The Butterfly to Freedom

This is an amazing course.  Eveytime I teach this course I am blown out of the water to see to results.

You kick off with the a one day workshop or if online 2 sessions.  You first learn to create your Mind Power Beads to jump obstacles and blocks.  We then move to creating your butterfly and working with a colour programme over 27 days.  It is easy fund and best of all the shifts you get are amazing.

If you are ready for answers – ready for the change- ready for solutions and rewards then this is the programme for you. 

Butterfly to Freedom

The Butterfly 27 Day Challenge

The Butterfly Challenge is amazing working with colour, declarations and oil.

You learn how to break through the blocks in your mind to achieve your goals.

You kick off designing your butterfly then you take 27 days and work with colour, affirmations and oil.

The results people achieve are amazing.  From massive wins in lotto, to major contracts, to finding the problem with health issue.

When you design your butterfly and you follow through over 27 days through choices and commitment there is nothing you cannot achieve.

The Day

We kick off with the goals you want to achieve.  What do you want to be free of to be free to move to?

Arrive 9.30

Arrive a the pond and be ready to see if Albert pops up to say hello.

If he does not let you see him in person he will definitely make bubbles to let you know he is around to work with you.

Walking – Feet & Mind

Walking is a powerful way to connect the mind to where you want to walk to for the future.

You will learn the art of Buddha Walking, mind power bead walking.

What is the Lesson you Need to let go of?

The platypus is an amazing animal to help teach you the ancient wisdom of lessons.  How to know what your lesson is in life and how to move on from the lesson.

Lunch at the Pond

You can either bring your lunch or we can order and eat by the pond.

The area you will be working in is so amazing.  You just connect to your heart, soul and mind.

Design Your Butterfly

Time to design your butterfly to freedom.  This is an amazing way to see how your subconscous connects to your past, present and future.

Time to Continue Your Journey at Home

We finish around 3.30pm to head home then ready to work with the 27 day challenge the following day.

Be the Winner of Your life

Life is about winning and achieving.  It is about thriving, enjoyng life and having fun.

Everyone has access to what they want – for some reason you block that access.

Working with the Playtpus and the Butterfly I teach you about your brain codes and the link to let go, to allow, to commit in order to receive.

Anna wanted to move from Bus Driving to her own business.  She won a major prize in lotto.



Her business on a new level and new direction where she is winning both personally and financially.


A multi million partnership that will take her business to a world level.

She is set for life.


A $43,000 contract for her business within the first 5 days.


A major win in Lotto that helped her change her career direction with ease adn grace.


$10 million and a change of careers.

It all came in the most amazing way..


The sale of a $4.5 million home within 3 days when the agent said it would take a few months with the way of the market was


Sale of her business which she had been trying to sell for some time.  Alll within 21 days.

"The Key is the design and the colour combinations"

The course gets to the core of your subconscious

You think you know what and how you think but often we are protecting our feelings and not really connecting to the truth.

Working with the Platypus and the Butterfly in this amazing workshop you need to be ready to face the truth.

Say Goodbye to Struggle and Sacrfice


Create Your Own Mala Beads

Train the Brain to Jump the Blocks

This course has a bonus of creating your own Mala Beads to learn to jump the blocks to your goals.

You will work with amazonite beads with orange cord.  You will learn to knot and attached your beads.  You will then learn how to Buddha walk working with the beads you have created.

Course is either in Person or Online

Online by Zoom

We have 3 sessions.

Session 1 – by Zoom with Chris Brazel to ensure you have the right goals for your programme.  This is at a time that works for you and Chris Brazel.

Session 2 – Creating your Mind Power Mala Beads.  Learn how to work with your hands, mind and the beads to jump the blocks in your life.  Jump the obstacles that you feel are there preventing you from receiving your goals and dreams.

Session 3 – The Butterfly Programme – how it works and what to do.

This programme is a super coaching programme where you move out of the how and into the now.  Super for letting go, releasing and creating change.

A unique coaching Programme






  • Morning Tea
  • Your time at the Platypus Pond
  • Design Your Butterfly
  • Learn how to work with colour and shapes in your butterfly to remove blocks
  • Your Butterfly Declaration Book to take home and work with
  • Your Mala Bead kit to make your own beads


Cost:    $270




  • Morning Tea
  • Your time at the Platypus Pond
  • Design Your Butterfly
  • Learn how to work with colour and shapes in your butterfly to remove blocks
  • Your Butterfly Declaration Book to take home and work with
  • Your Mala Bead kit to make your own beads

Are You Ready to Kick Start Your Life?

Everyone has the access and entitlement to a great life.  Collect your entitlement today

Chris Brazel