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Your journey is my journey. My passion is people. My uniqueness is the ability to get to the core of the problem or blockage whether it be in life, health or business. Once we connect to the core of the problem, I find the perfect action steps for you to take to reach your goals. I am an action person, so be ready. I believe life is about living and thriving. You may ask how can one person one minute be working with a health or life style blockage and then the next in solving a business blockage.

Really, really easy – it all comes back to one common factor – Energy. I simply move energy. I work with three principals colours, feng shui which is really only creating peace and harmony and my favourite number crunching. Numbers tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When energy is not flowing you create blockages. When you create blockages you create stagnation, financial problems, health problems, career problems, mental illness, cancer and most of all you stop living and enjoying life.



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