CB Club

Come and join my club you will love it.  Join as an inidvidual, join as a young person or join as a family.


The CB Club

We work as a team.  We believe in the magic of life.  We live in the present moment.

Everyone is unique and individual and valued in the club

The children especially love being part of the club.  They have a place where they can learn about their brain and how their mind works.  They learn action steps they can take.  They learn about their environment and how to make changes in their bedroom to empower their mind.  The learn how to meditation.  How to be positive in the world today.

The Club Where You Code, Colour and Conquer Life 

What Do You Get?

Online Zoom Meeting Every Monday.  Each week we work on tips that you can work with to create a positve mind set.  Learn the art of manifesting what you want.  Learn easy action steps to train your brain to being positive, empowered and in the present moment.

Access to our Walking Group 

Access to our inspirational and motivational podcasts

Cost:  $95 for Individual or $145.00 Family


Come and join me every Monday online at 7.30pm for an awesome kick off for the week.  You will be inspired, motivated and given tips to move into perfect energy alignment the easy way.

A small investment will help you re-set your whole mind every Monday to feeling great.  No more the blues or negative energies thinking that you will never be able to handle life.  Every Monday you have the opportunity to learn how to work colour, brain spaces, mind body tips, meditations and more to own your life and be in charge of your life.  It is fun, easy to follow and best of all you are part of an awesome community of like minded people moving ahead in life in leaps and bounds.

  • What I teach:
  • Colours and Colour Combinations
  • Soul Energy Feng Shui tips
  • Mind Body tips
  • Meditations
  • Rooms in the home that align to your mind
  • What the energy is for the month
  • What the energy is for the week
  • How to move into perfect energy alignment
  • Every week you get to have question and answer time
  • You have access to a private facebook group to discuss the energies and to be inspired by others
Chris Brazel