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Colour is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create change and be on the road to health, wealth and happiness

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Colour Coding – Magical

Colour is one of the easiest ways to create change in your life and to train and empower the mind through conscious choice.

Colour will pick you up when you are feeling down.  Working with colour allows you to start to make choices with purpose.  When you start to make conscious choices with action steps you immediately create a paradigm shift within yourself.  You start to take back your power.  You start to be the person in charge of your life and your destination.

Colour coding teaches you the energy behind each colour.  The energy behind each colour combination. What are the colours that connect to Your Access Code to health, wealth, love, happiness and success.  Colour Coding also teaches you which patterns will work with. your brain consciousness and which will create mind chatter and uncertainty.  A powerful way to work in making conscious choices on a daily basis.


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Train your Brain with Conscious Colour Choices

Colour is such a brilliant way for you to start to train the brain.  You can start with as little colour as soap in the shower, towels in the bathroom, of course your undies, your clothes, shoes, food, your environment – every day there are so many ways you can work with colour for brain training.

Colour is like a vitamin for the brain.  It is you making a conscious choices.  Conscious choices always give you power.

Lets Have an Example!


Love the colour red.

A power colour

Great for confidence.  Links to your tribal energies.  Connects to the base chakra which connects to the material world.

If you have one in your personal numbers then it is your colour to work with.

When you choose red you are choosing to be confidence, powerful, focused.  You are choosing to be in the right tribal energies.  You are working on your identity.

Red and Purple

Working with red and purple you are choosing to be of service.

You are working with confidence about your knowledge.

You know who you are and what your purpose is in life – now you are ready to serve.

Red and Green

Now you are choosing to have the courage to move forward in life.

You are choosing to work through the heart, follow your passion.

Red and Turquoise

Working with power, confidence and the truth

Connecting to your true identity and your true tribal energies.

Working with focus and confidence.  Completing what you start.




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