Climb a Hill or Bike a Mountain – Life soon Changes in front of You in miracle & magical ways

Energy 30/48 double threes.   Speak the truth – don’t give up even if it feels like you are pushing up hill.

Hills can be conquered  you just take one step at a time – you can even take your time – if you keep stepping up you eventually get to the top.  And that is an awesome feeling.

I always say to clients if the going gets tough you just get going – no point in standing still.  Put on the shoes, lots of colour and get out and walk it out.  Pick a destination and work with words as you make it to your destination.

Trying to get my studio built at home has been a journey and a half.   It took a month for the engineer and I to be on the same page even after the designer of the studio had it perfect the engineer kept making changes to a different design.  What did I do?

Every time I just headed out for a hill to climb and an affirmation to repeat.

Finally we get past the engineer, the studio is ready to be delivered. Everything flowing.  The window guys at the same time tell me the windows are ready to be delivered.  I thought WOW I am on track.  The studio turns up great- just after that the windows turn up.  What do I get every single window damaged at the ends.  Back to the hills climbing up and down.

I thought the damage will be on the inside maybe it will work as I bent back the ends and they were fine.

Next I called the builder – “what does he say?

Sorry but I have taken on other work so I cannot build until October.

“No worries I say”  What can you do but on with the shoes and up the hills.  I need a new builder.  One who is going to work with me.

Yesterday,  I was back in Armidale on my trip to Brisbane to work.  I got up in the morning and completed our July Walking Challenge.  My affirmations were all about the studio – I needed a builder.

Always follow your gut feelings.  Just before leaving Armidale for Brisbane I felt like a coffee so called into McDonalds – As I sat near the door a young guy asked if he could join me at the table. I replied “of course, yes.”

So he sat down – He then said he just wanted to watch his bike, which he had not long purchased.  Then we then got onto the story of his bike.  Can you believe it was a mountain bike – what had I been doing every time something went wrong climb a hill or a mountain.

Turns out that he was in a bike shop and it was on the floor – the owner of the shop was deciding what to do with it as it had been delivered with dints in it.   Just like my windows.  The bike was covered by insurance.

As the young guy say – bikes get dints sooner or later anyway.  He told the shop owner that he had lost his license and needed a bike to get around – it was a mountain bike.  They did a super deal and hence he had a $3500 bike to ride around for next to nothing.

I asked how long are you without a license he said 5 years as it was a certain offence. –  I cant remember what it is called but some form of conviction meaning that he had lost his license then he decided to drive one day without his license so hence got caught and not it is a five year.

I said “don’t worry maybe you were heading down the wrong road now you can get on the right road.”

He said “yes you learn by mistakes”  I said you sure do – nothing is sent to you it is sent for you.

I then asked what did he do for a living. He said he was a builder but was out of work as he did not have a vehicle to drive and life had a few twists and turns latterly.

I then asked a little more about his building – loved his answers so asked if he would be interested in building my shed.  He said “yes”.

So you see what you need turns up.  Even more interesting he had said that he had planned this week to go to Sydney to sort our his life but his ex-finance had come up to chat and try to sort things out hence he was still in Armidale.

My walking intention for the morning was to open up and use the shed for three and five day stays to help people get back on track.

I would call my morning coffee a work of miracle and magic.

Never under estimate what can come your way when you start the day in the right way.

How did you start your day today?

What colours did you choose to wear – the morning I met my young builder I had a red and white stripe shirt which is about working as a team and then green jumper with red and white.  Red for tribal energy stripes for team work,  red and green have the courage to move forward and white – building and structure.

Amazing when you dress to your goals they always arrive.

Did you set an intention this morning?
Did you have a great breakfast – for me it was tea and eggs – boil eggs for a change.

Did you make a plan for the day? –  my plan was a coffee then a road trip to Brisbane to work with clients there.

Everyday a golden opportunity can come your way.

To open the doors to opportunities you must first make the choice then code yourself to what you want.

When you code yourself in colours of grey =- you have coded for another doubtful day

When you code in black you are not yet ready to let go of the struggle and sacrifice to move to the wealth.

Dressing in colours then in certain patterns is such an easy way to code to attract what you want need and desire.

I simply needed a builder – so having a coffee I got my builder –  I will also get to help a wonderful young man ready to get on the right track a break and an opportunity.  It works for us both.

Today is about telling the truth and having a conversation – first with yourself and then with another

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