know your numbers

Do you realise that every single day your life is made up of numbers?  What I teach you is the mathematical science of numbers  in your life.  The energy connection of your mind, body and environment.  It is all connected through numbers, colours and symbols.  One session will blow your mind away how your life is a map that you can read for the past and best of all map out the future.

Brain codes

Know Your Brain Code and You Know Your Mind.  When you know you it is then you can be you.  You step into the power of being you.

Everyone has a brain code.  When you know your brain code you know exactly how your mind works.

You know exactly how to train your brain to manifest, attract and be who you are meant to be.  You step into the power of you.  You connect to your true purpose here on earth.  You step into your destiny.

You have a mind map.  With the mind map you can join the dots to everything that has been happening in your life.

It is fasinating to sit down and map out the roads you have been taking, when and why.

Are you ready to know your Brain Codes so you can know your mind and train your brain to the life you really want not the life you feel you have to have.

access codes


Teaches you how to work out the keys to your Wealth.  Keys to Love.  Keys to Health.  What is the best Career for you.  Why is something happening in your life.

It is your Access Codes to life.

It is the most amazing way to work.

Everyone has an access code to wealth, health, love, happiness and success. Once you know your access code it is simply working with that code to open the vault to what ever wealth you want and desire in your life or business. Your access code connects to you the person, it totally connects to your subconscious and your soul. The successes are amazing once you start to connect to your own personal code. You start to know who you are and what your purpose is here in life.

Life, choices and decisions become easy. Each and every day you have choices to make when you work with your personal access code these choices become easy because you are working towards rewards, wealth and recognition.

You are working with conscious choices with a purpose. You start to gain strength within and power to be able to make the right choices for you and your future.

“Your luck totally changes when you are you.”

When you know you then you can be you. You step into perfect energy alignment. Life’s gets easy. Your law of attraction multiplies. Manifesting is a dream to anything you want. You are the one driving the car to the destination you want to go to.


birth emotions

I started to get interested in birth emotions over 20 years ago.  It started with myself and my name.  My work has always been with real case studies, real people and real results.

I have always been known as Chris Brazel my name given at birth was Christine.  From a very early age it felt wrong.  In fact I had this amazing inner knowing that Chris Brazel was right and Christine Brazel was so wrong.  It was not until my work on numbers and my first book that I started to work out a special number coding system for letters and the connection of people and the success or lack of success in life.  Often when a person carried a birth emotions from their parents it was be the energy of what they were inviting into their life.

If you feel you can never get ahead in life it may be worth while checking to see if you have a birth emotion.  A slight change of name and see what changes in your life.

animal codes

Every animal has an energy code. Work with the right animal and it is amazing how you can train your brain in an amazing way.

Home and Property

Know the energy of your home and it is amazing how quickly you can change the energy in your life or business.

When buying or selling a home always check the energy codes of the property.  See if they match you or see if they are in alignment or in conflict.

Business Identity codes

Know the energy behind your business name

Know the energy behind your logo.

Match the semiotics of your business to your brain codes and become a winner making money not just losing money on a venture which you hope works.

Work place codes

Know the energy of your work place.  Great energy great results.

Staff are happy and productive.  Customers love coming to you.

You make money in your business not loose money trying to get your business to work.

Book in Your Codes

Chris Brazel