Everything in my shop has a special energy connected to it.

Our scrubs, candles, prayer beads, books etc are all designed and created with an intention.


Often a change in life can kick off with a simple purchase of a book or scrub.

Childrens Books

Range of Childrens book for all ages


A great range of personal development books & Self Help books



Select the podcasts that will help you create the life you want.  You can choose to be inspired, motivated, educated or guided.

ARTWORK – Prints & Canvas

A large range of ART work for both the family home or children’s rooms.



A selection of specially designed meditation to help you create a positive mind, connect to your goals.  Find focus and alignment.

Hand & Body Scrubs

Scrubs are an excellent to work with the mind, body and affirmations.

Power Beads

A selection of beads in various colours, crystals and energies to work mind and body.

Each set has a special number of beads to connect to the mind and the body and the goals you want to achieve.


Book a brain coding session and see how easy you can move into great energy alignment.

Know you then you can be you.  Understand how your mind works and best of all how to the driver of the car in your life.

Come and Say Hello

You are Always Welcome in My World

Chris Brazel