Colour Coaching  & Transformations

Train as a coach working with colour, codes and energies.

Working with colour is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create MIND changes in a person which in turns creates changes in their lives and in their businesses.

The Course

You will learn hands on.  When teaching this course I find the best results are when you take part in the course and assist me with two of your clients.  

First you will learn the Total Transformation Programme which is a 6 step programme over 12 weeks.

Once you have completed this course you have the choice of adding to your coaching programmes The Butterfly Method.

You also have the opportunity to learn the 54 Days to Love Programme.

If you would like the Colour Transformation programme combined with what you are teaching and coaching at the moment we will work as a team and create a specific programme for you and your business.

The Six Step Total Transformation Programme


Jo Worth

This Course was amazing – I learnt so much about myself and my business.

I know I can now attract so many more clients into my business.

The Mind, Body and Environment Connection.

What the mind thinks, the body Feels and your environment refelcts.

This colour coaching programme takes each person through the mind body and energy connection of the Chakras and their personal home environment.

Each chakra has a colour, an area in the home, crystals, oils, animal, affirmation and an energy code to the person’s mind.

What makes this transformation programme so successful is that the person steps out of their mind and into action steps which they can work with.  They can literally see in front of them what they are feeling and creating in their mind.  When they make changes in their environment they make changes in their life automatically.

Five Elements + Colours & Numbers

This course also includes:

The Five Elements – colours and energies

Colours and Numbers – Learn the colours that match to your clients personal Brain Codes.  Know the colours that will help them make changes that they know they need to make

Colours and Colour combinations




Learn to read the energy of a room with colour combinations.

Learn to read a room – when you can read a room you know what the person is thinking subconsciously.

A brilliant way to help your client move from emotions into action and being on the perfect pathway to their goals.

Colour Combinations

A great session to help you understand the mind and how the mind works through the choices your clients are making with colour.

Example:  When a person combines the colours or purple and orange the question you will ask them is:  “Do you feel you are often a puppet on a string?”  People are blown away by the accuracy of your questions to the core of what is blocking them.

The power of the colour combinations is through conscious choices with a purpose the person is making to create changes or to manifest what they want.

How do You Make Money?

This transformation programme is a great way to create a flow of income.  The joy and excitment watching clients create change and growth in themselves and in their business.  Clients always get results and changes.

You are free to charge what works best for you and your clients.  

Others have charged $360 to join and their first session working on their goals.

They then pay as they go each step which is between $69.00 to $145.00 in a group of 6 – 10 either online or in person.

Individual:   $360 – $720 to join and first goal setting then each individual session ranges from $145 – $360.

I usually charge between $870.00 – $1500 for the Access Codes and Business branding codes and goals then they pay $360 – $500 each coaching session after that.

Normally the course will return to you a minimum of $4645 if you just work with 6 people in a group at the $69.00 per session and their joining fee.

You can see there is so much more you can earn with the course.  You also have the additional items that individuals use each step such as coloured soaps, crystals, oils etc.  What you can earn is totally up to you.

If you choose to add the Access Codes for your clients I will then mentor with you through the course to ensure that everyone achieves success.  I usually work this out with each individual trainer depending on their needs.

The Butterfly Transformation to Freedom

This transformation programme is a great 

You can teach online in a group or in person.  You can also teach one on one for a client who needs change fast.

They pay between $145.00 – $360 for the programme in a group or $490 – $600 one on one.

Step One – goal and pure intention

Design the butterfly with your analysis of what is happening with their subconscious and the colours and symbols they have used.

Step Two – They work with the butterfly design, colours and their home environment over 27 days.

This is a great course to teach focus, conscious choices with a purpose along with discipline which in turn gives freedom.

Training Cost and License to Coach

The Training Colour Coaching Course is $3700 for you to train.  You will also need minimum 2 clients to work with over the course.  The two clients pay a minimum amount of $395 each for the Total Transformation programme.

You can pay up front or in payments.

Costs include:  Course over 12 weeks hands on learning with yourself and 2 clients.


License to coach your clients with the programme.

Please note:  This license does not give permission to coach other trainers.

How Long is the Course?

We start with the 6 Step Total Transformation Course to get a basic understanding of the coaching/therapy course.  We meet each fortnight for approx two hours online.  A total of 12 weeks.

This is online and in a small group.

We then move to only the trainers who are training with the Five Elements, Colours and Numbers.  We also work with colour combinations.  This is usually over 3 sessions online.


The Butterfly to Freedom Coaching

54 Days to Fall in Love with Life or Invite that special person into your life

Healing after cancer ( our new programme)

Training Cost Butterfly to Freedom Coaching

Once you have completed the Colour Coaching Course you have the option of several other quick and easy colour proven courses.

It is always best to start with the Butterfly to Freedom Course.

Cost for training is $595.00

You need to have 3 people to work with me and coach to have hands on learning.

Each participant pays a minimum of $55.00 for the full course with follow up of 27 day course.

When you have completed the training you will be given a license to teach the course.  Each time you teach an individual there is a cost of $36.00 to be paid to Chris Brazel Enterprises.  Ths $36.00 covers the affirmation book which they will need either online or physical.

Design your own Colour Coaching Course to work in with your talents

Over the years I have trained many coaches the Colour Coaching Course – we have then worked together to create a unique course that the person can then offer their clients.

I will tailor the course to what you love about your work and help you build an unique programme only offered by you.

Cost is $1000 once you have completed the full course.

Rieta Mistry is now coaching her own “Keys to Bliss”.  She attracts clients in Australia and overseas.  Her clients are mostly business women wanting to be mentored to success.  She also coaches women with cancer.  We have found my Colour Coaching is extremely successful to help women win back their health.

Extra Income with Each Course

You are always welcome to become part of the team in sales of all our products.

We also stock items that you may need for your clients.  Our shop will package and send out with your personal wrapping and cards.  Why have stock when you can work with us.

Email or Call – I would love to work with you.


Chris Brazel