Colour- Power Choice Energy

Colour is the easiest and simplest energy to work with that gives you conscious choice with a purpose, intention to a goal.

We do not need to complicate life.

Every single colour has an energy vibration.

When you make a conscious choice about wearing a colour you are making a conscious choice about an energy vibration you want to have in your life.

Let’s look at an example – when you choose to work with red you are choosing to work with confidence, focus, a tribal energy.  Red links to the base chakra is then links to the first wealth centre in your body and mind.  If you have one as your path code you are connecting to the red to help you be in the right place at the right time.

Working with colour is so powerful.  Working with colour is so easy.  You can start with the undies, nobody even knows, you can work with a wallet, shoes, clothes, crockery, bed spread.  You can work with food red apples, tomatoes or red water bottle.  There is an endless way to work with colour.

Start today to learn about the colours you can have in your life to create the power and changes you desire.

Colour Training

If colour is an energy you would like to work with in your life, coaching or work come and study with me.

You can join one of my short courses or you can join a more indepth course for designing or coaching.

There are so many facets of colour.  It is powerful in marketing, advertising, designing or simple art around the home.

 When you can give a reason to purchase your designs people are more engaged with you and your design.

Colour in the Home

When you work with colour in the home you are making conscious choices to what you want to invite into your home.

Every colour has an energy vibration, every room in the home has an mind energy connection.

When you combine the two the energy you surround yourself in and what you can attract is amazing.

Join our WOW MINDFIT Club and receive our monthly magazine where I teach you about the room, colours and how to create super changes in your home simply by colour and arrangement.

Coloured Undies

Coloured Undies, Change the Colour of your undies and you can change your life.

I started to work with Coloured Undies way back in 2002.  It was amazing how quickly the news spread.  It was so simple.

People got it immediately.  You could go and buy a new pair of coloured undies and put them on.  Nobody knew what you were really doing.  It was a private transformation.  The choice was in your hands.  You didn’t need anyone else to make the change.

I was always blown away by the super amazing stories I would get back from clients.

Coloured Undies is still my thing today. 

The moment I start to work with clients we start with the undies and move from there. The undies cover the sacral chakra.  The chakra of choice that is why it is so powerful.  The sacral chakra is your wealth centre.  When you start to work with your wealth centre through choice doors open for you and you step into the flow and wealth of life.

6 Colour Transformation Programme

This is a brilliant 6 step – 12 week Total Transformation Programme.

You can either join my next course for your own personal use or you can come and train with me to change clients lives.

It is easy, it is powerful and best of all you always get results.

A great Coaching system that we can taylor specific to you and your business.

Colour & Numbers Transformation

Join me for my next Colour and Numbers Transformation course.

You start with your numbers.  Who are you? What is your purpose?  What blocks you?  What choices can help you open doors.

We then move to the six step over 12 weeks.

Each step you learn about conscious choice living, colours, numbers, energies and feng shui.

The easiest and fun way to move from where you are today to where you can be tomorrow.


Colour and ART

The ART work either original or prints are so important to the energy connection of you, your mind and your future.  Place sad artwork around the home and you have made a conscious choice to be sad in life.  Sure there are always going to be the ups and downs in life but when you get down you get up. 





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