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Programme – 27 Days to a new you

Welcome to my 27 day fun, easy, colourful way of creating change in your life or business.

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Coloured Undies TM Programme

Welcome – Are you Ready to commit for 27days?

Step One:      

No black, brown, beige or grey undies – Can you do it?

Step Two:      

We will work with a set colour each week.  The first two weeks so you can get ready is red then orange

Step Three:    

Words are powerful in our 1st session we will select the perfect word for you

Step Four:      

Oil – how to work with oil and the power of this action step –  the oils to have ready are bergamot and orange or rose

Step Five:        

Walking – This is an extra – you can choose how much or how little.  Walking is one of the most powerful life changer

Step Six:

Learn to work with the Moon’s energy.

Learn if your energy connects to the moon or the sun

When you align yourself to the energy of the moon you move into easy energy alignment.

What Do I Do if?

I don’t have the colour of the week?

You still stay away from the black, brown, beige, grey

You work with white undies then you have the choice of how you get colour onto those white undies.

Some people use a ribbon, a button, a tag.  I am going to see what magical ideas you come up with.


This exercise is totally about commitment

It is about you deciding you are deserving to have what you want in life.  Commitment to an action on a daily basis is what gives you results, rewards and the magic of life.

Are you ready to commit?

Intention to Goals

The Key to Winning

Having the right intention is the key to winning and achieving goals.

Yes I have major lotto winners – But?

It was never their intention to win their goals that way.  It was just the universe knew that was the best way to help them achieve their goals.

Be Ready With:

Undies Colours:   Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Oils:   Bergamot, then choose between wild orange, mandarin or rose

Note book:  A notebook to write in each day your word as well as your affirmation

Exercise Gear:   Be ready to walk it – shoes, hats and clothes


Remember:  If you don’t have the right colour you need to use your imagination to work with white and the colour.

You Learn so Much 

I have been teaching people how to change their lives for over 20 years.  I always get results.  Why?  Because we get to the core of the blocks, when you get to the core you can fix the problem.

Each Colour you will learn about the energy connection of the mind.

You will learn about the chakras and how they influence the mind

You will learn the mind – body connection

You will learn the power of words and how to remove certain words from you vocabulary each day

You will learn about the rooms in your home and the connection to your mind.

This is going to be a great journey – are you ready?

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