Choosing to Win in Life- Starts with You

Winning in Life is when you can get over the emotions and ride the waves.  This is Lisa winning in Hawaii 2015.

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Healthy Minds start with what you will accept and what you will not accept from others.


Do you ever have a phone call and someone says – “It’s only you”.  How does it make you feel?

Or when you call someone you say “It’s only me”.  What are you actually saying?

To win in life starts at your belief about yourself and then the energy you put out about yourself is how others will see you.

Colours affect our subconscious and are excellent to use in loosing weight.


This morning I had a presentation for Weight Watchers and how colours influence our minds, which in turn create an energy vibration to a domino effect on what you attract into your life. Colour therapy is such a fun and easy way to create healthy living.  Now, I knew there were only a few ladies.  To me even if there were just two ladies that meant I had a chance to help two ladies start to win the battle of their weight.  Which would then help them to win in life. As it turned out there were lots more and I had a super time.  If you are carrying weight often it relates to a belief about yourself and how others see you.

This morning when I got dressed to give my presentation I made sure that I dressed as if there was a room which was crowded. I dressed with the energy that every single person in that room was important and if they were coming to listen to me then I needed to honour their time and their presence.  I was early, organised and ready to give the best presentation of my life.

Choosing a Belief = Choosing to Win


You never allow an energy of another person’s view of you, affect you. “It’s only you” belongs to their mind set.  What does belong to you is if you use the words “It’s only me”.  Now that is an energy you are placing out to the public and to your friends and relatives that again “you” do no matter.

Today is a great day to work with the energy of “YOU” do matter.  You are entitled to win in life in every way.  To win starts with your belief then carries through.

There is still time today to look at what you are wearing, what are you doing, the words you are speaking.  Make today with the energy of 9/19 be your day to walk to success.  Your day to bring out any hidden talents that you may have.  Your day to shape up and loose any weight you may be carrying either body or mind wise.

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Have a super week and if you need any help just email or give me a call.


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