54 Days to Love & Freedom


An awesome course

It’s  fun, easy, colourful and a super way to what we all desire in life.

Love &  Freedom to be and to enjoy the best of life .

A fun Journey
You do get results

54 Days to Love & Freedom

Are you Ready to commit? You kick off with 23 days a break for 4 days and finish with 27 days.

Do you really want love?  Do you really want freedom?

Online and Easy

We work as a team to create the most amazing journey to Love and Freedom  

You have fun on the way.  There is magic in the knowing that you are making conscious choices each day to have what you want in your life.  

Everyone has access to love.  They have access to freedom.  They have access to money if that is what they need.

We ourselves block it.  The moment we step into the power of knowing we can have it, make that decision and commitment to simple easy action steps each day.  What we want comes to use.  It is that easy.


What Do I Do if?

I don’t have the colour of the week?

You still stay away from the black, brown, beige, grey

You work with white undies then you have the choice of how you get colour onto those white undies.

Some people use a ribbon, a button, a tag.  I am going to see what magical ideas you come up with.


This exercise is totally about commitment

It is about you deciding you are deserving to have what you want in life.  Commitment to an action on a daily basis is what gives you results, rewards and the magic of life.

Are you ready to commit?

Intention to Goals

The Key to Winning

Having the right intention is the key to winning and achieving goals.

Yes I have major lotto winners – But?

It was never their intention to win their goals that way.  It was just the universe knew that was the best way to help them achieve their goals.

Be Ready With:

Undies Colours:   


Note book: 

Exercise Gear:   Be ready to walk it – shoes, hats and clothes


Remember:  If you don’t have the right colour you need to use your imagination to work with white and the colour.

You Learn so Much 

I have been teaching people how to change their lives for over 20 years.  I always get results.  Why?  Because we get to the core of the blocks, when you get to the core you can fix the problem.

Each Colour you will learn about the energy connection of the mind.

You will learn about the chakras and how they influence the mind

You will learn the mind – body connection

You will learn the power of words and how to remove certain words from you vocabulary each day

You will learn about the rooms in your home and the connection to your mind.

This is going to be a great journey – are you ready?

Online Zoom 

Kick Off

We kick off with a zoom link – you then have a private facebook page to receive new information, podcasts and videos to keep you on track.



You receive a mini book to download on the colours and the energies each change over of colours


Private Facebook Group

You have access to a private facebook group to keep motivated and inspired



$145.00 to join + postage

What do you get?

  • 54 Days to Fall in Love Programme
  • 54 Days to Fall in Love Book – a best seller that has helped, inspired and changed people lives
  • Kick off zoom meeting where we all kick off to love
  • Private facebook group to chat and be inspired
  • Lessons on releasing
  • Lessons on colour and the mind
  • Mind body tips to help you move to love and freedom
  • Creative exercise to help the mind open to love and freeom
  • Tips for your bedroom to create a space of love
  • Affirmations to work with
  • How to work out your path codes to see how to move to the walking path to love
  • Love rituals for the mind and body

Add Your Personal Codes

Know more about you.  When you know you, it is then you can empower you to be who you want to be in life.  When you know how your mind works then you can use action steps to create a powerful manifesting mind.

Choice:  Personal codes in a podcast so you can walk and learn all about your mind with tips, colours and action steps.  You learn the room in the home that connects to your mind.  You learn about unblock yourself, you also learn how to create a change of luck for yourself.

Just the podcast is $145.00 or podcasts + Your Little Book of Codes $230.00

Are you Ready for the Love of Your Life?








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Chris Brazel