Change the colour of your undies change your life.

The quickest, easiest way to create change in your life.

Super easy way to train the brain from the old to the new.

Chris Brazel the Author and Developer of this super amazing programme

Coloured Undies Programme

 The Coloured Undies TM Programme kicked off in 2003 with super amazing results.  Our first 30 ladies in Toowoomb even though every single lady had a different goal they all reached their goals by the end of the 12 weeks.  From this super result Coloured Undies TM Programme has grown with participants in New Zealand, Belgrade, Hawaii, Singapore, UK, New York and Canada.

The key to the success of the Coloured Undies Programme is that it is easy, it is fun, you make conscious choices with a purpose and connection to the mind daily.  You are the driver of your car – the driver of your life.

7 Pairs of Coloured Undies can be a super amazing way to train your brain and kick off to a new you.

Conscious Choices with a Purpose

This course is the 27 Day Programme.

Over 27 days you are going to make conscious choices each day with a set purpose to reach a set goal.

Each day you will work with the colour of your undies.  You will use an oil on your wrist.  You will write out an affirmation.

Three super easy ways to create change.

The moment you commit to a change and you follow through on a daily basis the change will start to take place.


The key to winning and the key to create change

NO Black Undies

NO Grey Undies

NO Beige Undies

NO Brown Undies

 The Rules

Rule No 1:               No black, grey, brown or beige undies.

Rule No 2:               You will be guided to a certain colour to wear each day over the 27 days.  What do you do if you don’t have the 

                                    Colour – you wear white and sew either the coloured ribbon on your white undies or a button.

Rule No 3.               Write out an affirmation each day without fail

Rule No 4:              10 breaths after your affirmation to a certain number code

Rule No 5:              Work with two oils – one for the waxing moon time for increasing what you want – one for the waning moon time

                                     to remove the blocks and obstacles to what you want

How great will it be to know that in 27 days you will have change in your life.

Extras:       There is a zoom session on 1st July at 7.30pm to work on your goals and extra info on your codes

                      You have a private facebook page to check in and ask a question.

Cost:            $49.95 for just the programme or take advantage of the special and pay $95 which gives you the programme, 

                      Group session, private facebook group and then membership to the MINDFIT Mondays for the extra tips for the rest of


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27 Days to a New You



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