Coloured Undies TM Golf Day Inverell

Join us for a fun day. Inspiration, colour, golf and action steps to win over mental health. How to have a better life

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Join us for a fun day of golf – sport, inspiration and awareness with action steps all at the same time.

2 Person Ambrose Event open to golfers with handicap and non handicap golfers.

This event is Sponsored by the WOW Community – Warriors of Wellbeing – a team of people, ready to help you take action in dealing with mental health and mens health.

Chris Brazel the Director of WOW and well known for her programmes, books and success with individual, families and companies in creating Turning Points in lives and business.

Depression, Anxiety, Cancer and many other illnesses are flooding our world.  We need to take action.  It is easy to pop a pill, but is that the answer at the end of the day?  Chris Brazel likes to take you to the core of the problem, so you can fix the problem.

You will definitely leave having had a fun day, laughing, playing great golf with a mate and best of all, you never know you may start to check on the colour of your undies and see the world in a whole new and different way.

The Day

Date:  25th May

Event:  2 Person Ambrose for handicap golfers and non handicap golfers

Cost:     $25.00 which includes golf, gift to each golfer to inspire and show there are lots of ways to create a happy, healthy life.  Each golfer will also receive a $50.00 gift voucher to use for themselves or anyone in need of extra help to get back on track.

Prizes:  Winners for the day

Extra Prizes:  

The most colourful Golfer for the Day

The Golfer who knows the most about colour – Do you know what the colour red means?

Lessons on the Way

We all know in playing a game of golf you learn lessons along the way.  Make sure you use the right club at the right time.

This day you are going have questions and answers at a few selected holes- be ready for Hole 7

How do you put your shoes away?

Do you toss your shoes into the cupboard?

Do you put in the cupboard neatly facing in? or

Do you put neatly in the cupboard facing out?

Believe it or not a simple action steps such as your shoes connect to your mind and an easy way to train your mind to think and feel differently.

What you see each day is what you think and feel often about life.

Evening Workshop and Seminar

Info on Mens Health and Mental Health after Presentation

Stay for the Presentation or come join in at Presentation for a 20 Minutes on Winning with Mens Health and Mental Health

We can win over depression, anxiety, cancer and other illnesses which are flooding the world at the moment.

Life is not about popping a pill and that will fix it.  We own our lives and it is our responsibility to take care of it.  Chris Brazel, International author and trainer will inspire you over a short presentation on easy ways to create changes in your life.  She will have with her someone who has used her action steps and has won over depression, anxiety and other factors that pull you down.  When you get down there is only one way and that is up.

You will be inspired, motivated, you will definitely laugh and best of all you will leave with action steps that you can start to take and create a positive mind that will in turn create a better life.

Time:   5.30pm

Cost:    Free

Presentation on how to learn easy action steps you can take to create a happy healthy mind.  Learn how to make conscious choices with a purpose to train your brain to work for you not against you.

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This Day is for You

If each person works on themselves to create a happy healthy mind and body, they will automatically inspire others around them to do the same.  Nobody really wants to be sad, have mind confusion, be depressed or anxious.  

So if it is something that we don’t want – lets do what we need to do to change.  One person at a time.  One step at time.

When we work on the little things they soon become amazing strides forward for the world we live in.



Colour is one of the easiest ways to create change in your life.  Colour will pick you up when you are feeling down.  Working with colour allows you to start to make choices with purpose.  When you start to make conscious choices with action steps you immediately create a paradigm shift within yourself.  You start to take back your power.  You start to be the person in charge of your life and your destination.

Besides the Coloured Undies ™ another great way to re-gain your power through colour is moving the body to move the mind and the energy you are attracting to yourself.  When you exercise in colour you are tripling your mind power.  You can choose from coloured shoes, tights, shirts and cap.  Every piece of clothing has a certain energy connection.  Best thing you can have fun as you go.  You will definitely stand out in a crowd.



Coloured Undies ™ love them.  The simplest, easiest way to start the domino effect to the new you.  The undies cover the sacral chakra – the chakra of choice and prosperity.  So when you make a conscious choice about the colour of your undies you are consciously making a paradigm shift to a new you.  Nobody needs to know what you are doing or what you are manifesting.  It is your secret.  Best of all it is you who will win as the undies always create change.

“Easy ways to kick start your journey with colour.”

Start with the colour of your food.

Check out our coloured soaps.


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