Coaching for Kids

Ages 9 – 15 yrs

Coaching for kids is a unique coaching system developed by Chris Brazel Innovator and Developer of Brain Codes and the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.

Our Kids

The world today is very different to the time you were a child.

MBE Coaching for Kids teaches the individual child about their unique mind.  Why they think the way they do.  Why they may feel or do the things that they do.

Chris Brazel breaks down their individual codes and is able to explain to the child how to just be themselves.  How to cope with life, changes in life and how to be able to communciate to their family, teachers and other children.

How to Work with A ball for Focus and Confidence

Coaches in Training

At the present moment Mel is training with me with her focus on children from the age of 9 – 15.

If you have a child who is going through a difficult time and would like to help with that child and happy for me to work with your child while Mel watches and learns please get in touch.

Some of my work includes helping children understand their mind when it comes to anxiety, feeling down and depressed.  When they are being bullied how to cope and be able to face each day at school.

With our trainee coaches there is a reduced fee which is $95.00 instead of the normal $230.00


What Happens?

We kick off with your child’s brain codes.  Every child I believe is unique.  The brain codes is a system which I developed over 23years ago which has proved to be 99% accurate to how your child thinks and feels.  Why they do the things they do.  Why they behave the way they do.

The child is often blown away by the informaton which is explained to them.

They often turn to the parent and ask if the parent had given me the information.  It is a great way for the parent to totally understand the child at the same time.

Next we discuss what the problem maybe.

We always finish with an action step and a plan.

Depending on the child’s brain codes it could be a ball programme, a meditation programme or an art or horse programme.  I have a selection of meditations to work with, breath work, oils and different tools that both the parent and child can connect with which will help achieve results.

The Bounce 2 ball programme is amazing.  The child connects to the energy of the ball.  How to work with colours, words and a set routine that works both the left and right side of the brain.  How to connect the brain and mind to body movements.

Most importantly they have fun while training their brain to move from where they don’t want the mind to be to how they want to feel.

They feel happy, empowered, confident and most of all empowered through choice.

Their Bedroom

Chris Brazel teaches one very important energy that connects to the child is their bedroom.

Chris Brazel teaches the child how the colours, the position of the bed, the artwork on the wall right through to how they place their shoes in the cupboard can affect how they are thinking and feeling about life.

She breaks it down so it is easy for the child to understand.  Even more important she then gives them choices to what they want to do in their bedroom to help their mind feel confident and great.

Programmes &  Bootcamps 

Get in touch and find out about our upcoming school programmes, bootcamps and courses.

Come and train with me so you too can make a difference to the children in your area.

The Bounce 2 Ball Programme, our Creative Programmes or even our InSync Programme are unique, amazing and best of all achieve results.

How Cool are these Shoes?

This is such a fun and exciting creative exercise.

You can choose the design that matches you, your codes and what you want to walk to in 2024.

Mila and Koa had the best time ever designing their shoes you can too.

When Mila wears her shoes people just smile and want to know where she got them from.

What colours are you going to design for your shoes to your goals?



Teaching Children to be creative and innovative all at the same time.  Creativity helps the child come to the present moment.  How to think outside the square and have a starting point and a finishing point so they feel confident and an achiever.

The Chris Brazel Shop

Chris Brazel has over 23 books which she has published to help you find answers for yourself or your children.  There is a great range of children’s books.  Each of the children’s books are about real kids, real stories and real results.

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