Transformation Coaching

We always start with the numbers. So I know how your Mind works. I know how to train your brain to success.

My coaching systems are unique. They are proven with results.

I have been coaching individuals, CEOs, small business owners, families and children for the past 19 years.  The reason for my success is I know how your mind works through your Brain Codes so I know how to work you in the best way.

Business Coaching

We start with you and your Brain Codes, we then look at your Brand Identity, Your mind Marketing and semiotics of your brand.

  • Are you in aligment?
  • What can block you?
  • What is your real product
  • How to create a winner?

You can work one on one or you can work in a group.

Passion to a Business 

Often in life we get stuck we know we need change but we don’t know how to change.

Personal coaching is available for one on one or you can join one of my group coaching courses.

Meet Nathan who started with one on one for personal use then we moved him into his business now he is moving to run his cooking school.

It all started with Brain Codes and how his mind was working.  Easy fast effective tools that gets results.

Nathan’s business is 1 Tomato.  I love working with Nathan, designing his logo and now seeing him make his mark in the world.

Writing Your Book

I love helping people write their life stories, ideas or passion to share with others.

I have worked with clients who have written books on seperation, children books and real life stories of miracles.

I can work with you just on your ideas, how to create your book, design your cover, launch, create your website.  What ever you need let me know and I will work with you.

Once client simply wanted to write a children’s book she was a teacher.  This was an awesome exercise her first released sold immediately.  It was a story of her children seeing a whale one day come to shore.  I did the illustrtions and the cover design.  My client wrote the story.  I published for her to make it easy.

If there is a book you would love to publish get in touch and let’s make it happen.


I always say a redundancy is a gift to help you make a decision you know you needed to make but have been stuck.

If I had not been made redundant many years ago at the University of New England I would not be doing what I am today.

If you have been made redundant let’s work out your numbers and get you on track to where you should be going.

CB Champions

CB champions coaching ranges from one on one with a parent or they join one of my weekly coaching groups or bootcamps.

Every child is unique and individual.  It is imporant for the child to understand their mind and how to work with their mind.

How to be a child in the world today which is forever changing.


You can join one of my weekly or monthly coaching sessions in the park.

We meet each month and work the mind through the body and the environment.

It is cost effective and a great way to work in a team coaching environment.

Corporate Coaching

The Corporate world is not always an easy world to work in.  With Covid 19 now on the scene and so many working from home, working as a team can feel disjointed.

It is important to understand how each other’s minds work.  What may affect one person will not affect another.

When I work with Corporate Coaching we look at the company, the team, the CEO, the team leaders and most important the energy they work in at their office and their desk.

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If you are not ready for a course or bootcamp, book your Brain Code on how your minds works today.  If you are worried about a friend or relative you may like to purchase a gift voucher to help them move into perfect energy alignment.

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