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codes- Numbers 

Brain Codes
Soul codes
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Energy  Codes

numbers are everywhere in your life.

Do you know the energy code of your car rego?

Access Coding 

How to be in perfect energy alignment.

Access Coding – Brain Codes

Know your numbers and you will know exactly how to be in perfect energy alignment.

When you are in alignment to who you are – what you should be doing in life, knowing your purpose everything falls into place.

There is no need to go through struggle or sacrifice.

Are you ready to step into your power today?

brain codes – soul codes 

Everyone has 8 brain codes – soul codes.  When you know your personal codes you know exactly who you are.  What works for you and what does not work for you.  You get to connect to your purpose while here on earth.  You understand why you think and act the way you do.  Better still you have exact action steps to use that will totally pull you into perfect energy alignment.  Life becomes easy and you get to achieve your goals in super amazing ways.

Natural Code

Your natural codes shows you exactly what you need in your life.  What nourishes you and what keeps you on track.  You cannot change this code.

Path Code

This code connects to the people you meet and the education you gain.  When you work with this code it helps you be in the right place at the right time.  How to be in perfect energy alignment.

Force Codes

What will force you through the door to achieve your goals and dreams.  You have lots of ways to work with this code.  It connects to the people you meet and the education you gain then what you do with that information.

Destiny Code

Your destiny code connects to your true purpose while here on earth.  Whether you are meant to be a teacher or a innovator, a writer or a doctor.  Your destiny code is a great code to work with to.

Unblocking Code

This is the code to work with when you feel blocked or stagnant.  Work with this code in several ways and you will find new pathways to your goals.

Lucky Code

A great code to work with.  Working with the energy of this code you can change your luck at any time.

Time Codes

This code keeps you on track at the right time. It helps you know when to close a door and when to open a door.

Birth Emotion

an important energy to work with.  If you carry a birth emotion you can often feel heavy and blocked no matter which way you turn.  Your name should always match your date of birth in some way or form.

alogrythms – matrix

Chris Brazel Coding Famous People

Check Out These Codes

Chris Brazel Coding Businesses

business codes 

Business Codes include:

  • Business name – the energy behind the name – does it match your codes
  • Date of registration plus your personal time codes
  • Semiotics of the logo and brand identity
  • Website layout, colours, design and semiotics
  • Colours and feng shui layout of office or shop.


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