Chinese New Year Planning & Celebration

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 Chinese New Year Planning for 2018 & Celebration

Join me for a fun and awesome day to celebrate the New Chinese New Year.

This year our celebrations of the Chinese New Year will be held in Wollombi in the Hunter Valley.

I have a great day planned for you to put you in perfect alignment to your goals for 2018.

For someone who spends little time in the kitchen I thought I would kick start the year in a different way.  Opening up Arlingten Park to celebrate our workshops and programmes.

Numbers will be limited so book early.

Whats On?

This is a one day event to escape, create, connect and best of all lay the foundations for 2018.

Make 2018 the year of the dog the most awesome year ever.

It all starts with intention, then paying attention to your intention.

Know the energy and meaning of setting PURE INTENTIONS – pure intentions get real results

Let me show you how I always get my goals no matter what the goal is.

From wanting to drive a Porsche Sports Car to TV show which ended up being I am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here UK – it was so cool mixing with the guys in the UK.

Last year it was a farm in the Hunter Valley.

I just love setting goals and achieving goals – best of all I love helping you achieve your goals.

The Date to put in your Diary is Saturday 24th February

You are so going to learn all about YOU and how to match you to the people you need to meet to be in perfect energy alignment.

You know that awesome feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

Knowing Me – Knowing You

This will be a super session on getting to really know you through the power of numbers

How to match up your goals to your path number

How to match up your goals to your natural characterises

How to match up your goals to your force number.

Number give you guidelines to work with so when the mind feels confused, tired up in emotions, feels blocked you know exactly how to pull yourself out and back on track.

How to power the mind when you feel you don’t have power in your life.

The power of a picture – connecting what you subconsciously feel about your goals.

Picture can a story of what you are thinking and really feeling about achieving your goals.

In this session I will check on your manifestation board and help you choose the right pictures of your board.

We start with the colour of your cardboard – what colour did you choose – which direction have you placed your pictures

We then work through each section of your board to see if you are working towards your goals or if your pictures are subconsciously saying you do not believe you can have your goals.

You will be totally fascinated by this exercise.  Before coming to the course you will need to collect pictures that represent your goals.

Creative drawing is one of the keys to opening up your wealth centre.  Being creative you open your sacral chakra.  The chakra of choice.  The centre where you make choices on receiving the wealth into your life –  This could be in the form of love, health, money or success.  Wealth means different things to different people.

This year being an 11/2 two energy you are going to learn to draw and create one picture but work as a team.  Each person in the team will create part of the design.  It is a way to allow the mind to allow flexibility into your life.  Too often we try to be too perfect.  Perfection can prevent wealth.

 Zip to Success

A great mind, aroma and breath meditation that allows you the nurturing that you need in order to find the pathway to your goals.

Learn how to use two aroma with a drawing exercise that connects to the breath.

It is amazing how blockages disappear when you work with this exercise.

Aussie – Chinese New Year Dinner

We will finish the day 

2018 –  The Year of the Dog

What does that mean to you?

What is your personal year this year?

What is around the corner for me?

What are my best colours, area of the home and energies to work with?

Body Percussion  – walk up the body to open the doors to the new

WOW Ball movement – how to take a simple colourful rubber ball and work with the mind in cause and effect.  Now this is fun.

There is no way I believe you cannot achieve your goals this year – join me for this fun time and kick start the year to a year of fun.

Dates and Cost

Dates:   Saturday 24th February, 2018

Be ready for a 9.15 am Start – 5.00pm

Costs:  $230.00

  • Course plus course notes 
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Lunch
  • Gift 

Our meal celebration will be lunch – Aussie with a touch of Chinese.  Sharing a meal is sharing a gift of life – hope you can join me.

You will l eave with an action plan, an exciting vision board for your goals and  artwork for opening the wealth channels for 2018.

Extras – up to you


Book a one on one horse session with me and one of the horses.

Horses are amazing at removing obstacles and opening new pathways.

They help you to connect and to create at the same time.

One on one horse sessions for those attending the Saturday course and dinner are $145.00 per hour – normally $230.00