Training is My Passion

Knowledge + Wisdom

Knowledge the most powerful tool you can work with.  Add wisdom from a wise person and there is no mountain that you cannot climb.

I have been teaching and training people for the past 40 years.  I love the joy of sharing my knowledge and wisdom with other.

All that I write, teach and speak about comes from truth, experiences, and case studies with real people.

Are you ready to join one of my classes?


The School of Energy

Education a powerful way to move ahead in life.

You can study with me online or in person.

You can study for personal interest or to take further for a career.


  • Soul Energy Feng Shui
  • Numerology
  • Colour Therapy
  • Colour and ART Therapy
  • Horse Therapy – Two Minds in finding answers and healing
  • Access Coding

The Lucky Butterfly

A brilliant creative coaching course to train in.

Work with me and the team in helping people change their lives.

Fun, colourful, creative and best of all an easy way to create a great income.



Access Coding

Eveyone has access to what they want, they simply block their access.

Access Coding teaches you how to work with your clients to know how their mind thinks to unblock their mind.  It gives you action steps to work with your client to help them achieve their goals.

Brilliant for health coaches, fitness coaches, business mentors, real estate agents or anyone who wants to be the leader in their field.

Bounce 2 Kids and Families

I have a series of Bounce 2 Champions.

All programmes for children have been researched and proven to be winners in helping children know themselves.  To help them with anxiety, depression and a feeling of being lost and not belonging anywhere.



Learn a series of Mind Body Exercises to work with for yourself or with a team.

You can study for your own use or train for a new career in helping people to help others with depression, anxiety, cancer or other mind or health issues.

Unlocking The Brain

To train the brain you must first know the brain and how your mind works.

You will learn brain codes and how to take the brain codes and work with individuals, teams or companies.

Brilliant even if you just want to learn to use for yourself or family.

The Psychic of the Horse

Learn The horse is one of the most powerful animals with the psychic ability to know exactly what you are thinking and feeling about life.  Where you mind is sitting, what you are afraid of as well as what is blocking you.  You have to experience this special time with a horse to feel the power.  Best of all you get to be unlocked by the horse in such a short time.

The Chris Brazel Shop

If you are not ready for a course or bootcamp, book your Brain Code on how your minds works today.  If you are worried about a friend or relative you may like to purchase a gift voucher to help them move into perfect energy alignment.

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