Coaching is My Passion

To transform a person, a business, a child or a family is one of the most rewarding experences you can have. 

I have been coaching and teaching people for most of my life..  I love the joy of sharing my knowledge and wisdom with other.

All that I write, teach and speak about comes from truth, experiences, and case studies with real people.

Are you ready to join one of my classes or sign up for your own coaching session?


Business Coaching

My business coaching systems are so unique.

We kick off with the Business Access Codes, then the semiotics of the brand, marketing, website.

We then link your personal codes to the business you are creating.  Having taken 100s of ideas to reality it is awesome to sit with someone one day then see them win an award, met all their targets and have a great life.

My coaching moto is “There is no point in being in Business unless you are making money and a profit.”

Rieta went from a wife and mum to now her International Business Coaching Business.


Nathan of 1 Tomato went from chef at country cafe to now owning, teaching and running his amazing teaching and catering business.

Coaching through Redundancy

Sometimes change is forced upon us.  At that point you can either pick up the challenge and know that there is something better for you out in the world or you can fall into a heap, go into depression and anxiety and become the victim.v

The first step I always take is calculate your Brain Codes – Once I do I know why the change has come about.  We then move into getting you In Sync to where you should be going and doing what you should be doing.

In Sync Kids and Family Coaching

In Sync Coaching for Kids and Families

All programmes for children have been researched and proven to be winners in helping children know themselves.  To help them with anxiety, depression and a feeling of being lost and not belonging anywhere.



Join me online every Monday to reset your mind to be In Sync with the energies around you.  

You will love these sessions.  They teach you how you get In Sync with the world we live in.

You can purchase one month or you can join for the year.

Unlocking The Brain

To train the brain you must first know the brain and how your mind works.

You will learn brain codes and how to take the brain codes and work with individuals, teams or companies.

Brilliant even if you just want to learn to use for yourself or family.

In Sync Horse & You Coaching

The horse is one of the most powerful animals with the psychic ability to know exactly what you are thinking and feeling about life.  Where you mind is sitting, what you are afraid of as well as what is blocking you.  You have to experience this special time with a horse to feel the power.  The most incredible energy is how quick a horse can unlock and unblock you.  From real estate agents changing to massive property developers to young 16 yeaar olds being bullied at school to a person with past traumas.  The horse is not worried about where you have been they simply want to take you to where you want to go. 

Colour & Conquer Transformation

An amazing 6 Step Total Transformation Programme.

The programme is so connected you always win with your clients.

I work with you behind the scenes to ensure your success.

If you love working with people in business, in health or in fitness then this is a super programme that will give you the cutting edge from other coaches.

The Chris Brazel Shop

If you are not ready for a course or bootcamp, book your Brain Code on how your minds works today.  If you are worried about a friend or relative you may like to purchase a gift voucher to help them move into perfect energy alignment.

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