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Come and Join in the Fun

You can join for Business

You can join for fun, health and fitness

You can join as a family 

A fun Journey
You do get results

Come Walk with Me 501 km to Freedom

You can do it all yourself.  You can do with a group and the group walks the 501km.  You can combine a family effort.

You can be anywhere in Australia or New Zealand

The Coloured Undies TM Walk

We kick off on 6th August,2022

We finish on 30th October,2022

We celebreate on 5th November with a party.

Sometimes it is nice to do something for you self which could also end up giving you even more rewards then you could imagine. 

Are you ready to create a little fun, colour and magic into your life?

Awesome Fun Way to Train Your Brain and Empower the Mind
How Does It Work?

It is totally up to you what you do.  Nothing like flexibility

You can either join and be part of the Coloured Undies TM Programme or you can just walk and be part of Creative Brain Training and MINDIFIT Club

I am simply showing you how super powerful walking is when you combine with colour, words and water.

An awesome way to train the brain to what you want in life.

A super way to train the brain to go from where you are to where you want to be.

You can walk at your own pace.  You can walk with another person or team.

All you need to do is see if you can complete the challenge of 501 km by 30th October.


Each month from August to October I kick off a new Coloured Undies TM Programme

I also kick off a new Soul Energy Course and a Creative Brain Training.

This way you can work with the challenge in different way.

You may just like to do your own thing and walk.  That is fine as well.

Online Zoom Every Monday at 7.30pm to keep you on track.



Coloured Undies TM Programme

I teach you the Coloured Undies TM Programme along with how to colour, conquer and create what you want.

Cost:  $145.00



Soul Energy Feng Shui

How to totally connect to you the person, know your codes and change your life the Soul Energy way.  Working with colours, codes and your home environment.

Cost: $595.00



Creative Brain Training

How to be creative in training your brand and moving from the past to the present to the future.

Cost:   $270.00



Just want to walk and do your own thing.  That is fine.  You simply join the MINDFIT Mondays and you get to be part of my club where we meet every Monday on zoom and work together to create a great life.  You get to learn about energies, moon cycles, colours, animal energy, areas in the home, mind body exercises.  Best of all you can join me at any time for my walks.  One walk a month free.  

Cost:  $95.00

Business Team
 Create the Changes you Want, Need or Desire 

One of the most powerful life changing programmes for the mind and body.  You totally win with this programme.

It is easy.  It is fun.  You get up every day feeling on top of the world with a purpose, a clear mind.

You can enter and just enjoy the course that changes so many lives in Australia and overseas.


You can join the course and nomiate to walk the 501km either yourself or as a team or with a family.

Such an awesome way to change your life and another at the same time. 


How to be part of the overall team – simply download the Map My Walk App and look for the group
Are you Ready for a Change to a Great Life?








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Chris Brazel