redundant and it is time to follow your passion.

Or you may find your business has become stagnant without growth.  This is when a change needs to take place in some way.

Change is good.

Meet Matt Steinwade – One Red Line

Meet Mark from redundancy to success

Meet Peter A Brand Change for the Best

 From Scratch to build a Brand

I absolutely love sitting with a client chatting about a passion or a product that they would like to turn into a business.

My mind goes to amazing places and I start to number crunch.  We come up with a brand identity, colours, concepts.

I double and triple check the energy behind the brand identity.  Match the colours to the owner and the product.

We then move into the environment colours, design and energy layout.

Next we work on the signage.

When I work with clients there is very little marketing required – It is all energy aligned so everything falls into place.

Within months this shop was pumping –

Within months this shop was pumping – we were turning over similar numbers to larger optometrist shops in country areas.

The real magic came when one day I sat down with Sue and we decided it was time to sell.  We had achieved what we set out to do.  Too much travelling involved – made the decision at 9.00am by 5.00pm that very day we had two buyers interested.  Two days later a deposit paid and the shop was sold.  We have created something magical with a products, the returns were amazing hence the reason why it sold quickly and easily.

Small Changes – Huge Rewards

When a brand is not reaching its full potential often a small change of style or colour and stop the stagnation and open new pathways to success.

 Dream to Reality

I love taking dreams and turning them into reality.  Meet Phillipa who always wanted to own and run a Beauty College.  We started with a dream and we finished with the Beauty Skills Academy in Stones Corner in Brisbane.  It was such a fun journey.  I worked with Phillipa in helping her create the reality of her beauty college.  Once we had the venture ready to work I then worked with Phillipa on branding, colours, marketing, advertising material and the actual college space.  We then worked together month by month to keep a positive mind in creating a business that made profits.

Are you hitting your head against the wall with your business?

Success Stories

Amanda got stuck with her business.  One consult and she was moving again.

Meet three amazing ladies.  Margaret in particular went from being a mum to a best selling author.

Mark was made redundant and needed to get back into the work force.

Kathy Willmington first beating cancer, then selling their restaurant then writing a book.

Meet Scott who I helped to sell his chicken shop, then we worked together on his career.

Meet Olivia – we met at McDonalds next Olivia owns a nursery.

It was super working with Peter and his re-branding.

Working with Susan was an amazing journey from selling her home to working with her and her husband and their business brands

Meet Scott who changed his life through the Total Transformation Programme

WOW! Yes I Did It Achievers Club

Are You Ready to Join an Amazing International Club?

Following your passion in business can be so rewarding.  When you are in perfect alignment you immediately attract the right people at the right time.  

  From passion into profit.  From a dream of writing a book to becoming a New York Best seller.  From struggle trying to make ends meet to releasing the creativity within which in turn gave financial rewards and success.  From being made redundant to connecting to the soul and creating the business and career that fits into a life style of choice.

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Easy Tips To Get You Started

  • Know Your Access Codes

  • Ultimate code to work with in business is natural code

  • To meet the right people at the perfect time work with your path code

  • When you need that push through the door work with your driver code

  • To remove blocks when you feel you are hitting a wall work with your unblocking code

  • Know the semiotics of your brand

  • Know the colour coding of your brand

  • Mind Advertising – what are you really saying with your brand

  • Do you match your brand identity?

  • Auto Suggestion – what are your words really stating

  • What does your office space say about you?

  • Screen savers on phones and laptop connect to the mind immediately 

  • What is the energy of your business card – too much or too little

    Broken items give off negative energy

  • Are you disciplined with your social media with your messages?

  • Are you in the energy of being or chasing?

  • To collect you must be present – chasing is always chasing and never really collecting

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