Change the colour of your undies change your life.

The quickest, easiest way to create change in your life.

Super easy way to train the brain from the old to the new.

Chris Brazel the Author and Developer of this super amazing programme

Coloured Undies Programme

The Coloured Undies TM Programme kicked off in 2003 with super amazing results.  Our first 30 ladies in Toowoomba even though – every single lady had a different goal they all reached their goals by the end of the 12 weeks.  From this super result Coloured Undies TM Programme has grown with participants in New Zealand, Belgrade, Hawaii, Singapore, UK, New York and Canada.

The key to the success of the Coloured Undies Programme is that it is easy, it is fun, you make conscious choices with a purpose and connection to the mind daily.  You are the driver of your car – the driver of your life.

Choice of 2 Programmes

27 Days to Change or

Coloured Undies Walk-501 km to Winnng in Life & Business


Conscious Choices with a Purpose

 27 Day Programme to Creating Change with Colour and Choice

Over 27 days you are going to make conscious choices each day with a set purpose to reach a set goal.

Each day you will work with the colour of your undies.  You will use an oil on your wrist.  You will write out an affirmation.

Three super easy ways to create change.

The moment you commit to a change and you follow through on a daily basis the change will start to take place.

A new programmes starts every month.



The Coloured Undies Walk Challenge 

Kicks off on 3rd August.  

 If you miss the 3rd August kick off you can join in September or October Challenge.

Walk with a friend, walk with a team, walk with your kids or family.

Create a super business walking team.

From August – October could be the massive and amazing turning point in your life and your future.

The Coloured Undies Walk Awards and Rewards

This is an awesome way to get totally in charge of life.  A great programme where you can also take your business to another level.

The Walk Challenge and  Programme is about decision, letting go, releasing, allowing and then receiving.

We all have access to what we want in life – it is simply ourselves that deny that access.

This easy fun programme is where you make a decision.  You draw a line in the same and you make a commitment to yourself that it is time for the love of your life.  It is time for the freedom you desire in your life.

Know the love you want.  Know the freedom you desire then come with me on this super amazing journey and let me show you how to make it happen.


The key to winning and the key to create change

NO Black Undies

NO Grey Undies

NO Beige Undies

NO Brown Undies

There are rules:

Easy rules but rules.  Rules and choices are what help you change your life.  You step into the most powerful way for training the brain and the mind.

Whether you are taking part in the  27 days challenge or the Coloured Undies Walk, Rewards and Awards you will have fun on the way.

You have commitment each day for 3 action steps which one is choosing with a set purpose the colour of your undies.  The other two are also easy.

Then the power rule of walking.  Walking is one of the most powerful ways to take action to train the brain to what you want not what the brain, mind or others around you are saying.  You have the choice of how far – I have podcasts that will help you along the way.  One lady could only do 1 km a day but that 1 km a day turned her business around.

What are you going to Learn along the Way?

  • You will learn about conscious choices each day
  • You will learn about colour and the meaning and energy of colour
  • You will learn about affirmations and the importance of getting them right
  • You will learn about the power of working with “I am”
  • You will learn to co-create
  • You will learn how to use walking as a powerful mind tool when releasing, manifesting and attracting what you want in life.
  • You will learn mind connections each week to your environment.
  • I know you will be a winner at the end of the 27 days or the 500 km which finishes on 30th October with a celebration event on 5th November
  • Are you ready to be a winner in your life?


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Coloured Undies Walk Challenge


The Challenge – Coloured Undies You and Walking 500km.

You can walk the whole 500km by 30th October or you can choose to share the walk with family or a team.

Yes walking not running one of the most powerful ways to train the brain and move the mind from the old to the new.

It does not matter the distance.  That will come as you feel better about yourself.

What matters are the colours you are wearing.  The words as you walk.  The water you drink and then the conscious choice you have made to go out and walk through choice to change your life.

Some people only walk around the block to kick off.  Then the move to 1km then they move to 5km.

The walk and the distance is up to you.  It is the conscious choice of going out to walk is the power of the game.

When you join my club and the MINDFIT Mondays you can join me on our monthly walks.  We also have distance walks each month.

Walking is great for the kids to learn the power of the mind.

Walking is super to create patience, persistance, resilence up the hills and steps and commitment with decision to make it to the end.

We never work on the steps you take we work on the distance and the destination.


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