Children are our Future

My passion is to teach children about their mind and how their mind works.

To teach parents and children how to work with each other as a team

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We work as a team.  Everyone joins in.  

Best of all we  have fun.

My Work

My work 23 years of working with the energy connection of the mind, the body and the environment.  Teaching, designing and training people to understand how their mind works how what they see each day affects them in many ways.

My work is acceptance of a situation, then a decision to do something followed by action steps.  It is the action that gives you the power to be MINDFIT.


Everyone is Unique

Everyone’s mind works in a different way.


Everyone has a unique brain code that give you the answers to YOU being YOU.  


Learn Conscious Choices with a Purpose

When you can make conscious choices each day with a purpose you start to step into the power of living and being.  You start to take control.

The kids love it when they understand about energy, choices and you give them discipline with routines along with boundaires.

When families start to take a look at the words they use, the colours they wear, what they place around their home environment they start to understand how their mind is thinking and feeling about life.

It is not rocket science to see a family in a messy grey house with dark heavy black furniture and sad pictures on the wall then lining up with a mental health problem.

Brain Codes

Learn your child’s brain codes.  When you know and understand the mind of your child.  You understand why they think, work and act the way they do. You can also have your own brain codes worked out at the same time.  When you know your brain codes and your child’s you start to understand how to work together as a team.

Everyone has 9 Brain Codes.  Each code relates to an energy of the mind.  Each code has a link to colours, energies, actions and re-actions.

The combination of where the brain codes sit will give you the map on how to work with your child.  How to work with them in learning, how to work with them in their room right through to the clothes they wear.

The Programmes


6 Steps to the New

Every Month New Programmes

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Coloured Undies  27 Days Programme

Creative Brain Training


School Camps


 Family Bootcamps

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An Easy, Safe, Fun Way to Train Your Brain and Re-Charge Each Week

Come and join me every Monday online at 7.30pm for an awesome kick off for the week.  You will be inspired, motivated and given tips to move into perfect energy alignment the easy way.

A small investment will help you re-set your whole mind every Monday to feeling great.  No more the blues or negative energies thinking that you will never be able to handle life.  Every Monday you have the opportunity to learn how to work colour, brain spaces, mind body tips, meditations and more to own your life and be in charge of your life.  It is fun, easy to follow and best of all you are part of an awesome community of like minded people moving ahead in life in leaps and bounds.


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Chris Brazel